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Diving Sea Trip in Hurghada

Scuba diving in Hurghada is a very preferred sea trip! This trip attracts tourists of any experience. Beginners can go diving, as well as experienced scuba divers. On all our boats, practical instructions are given at the beginning of the trip, and a diving specialist accompanies you underwater. The trip program includes:

  • Diving underwater twice in different sea spots.
  • Also, the opportunity to swim with masks and flippers.

Our company provides courses for experienced scuba divers for 2-3 days, safari tours for several days, or a whole stay on board a safari boat.

Excursion to Giftun Island in Hurghada

Fortunately, there are several islands near the coast of Hurghada. The most famous of them is the Island of Giftun. Sometimes, they roughly call it “Paradise Island”. There, we organise a sea trip for the whole day. The boat trip to Giftun Island allows you to enjoy the following points:

  • Sea picnic by the Red Sea.
  • Swimming in the open sea.
  • Also, landing on the island itself.

The island attracts a large number of tourists because it is located nearby. Also, it is considered an entertainment option with a low cost in Hurghada.

Excursion to Dolphin-House in Hurghada

In the warm waters of the Red Sea do live these slim and gentle sea mammals – dolphins. They gather in large numbers in a place named “Dolphin Bay”. The sea trip to the Bay of Dolphins in Hurghada is the only choice to swim in the open sea with these lovely creatures. The program includes various points:

  • Swimming with dolphins in the open sea.
  • And riding a banana boat and sofa water toys.

Undoubtedly, choosing to go to the Bay of Dolphins fulfils the childhood dream of swimming with dolphins for affordable prices.

Excursion on semi-submarine in Hurghada

Vacation tourists with children constantly ask where to spend time with children. Undoubtedly, the excursion to the semi-submarine in Hurghada attracts families with young children. Also, it attracts tourists who are afraid to swim in the open sea. The trip program provides various options that match the majority of tourists:

  • In the first place, observing the underwater world on board the semi-submarine.
  • In second place snorkelling with masks and flippers.

Tourists do not need to spend much time on a submarine. The trip usually takes three hours, which allows you to spend the rest of the day doing other things.

Excursion to the submarine in Hurghada

The submarine Sinbad in Hurghada is considered the only option to see fish and beautiful coral reefs on board the submarine at a depth of 25 meters. Submarine Sinbad plunges into the depths, and tourists can easily watch the underwater world. The trip attracts all tourists. Suitable for families with children. The trip program includes two main points:

  • Sea picnic to the submarine.
  • Then, watching the underwater world on board Sindbad Submarine.

Excursion to Paradise Beach from Hurghada

There are several islands off the coast of Hurghada. The most famous of them is the island of Giftun. Sometimes they call it “Paradise Island”. It is necessary to consider that the name “Paradise Island” refers to the program, where more amenities are on the island’s beach. In comparison, “Giftun” refers to fewer opportunities for tourists to get to the island and more time to spend on a boat. A trip to Paradise Beach on Giftun Island allows you to: there we will organise a sea trip for the whole day.

  • Enjoy a sea picnic by the Red Sea.
  • And swimming in the open sea with masks and flippers.
  • Also, getting on the island for three hours.
  • Attending an oriental show on the beach.
  • Moreover, riding a banana boat and sofa water toys.

Undoubtedly, tourists who choose Paradise Beach to get enough amenities and get more services:

  • Umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach.
  • Slides for children.
  • Toilets on the beach
  • Lunch on the island itself.
  • And a buffet with a rich menu.

Excursion to Utopia Island from Hurghada

In the resort of Safaga, there is a small sandy island called Utopia. A large number of our tourists like to visit this island. The reasons are different why there is a motivation to go there! The main reason is that the sea nature in this resort is warmer than in Hurghada. In the second place, the air temperature is warm in winter as the island is located in a bay. The excursion to Utopia island from Hurghada is organised daily. The program includes the following points:

  • Sea picnic by the Red Sea.
  • Then, swimming in the open sea.
  • Still fishing.
  • Most importantly, the opportunity to get yourself on the island.

Excursion to El-Gouna from Hurghada

The resort town of El-Gouna has gained an international reputation. The place became known by the name “Egyptian Venice” because it was built to be similar to the Italian city “Of Venice”. Our company organises a wonderful “excursion to El-Gouna from Hurghada”. We believe that the program in El-Gouna is a rich one with many entertainment points:

  • Sea picnic at the Red Sea on a luxury boat.
  • Moreover, swimming and fishing in the open sea.
  • Also, we make sea and pedestrian walk around the resort itself.

Excursion to Sharm El-Naga from Hurghada

There are several bays in Safaga where sea nature is vibrant. The most famous of them is the bay of Sharm El-Naga. Our company organises a beautiful excursion in the national park “Sharm El-Naga”. Our tourists spend their time on the beach of this park, where they can get all the needed facilities to have a nice day comfortably. Undoubtedly, there are several reasons why you should go there:

  • First, tourists spend time on the beach, where the most beautiful coral reefs and sea creatures are a few steps from you.
  • Secondly, you do not need to sail on a boat to see the underwater world. Directly from the coast, tourists get the opportunity to swim, where the most beautiful sea nature is on the beach.
  • Thirdly, tourists get the services they need while on the beach: umbrellas, deck chairs and lunch with a rich menu.

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