Excursion to Luxor - Valley of Kings from Hurghada


Desert Safari trips in Hurghada

Quad biking for three hours in Hurghada

One of the most favorite excursions in Hurghada is the Moto-Safari for three hours. Tourists in large numbers book such an excursion for several reasons. In the first place, it allows tourists to ride quad bikes for a long time, and to get more fun. Typically, tourists ride these quad bikes for a distance of 50 km with a short pause during the trip. Secondly, it does not last so long _ about 3-4 hours. In the third place, everything happens in a desert nature. So, the trip allows you to see the sand, hills, and Bedouins in the Eastern desert. Therefore, the program includes:

  • Quad biking
  • And, camel riding

Quad biking for five hours in Hurghada

Choosing a Moto-Safari excursion for five hours, allows tourists to enjoy quad biking as in the program for three hours. The exception is that the program for five hours is dedicated to visit the Bedouins, and watching the oriental dances. More details on the five-hour trip:

  • Riding a quad bike at a distance of 50 km
  • Then, camel riding
  • After that, visiting the terrarium
  • And, Bedouin village
  • In the village, tourists get time for oriental dances and lunch

Excursion Mega-Safari in Hurghada

Undoubtedly, the trip of Mega-Safari in Hurghada is the best among all evening programs. The operators gave many names for evening safari excursions. For example, Super Safari, Safari Discovery, Badawia … and so on. Well, what’s the difference? What are the good programs?

Regarding the above-mentioned programs, tourists spend little time on quad bikes as riding takes place at the gathering place. Tourists ride just next to the place where you sit on a quad bike. This means that they will not reach the Bedouin village on these quad bikes, but on jeeps. These services and programs are called “Super Safari”, “Safari Discovery” and “Badawia”.

The excursion on the Mega-Safari differs much in that tourists will reach the Bedouin village on quad bikes. This allows tourists to ride more, and get a lot of impressions. In more detail, the program includes:

  • Riding on quad bikes 50 km to Bedouin village
  • After that, riding buggy and camel
  • Next, watching the terrarium
  • And, visiting the Bedouin village. In Bedouin, tourists have time for oriental dances and dinner

Excursion Super Jeep-Safari in Hurghada

A jeep trip gives tourists more opportunity to see the desert. These powerful jeeps ride on the sand and stones, and somewhere on the hills and mountains that allows you to see more of the desert. It is such an adventure! Excursion to the jeep Safari in Hurghada attracts all tourists. The program includes various points:

  • Jeep rides for 50 km in the desert
  • Then, camel riding and watching the terrarium
  • After this, there will be a visit to Bedouin village, where you known about the traditions of the Bedouins
  • Undoubtedly, tourists get enough time for dinner and attending the oriental dances

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