Excursion to Luxor - Valley of Kings from Hurghada


Historical excursions from Hurghada

The historical excursions in Egypt are among the favorite ones for tourists. The reason is that Egypt is famous for its ancient Egyptian monuments. These amazing monuments and sights are spread all over the country. In addition, Egypt has a lot of Christian and Islamic sights. We do direct our trips to all these interesting places.

Excursion to Luxor-Valley of Queens from Hurghada

Luxor has numerous attractions that were built during the ancient Egypt periods. As soon as tourists go for rest in Egypt, the dream to see the most amazing Ancient Egyptian temples in this city becomes more realistic. To fulfill this dream, tourists book a trip to Luxor. One of the most popular programs in Luxor is the “excursion to Luxor – the Valley of the Queens from Hurghada”. During this excursion program, tourists visit a number of ancient Egyptian temples:

Such a program guarantees seeing the most grandiose temple in the city of the Living _ the Temple of Karnak. Also, the statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep, the beautiful temple of Queen Hatshepsut, and the Valley of the Queens, in the city of the Dead.

Excursion to Luxor – Valley of Kings from Hurghada

“Excursion to Luxor – Valley of the Kings from Hurghada” is not very different from the excursion to the Valley of the Queens _ both trips allow our tourists to see the sights in Luxor. Only, the program to the Valley of the Kings provides an opportunity to see the most extensive and impressive tombs. These tombs were built for the pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Choosing the Valley of the Kings, will allow you to visiting the following places:

Taking in consideration that the trip to the Valley of the Kings is more expensive than the one to the Valley of the Kings as the entrance ticket to the Valley of the Kings costs more.

Excursion to Luxor-Dendera from Hurghada

The excursion to Luxor and Dendera from Hurghada, is considered one of the most intense excursions to Egyptian sightseeing destinations. During this trip, tourists can visit the temples which are found in two cities. In the city of Luxor, there is a possibility to visit the ancient Egyptian temples. While, in the city of Qena_ exactly, in the Dendera district, the Greco-Roman temples can be seen. The program to Luxor-Dendera includes the following visits:

Although, this program includes visiting two cities, the excursion is just for one day, which makes it more possible to put your choice on.

Excursion to Cairo-Giza from Hurghada

The trip is considered the most popular among tourists, as it makes it possible to realize the childhood dream to see the pyramids. Tourists and tour operators gave this trip different names: “excursion to Cairo”, “excursion to the pyramids”, and “excursion to Cairo-pyramids”. It is real that tourists visit two cities _ Cairo, and Giza. In Cairo, you can see the Egyptian Museum. While in Giza, the great pyramids and Sphinx. Therefore, we choose the name “ excursion to Cairo-Giza from Hurghada” to answer an important question: will we see at the pyramids? In which city can we see them? The program in Cairo-Giza includes the following visits:

  • Egyptian museum in Cairo
  • And, the Great Pyramids and Sphinx in Giza

While holidaying in Hurghada, it cannot be missed visiting the most amazing sights of the world!

Excursion to Cairo-Alexandria from Hurghada

It is very interesting to visit the northern cities of Egypt! The “excursion to Cairo and Alexandria from Hurghada” gives an opportunity to see a large collection of attractions. These sights were built in different eras of Egyptian history. On the first day of excursion program, tourists watch the ancient Egyptian sights in the cities _ Cairo, and Giza. In Cairo, it is possible to visit the Egyptian Museum, which has a large collection of ancient Egyptian exhibits. In Giza, there are the most famous monuments in the world _ the Ancient Egyptian pyramids and the Sphinx. On the second day of the excursion program in Alexandria, visitors to this city get enough time to visit a rich collection of other attractions. The most famous visits are aimed to get to the Greco-Roman, Islamic, and Modern Royal sites. The trip program includes the following visits:

  • Egyptian museum in Cairo
  • Three pyramids and Sphinx in Giza
  • Roman Amphitheater in Alexandria
  • Palace of the King of Egypt and Pharaohs Lighthouse
  • Fort of Qaitbay
  • Alexandria library
  • And, Abu Abbas Mosque

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