fish market hurghada

Hurghada Fish Market

The local fish market (in Arabic, Hallaqat El-Samak) is a must, a fantastic place to see a great local culture. This Fish Market is an excellent shopping venue for a great local shopping experience in the popular Hurghada Marina area. Moreover, the market offers an extensive assortment of fresh local fish and other products from the sea. 

Location of the Fish Market

Fish Market lies in the Saqqala area, Hurghada, Al Bahr Al Ahmar Governorate. It exists in the place between Hurghada Marina Boulevard and El Mina Mosque.

History of the Fish Market

For many decades, Hurghada was a small fishing village. To the locals of Hurghada, the fish market is heritage, a place that tells the city’s history. It shows the actual Red Sea of fish sellers, anglers, local buyers, and tourists from a wide range of nationalities. 

The Hurghada fish market lies next to a workshop that makes boats and the old harbour mosque. This combination made travel agency tell their clients that this particular area is a part of the history of Hurghada. 

Renovation of the Fish Market

The Governor of the Red Sea said a plan to develop the area would provide logistic services inside the fish market and consider the nature of the city. Therefore, the government will project a parking lot, a food court, and modern shops to prepare the fish. 

Hurghada’s fish market is about to get a glow-up. The area is to get a parking lot, a food court, shops to clean and cook fish, and logistic service. Why did you ask? The fish market already receives a surprisingly significant number of tourists. Indeed, it is marked as a historically significant part of the Red Sea. The local folk and their nautical wares give the city an authentic taste. This impression is lacking within the perimeters of the luxury resorts that would otherwise dominate a tourist’s visit. 

Fishers work all over the Red Sea, but the fish market in Hurghada is more active than other ones across Sinai. It serves the surrounding resort cities and functions as the departure and arrival station of anglers in the city. So really, the addition of these basic amenities is long overdue, and we are glad to see this crucial segment of Hurghada society get the touch-up it needs.