Ramses Tours

Ramses Tours

In this exclusive article, we will exhibit all the Ramses tours you can make in Egypt. On top of that, we will describe how to get to Ramses Temples from different destinations.

History of Ramses in Egypt

Ramses II is the third king of the Nineteenth Dynasty of ancient Egypt. His reign was the second-longest in Egyptian history from 1279–1213 BC. Historians regard this pharaoh as the greatest, most celebrated, and most potent New Kingdom. Indeed, the New Kingdom was the most potent period in Ancient Egypt. His successors and later Egyptians called him the “Great Ancestor. In addition to his wars with the Hittites and Libyans, Ramses II was a leading reformer. Undoubtedly, the extensive building strategies and the many colossal statues he found all over Egypt refer strongly to the greatness of this pharaoh.

Ramses II is the famous Egyptian pharaoh of the XIX dynasty, the son of the pharaoh Seti I. The first five years of his reign, he devoted himself to preparing Egypt for a big war in Asia – in particular, centralisation under the rule of the king of temple riches. In 1286 BC., he made a campaign in Phenicia, and the following year advanced on accompanied by an even larger campaign. The poem of the scribe Pentaura comprehensively describes this campaign.

Ramses Tours from Cairo

Tourists staying in Giza/Cairo hotels will find that it is not far to get to the Ramses attractions at Giza. Usually, tour operators organise fantastic tours to Ramses Temples. The most popular trip among them is the one that heads to Memphis. Usually, this tour comes with visits to Saqqara necropolis and Dahshur Pyramids. On this day Tour, you will visit the three pyramids in Giza, the Valley Temple (Mummification Temple), the Great Sphinx at the pyramid complex. Also, you can explore the Step Pyramid of Djoser in Sakkara necropolis; and the statue of Ramses II in Memphis. The trip price includes guiding, entrance tickets and lunch.

The following is a booking link to that tour to Memphis:

Tour to Memphis from Cairo/Giza

There is one more option to get the attractions of Ramses II. To get the benefit of this option, you will need to travel to Upper Egypt. In Upper Egypt, you can find several temples built by this pharaoh and his tomb. Typically, tour operators organise trips to Luxor by plane. This two-days trip to the valley of the Kings from Cairo, by plane, allows you to see the Karnak Temples in eastern Luxor. After that, you will have lunch. But, in the western part of Luxor, you will see the temple of millions of years of Amenhotep IIIColossi of Memnon. Moreover, you will visit the Valley of the Kings, where we will see three tombs of ancient kings – pharaohs of Egypt. Finally, you will head to the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.

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Overnight Trip to Luxor by plane from Cairo/Giza

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