Sea trips from Hurghada

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  • TGiftun Island Excursion Hurghada

    Giftun Island Excursion Hurghada

    Sale! £30.00 £20.00
    On the sea trip to Giftun Island in Hurghada, you will have a picnic by the Red Sea. Somewhere, two stops in the open sea for swimming and snorkelling with masks and flippers. Between these two stops, you will be disembarking on Giftun island, where you can lie on the golden sands of its beach, swim and take beautiful pictures. The trip price includes onboard lunch and soft drinks.
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  • Dolphin House Excursion Hurghada

    Dolphin House Excursion Hurghada

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    The sea trip to Dolphin Bay in Hurghada enables you to swim with dolphins in the open sea and see the beautiful coral reefs and fish. More further, riding a banana and a tablet water toys. The trip price will include lunch and drinks onboard the boat. Transfer from your hotel and back to it. Friendly boat crew. The trip price includes transfers and onboard lunch.
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  • El Gouna Excursion Hurghada

    El Gouna Excursion Hurghada

    Sale! £35.00 £30.00
    The excursion to the Egyptian Venice from Hurghada attracts many tourists. The reason behind it, the trip program is a rich one with various entertainment points. Accordingly, tourists enjoy a sea picnic along the Red Sea coast on their way to the resort town of El Gouna. Sometimes, there is a possibility to meet with these favourite dolphins during the sea picnic. Certainly, this will please everyone on the boat. Besides, the boat stops on the open sea; so that our tourists can snorkel with masks and flippers, and go fishing. As soon as you arrive at El Gouna, you will enjoy a lagoon trip. On this lagoon trip, a motor-boat tour will carry you across the canals in this resort. It is joyful to see the place!
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  • Sharm El Naga Individual Trip Hurghada

    Sharm El Naga Individual Trip Hurghada

    Sale! £38.00£60.00
    On the beach of Sharm El-Naga, you will be spending five hours. During this time, you will have the opportunity to do all the activities you like. It is an amazing sea spot where you can swim, snorkel and expose your body to the sun rays. The trip price includes lunch and drinks.
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  • Submarine Excursion Hurghada

    Submarine Excursion Hurghada

    Sale! £45.00 £40.00
    On the sea trip to the Sindbad submarine in Hurghada, you will make a sea voyage through the Red Sea. Also, a wonderful overview from the 2-deck boat to watch the magnificent reefs and colourful fish at a depth of 25 meters. The trip price will include transfers and an entrance ticket.
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  • Diving Excursion Hurghada

    Diving Excursion Hurghada

    Sale! £40.00 £30.00
    On the sea trip scuba diving in Hurghada, you make two scuba dives on coral reefs in beautiful sea areas. Also, you can swim and snorkel with masks and flippers during the trip. The trip price will include diving equipment, delicious lunch and soft drinks.
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  • Super Utopia Excursion Hurghada

    Super Utopia Excursion Hurghada

    Sale! £0.00£25.00
    An interesting sea trip to Utopia island! The program of this trip includes water sport activities and landing on the island. With more details, this program includes various entertainment points: swimming and snorkelling with masks and flippers in the open sea, fishing, landing on the island of Utopia and riding on the banana and sofa water toys. We recommend this trip to all tourists who seek soul and body healing. The trip price includes transfers, lunch and drinks!
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Showing all 7 results

Sea trips from Hurghada _ these are excursions that need to go to another resort or city in order to get there. Usually, these excursions are directed to the resorts of _Safaga, El Quseir, and Marsa Alam.