El-Mina Mosque in Hurghada

El Mina Mosque Hurghada

The El Mina Mosque (in Arabic, Masjid El Mina) is one of the most famous mosques and the top attractions in Hurghada. It is undoubtedly the biggest and most impressive mosque and building in Hurghada. This mosque opened in 2012 on 8,000 meters at 20 million pounds.

Masjid Al-Mina Al-Kabir is the largest mosque in the governorate of the Red Sea and is a significant tourist attraction with its magnificent architecture. Tourism companies in Hurghada organise visits to the mosque as one of the most important Islamic shrines in the city.

Even such a large building is not big enough for its fame to house everyone attending Friday prayers or significant Muslim holidays. So, the mosque’s administration uses pergolas and some structures in the courtyard to accommodate the worshippers.

Location of Al-Mina Mosque

El Mina Mosque stands in the heart of Hurghada and sits next to the marina at Hurghada, right on the waterfront, El Mina Street, Hurghada, Egypt.

History of El Mina Mosque

Al Mina (or El Mina) Mosque was first built in 1968. However, recently the old building was replaced by a modern one. The construction of the new building started in 2006. In comparison, the government officially opened this new building in 2012.

The architecture of Masjid El-Mina

El-Mina Mosque was built out of pure white marble. This impressive building has two magnificent minarets, each about 40-metres high. Also, the facades of the building are decorated with traditional, oriental ornaments and carvings.

The inside of the mosque has an inner hall that is rich and colourful, with magnificent chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, elaborate arches, carved and engraved walls and a 25-metre high dome.

How to visit Mosque El Mina Masjid?

The Al-Mina Mosque has been open to the public since 2012. It is possible to take a guided tour of the mosque. The guided tours are part of the Hurghada city tour. Alternatively, you can visit it independently as well. From this point of view, a guided tour was a good choice.

How to dress in a mosque? Dress code for the mosque

Women need to cover themselves (hair, knees and shoulders) to get inside the mosque. If you do not have clothing to wrap your head and legs, you can loan a dress from El Mina Mosque.

We had no idea where we got the dresses from or how things worked inside. So first, we walked around outside the mosque and tried to find someone who could give us proper clothing to wear. At last, we found a place where we got the dresses for ourselves.

Usually, you cannot loan clothes from mosques, but many tourists visit El Mina Mosque who do not necessarily have appropriate clothing. In the booths on the left side of the mosque, you get clothing before going inside. You can also wear your scarf and clothes as long as you follow the dress code.

Both men and women are not allowed to use shoes inside the mosque.

Opening Hours

El Mina Mosque opens 24 hours every day for prayers.

Recommended for Guided Visits

El Mina Mosque is open for visitors daily from 9.00 – to 17.00. It is recommendable to visit the mosque during the day and between prayer durations.

Entrance Fee

The entrance is free.