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Landious Travel Contacts

In this section, we provide our contacts and show you the best way to reach us. In general, there are two channels to contact us. Landious Travel has a physical location, as well as, an online presence. Further below, we give you information about these two channels:

  • Physical Location.
  • Also, Online Presence.

Physical Location & Address

Landious Travel has a physical location in Hurghada and several Egyptian cities. Although we highly recommend that you contact us through our website or the provided mobile phone. Also, you can approach us through our social media pages. Please, note that we provide a representative to meet you at your hotel, in case there a high need to do this.

Address in Hurghada

Egypt, Hurghada, Sheraton Road, Metro St.,

Online Presence

Landious Travel team will be glad to receive your bookings through this website. We encourage you so much to book your service (trip, excursion, or tour) through our site by adding the Product to the Cart and carrying on to the checkout procedures. Also, you can contact us on our mobile number/ WhatsApp/ Viber. Also, we have a presence on social media: Facebook, Google My Business, and Twitter. Of course, you can you one of these social media channels to get us.

Booking and Information

Contact Person

Director: Mofreh Landious

Sales Manager: Taysseer Zakhary

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  1. Good evening. My name is Inna. Hope for our communication.

    1. Hi Inna, a message was sent to your mailbox. Thanks a lot for contacting us! Landious Travel team

  2. Do u guys help process visa on arrival

    1. Thanks for contacting Landious Travel! We can help you to process your visa upon arrival. Please, write us your flight details to [email protected]!

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