Submarine Excursion Hurghada

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On the sea trip to the Sindbad submarine in Hurghada, you will make a sea voyage through the Red Sea. Also, a terrific overview from the 2-deck boat to watch the magnificent reefs and colourful fish at a depth of 25 meters. The trip price will include transfers and an entrance ticket.


It is an exciting sea trip on the submarine “Sindbad” in Hurghada, Egypt! We recommend the journey as it is the only option onboard a submarine in the Red Sea. It is incredible to experience this feeling and get it into a submarine! Indeed, it will be a unique opportunity to see beautiful coral reefs and various fish onboard a submarine! Besides, that trip will allow for enjoying a short boat picnic over the Red Sea. This picnic will go nearby the stunning area near Giftun Island. ONLINE BOOKING SUBMARINE EXCURSION HURGHADA AND BEST PRICE!

Highlights on Submarine Excursion Hurghada

  • Sea picnic by the Red Sea.
  • Also, viewing the underwater world on board the Sindbad submarine.

Program of Sindbad Submarine Trip

  • Landious Travel representative will pick you up from your hotel, in Hurghada, at approximately 10:00 am.
  • After picking up all comers, the bus will direct to the port. The way to this port will take approximately 20 minutes.
  • At the beginning of the program, you will enjoy a sea picnic through the Red Sea. This sea picnic will be onboard a boat.
  • The same boat will sail to a floating stage. Accordingly, it will carry you to the submarine. Then, you will change places; and, then, you will occupy a seat onboard the submarine.
  • After that, the submarine will start to sink to a depth of 25 meters. As a result, it will let you see fish and coral reefs at this depth. Watching the underwater world on board that submarine takes you a whole hour.
  • Lastly, you will again change places and have a seat on the boat heading to the port.
  • Finally, we will escort you back to your hotels after such a lovely adventure.
  • This sea excursion on Submarine in Hurghada ends at approximately 14:00.

What does Submarine Excursion Hurghada Price Include?

  • Transfer to the port and back to the hotel.
What does not Submarine Excursion Hurghada Program include?
  • Video DVD.
  • Also, the Photo CD.
What to take with you for the tour?
  • Sunglasses.
Submarine Excursion Hurghada Booking Days
  • Daily from 10:00 – 12:00.
  • Also, daily from 14:00 – 16:00.

Services Presented during the Submarine Excursion Hurghada

  • Transport: Landious Travel uses air-conditioned limousine/minibus. A professional driver will escort you to the port and back to your hotel.
  • Guiding: a professional English tour leader will pick you up from your hotels and accompany you to the port.
  • Team and stuff: you will have a friendly and professional crew on the boat. Our instructors and trainers will guide you during the trip.

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3 reviews for Submarine Excursion Hurghada

  1. Ayshna Mukherjee

    This trip is named the Sindbad Submarine excursion. What you need to do is to take a voyage through the Red Sea. This trip will ensure that you will get a panoramic view of the reefs and corals and also underwater sea life. This is the only trip of the submarine so one should be able to take this trip. It will be the best opportunity to see the beautiful coral reefs and also a variety of fish as well. There will be a picnic which will be done already near Giftun Island. You get picked up from your hotel at 10 AM. After 20 minutes, it will be reaching port and then set sail. Starting of the trip there will be a picnic onboard the sea. Once you reach the proper place you will book your seat and the submarine will sink to a depth of 25 meters and it will be for one whole hour. For one whole hour, you will be entitled to see the underwater world. Once you are done you will be escorted back to the hotel. Book this trip and enjoy yourself to the hilt.

  2. Marina

    Went to a trip on this submarine and I must say I was pretty impressed with the view. It’s not the first time on board but still the colorful reefs and a large variety of fish got my attention! It’s a must see excursion if you’re up to mysterious sea landscapes not only from the top but also under the water! You get to experience the life there and you definitely feel so small standing there watching millions and millions organisms live there undersea life. All I can say – you gotta experience that!

  3. Михаил

    Очень интересная экскурсия, до порта везут на комфорта белом трансфере, затем нас посадили на катер и мы поехали к подводной лодке, прогулка по морю была просто класс, все , кстати очень профессионально организовано, мне это очень понравилось, нас просто развлекали, рассказывали много интересного о подводном мире, очень увлекательное путешествие, а когда мы в подводной лодке спустились на глубину 25 метров, аж дыхание захватывало, насколько там было красиво, кораллы, рифы, рыбки были таких расцветок, я в жизни таких цветов и не видел, и разной формы, видели мерену, ската. Поездка понравилась, она стоит потраченных денег, ну и конечно же, спасибо Мофу за то, что обратил мое внимание на эту экскурсию и по рекомендовал мне ее, не пожалел ни разу, она стоит потраченных денег.

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