Landious Travel

Landious Travel follows a modern approach to meeting the tourism requirements in all of Egypt’s destinations. Therefore, we have taken it upon our shoulders to provide comprehensive information about our services, tours and transfers. We provide you with the best service and spare you time and effort. Also, our staff reduces the effort and time spent to book these services and tours.

Services offered by Landious Travel

  • Booking Nile Cruises.
  • Tour packages.
  • Reservation of all types of trips inside Egypt.
  • Besides, providing all types of transportation and renting all vehicles.

Landious Travel offers you comfortable accommodation on Nile Cruises to discover most of Egypt. In addition, we provide you with guided trips during your accommodation onboard these Nile cruises and the pick-ups. Besides, our company arranges various tour packages to meet your needs for a dynamic holiday. These tours will include everything you may need for your vacation.

You can use Landious Travel as your trip advisor and the best tour operator in Egypt. The company has a long list of trips to offer you. We provided you with sea activities, sightseeing tours and safari. Indeed, you can book whatever activities you like with just a few clicks.

Moreover, we organised everything for your comfort. We give you the option to choose between group and individual trips. Furthermore, we allow you to tailor-make your trip the way you like.

Once you arrive in Egypt, you can take advantage of the transport service Landious Travel provides. Of course, you can easily travel using our modern and comfortable vehicles. We punctually organise pick-ups for all tourists staying in Egypt. Our transfers go to every destination in the country.