Cairo Trip by Minibus Hurghada

Hurghada Excursions to Cairo

While holidaying in Hurghada, you can enjoy several excursions to Cairo. These trips vary widely according to the solutions they provide. For convenience, we categorise Hurghada excursions to Cairo under three major tour types as follows:

Group Excursions to Cairo

Hurghada Group excursions to Cairo provide the cheapest solution for tourists who want to spend less on different activities. The prominent characteristic of this excursion type is that tourists enjoy travelling on air-conditioned buses.

Full-day Cairo Tour By Plane

The loveliest side of the trip to Cairo by plane is that it saves time and effort spent on the way. In addition, it additionally it enables tourists to see the old part of the town, Old Cairo.

One-day Cairo Tour By Bus

The trip to Cairo by bus provides the most affordable solution to see Cairo and enjoy the monuments.

Two-day Cairo Tour By Bus

Tourists who prefer to spend more time visiting Cairo can choose the two-day tour as it enables them to make more stops in this exciting town.

Two-day Cairo and Alexandria Tour By Bus

The trip to Cairo/Alexandria allows one to see both towns and explore new places.

Small Group Excursions to Cairo

The minibus excursions to Cairo give a third intermediate solution to tourists who like to dedicate more time to visiting monuments. Indeed, this type lets sightseers enjoy some of the advantages of group and individual tours.

One-day Cairo Tour By Minibus

The one-day Cairo tour by minibus is the best solution to avoid crowds and dedicate more time to the visits.

Private Excursions to Cairo

The private Hurghada Excursions to Cairo enable tourists to enjoy privacy, comfort, program control, higher service and no waste of time. Undoubtedly, it is the best solution for travellers who like to dedicate more time to visiting monuments.

Full-day Private Cairo Tour By Plane

The Cairo trip by plane combines several advantages to enable you to save time and get a customised program in Cairo.

One-day Private Cairo Tour by Limousine/Minibus

Travelling individually in a private car has its charm. Indeed, the individual trip to Cairo by car saves time and enables tourists to get the best out of their visit to Cairo.

Private Memphis Tour by Limousine/Minibus

The Cairo/Memphis tour is one of the various programs for visiting new places in the vicinity of Cairo.

Private Saqqara Tour by Limousine/Minibus

The Saqqara/Cairo trip provides the possibility to see a variety of pyramids built in ancient Egypt.

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