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Egypt is beautiful and timeless, steeped in rich history and culture. The Nile has flowed steadily for thousands of years, and the people have worked tirelessly to create a land that truly stands the test of time. Despite the many invasions and changes that have taken place over the centuries, Egypt remains a constant and enduring presence in the world.

As a traveller to Egypt, you will be enchanted by the many different experiences available. From the stunning desert landscapes to the peaceful farmlands, towering buildings, and eternal monuments, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re seeking a quiet oasis for rest and reflection or a lively beach for swimming, snorkelling, and diving, you’ll find everything you need here.

At Landious Travel, we are dedicated to helping you explore all Egypt offers. From the ancient Pharaonic era to the Greek, Roman, Coptic, and Islamic periods, you’ll experience the rich tapestry of history shaping this fantastic place. And with modern amenities like hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs, you’ll enjoy all the comforts of contemporary life. So come and follow in the footsteps of Prophet Moses or the Holy Family, and discover the magic of Egypt for yourself.

Landious Travel is a tourist company operating in Egypt. Indeed, it is your trip advisor in Egypt. On top of that, it facilitates your job to get your guide while holidaying in this country. Our company offers its tourist services all over the country. Accordingly, customers can receive these services in coastal resorts, e.g. HurghadaSafaga, El-Quseir, Marsa AlamSharm El-Sheikh, Dahab and Taba. In addition, we offer our services in Nile Valley cities, e.g. CairoAswan and Luxor. Landious Travel is one of the best tour operators in Egypt. Tourists submitted their comments about Landious to confirm this fact.

The About Us Page tells the world:

  • Who is Landious Travel?
  • What matters to Us?
  • What does Landious Travel do?
  • How does Landious Travel do it?

Why Tourists Choose Landious Travel

We work day and night to satisfy our customers and develop our services. Also, we believe that we are doing a great job! The following are some reasons why tourists prefer to use Landious Travel:

  • Experience: tourists choose our company because we have worked professionally for 15 years.
  • Trust: the tourists wrote terrific reviews about us because we organise everything at a high level.
  • Standard of services: our company constantly seeks to reach the highest level of customers services. Therefore, tourists get the most vivid impressions and emotions. Indeed, we thought out everything to the smallest detail.
  • Affordable prices: we help tourists get services at reasonable and the best prices.
  • Punctuality: we very clearly organise our services not to spend time waiting.
  • Support service: our team works daily, day and night, so our clients can contact us anytime. The Landious Travel website operates 24 hours, seven days a week. Indeed, we provide the availability to reserve and book your trips any time of the day. Moreover, our agents will answer your questions about these trips via online chat and call.
  • Also, list of services: tourists will find transfers in/to various cities and resorts in our services. Likewise, they can get many group/individual excursions, tours and Nile cruises. Similarly, the company provides yacht and boat rental and the purchase of souvenirs.


Mofreh Landious
Mofreh Landious

The famous tourist guide Mofreh Landious is the founder of Landious Travel. Because he spent many years working with tourists all over Egypt, Mr Landious always dreamed of founding a travel company. The dream came true in 2017 when he established Landious Travel to serve tourists coming to Egypt.

Initially, Mr Landious designed a small website to contact customers looking to visit Hurghada Resort. Later, in 2017, the company created another modern website to meet the customers’ needs. Additionally, it is growing fast to serve tourists coming to Egypt from 15 world destinations in their native language. Also, it is flexible and SEO-friendly. Moreover, the company included more services and tours in seven Egyptian cities.

Mr Landious considers the best ways to provide quality services to all tourists. Indeed, he helps you to get your guide in Egypt. Also, he is an honest trip advisor, and you can depend on him.

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    1. Same to you!

  2. Lovely Site and beautiful imagery. I have actually paid a short visit to Egypt and was fascinated but had no help from a tour advisor.
    Maybe one day … I am at the opposite end of the African Continent to you – in Cape Town – so maybe one day we meet!? Ana

    1. It is excellent news that you have been to Egypt! Of course, we will be happy to meet with you again.

  3. I may not be in your part of the world but your pictures are gorgeous! Thank you for following my blog. I hope you enjoy your visits.

    1. We invite you to visit our part of the world 🙂

  4. very interesting website! All the best to you and your company! 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot!

  5. Very interesting website, my compliments.
    Thanks for following my blog 🙂
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    1. Thanks a lot for visiting Landious Travel

  6. The above comment must have guided all you people to log in and have a look at this website. The proprietor is a tourist guide for a long, will take it in his stride to provide the best of everything to his customers. So please do have a look and get in touch with this person. Get your trip booked with this group immediately!

  7. Egypt—A Traveller’s Paradise!
    Whenever one gets to hear of the name Egypt it immediately takes us back to the memories of the Pharaohs, The Pyramids, The Mummies, The Desert, The Innumerable Temples dotting the Nile Valley. Egypt officially is known as the Arab Republic of Egypt. It is a transcontinental country that links Northeast Africa with the Middle East. The present-day capital City in Cairo, a modern city with a blend of the old. It is host to one of the world’s oldest civilization. This is why, Myself being an Indian, am attracted to this wonderful maze of culture with all its magnificent world-famous architecture and history. I do get a sort of an ethereal feel when I think of Egypt.

    Now to travel to Egypt, I have been hunting through many online websites and after much painstaking research have decided on Landious Travels. The main reason being, The owner of this site is an Egyptian and a Tour guide to add on. This means all hassles of the trip will definitely be well-structured and customized as per my requirements. Another very important factor for choosing this Travel Company is their quick & immediate response to all my queries. That shows cases the promptness & readiness to Serve your customers.

    Also, I have very diligently compared all their tour packages and prices which are really reasonable and well priced. The itinerary which was designed by Mr Landious and his team are all very well combined. They have been very strategically planned so that one can enjoy them to the fullest. Every nitty gritty of the trips have been looked after. Be it your trips, the meals that will be available on the trip, the daily transfers to & fro from your hotels, to the things that you will be requiring in your trip, to mention a few of them. So, here am I all set to let myself loose & enjoy my vacation to the hilt. So stay tuned folks!!! 

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