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  • Hurghada Private Quad Biking El Gouna

    Hurghada Private Quad Biking El Gouna

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    The "Individual Quad Biking for three hours from El Gouna" desert safari trip is an absolute must-do for those seeking an adventure in the Egyptian desert. With a distance of 50 km to cover on quad bikes and the chance to ride camels, this journey is a great opportunity to acquaint oneself with the desert's natural beauty and even meet the Bedouin people who call it home. The best part? The trip price includes transfers, making it a hassle-free experience. The highlights of this tour are astounding. Get ready for an exhilarating ride on a quad bike, exploring the magnificent desert and visiting a traditional Bedouin village. During the 3-hour tour, you'll be able to witness the breathtaking views of the Egyptian desert and even stop for a relaxing break to take memorable photos of the Quad bike tour. The first stop on this adventure is at the quad bike station, where you'll have the chance to test drive and learn all the important details of the quad before embarking on the tour. Once you're geared up, get ready to conquer the sand dunes and feel the adrenaline rush through your body. The beauty of the desert will flash past you, leaving you amazed and in awe of its magnificence. After about an hour of riding, you'll have the opportunity to experience the charming Bedouin village. Here you can relax, drink Bedouin tea, and learn about their way of life and traditions in the Hurghada desert. Don't forget to take a ride on the camel and witness their amazing adaptation to the harsh desert environment. Finally, head back through the sand dunes and desert to the starting point of Desert Safari El Gouna, where you'll be dropped off at your hotel in El Gouna. This top quad desert adventure is not to be missed. Experience the thrill of quad biking in the Egyptian desert and immerse yourself in the Bedouin culture.
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  • Bahariya Oasis Tour El Gouna

    Bahariya Oasis Tour El Gouna

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    Embark on a thrilling 2-day excursion to the enchanting White Desert and Bahariya Oasis from El Gouna! Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of the Egyptian desert, where unspoiled nature and rich history come together to create an unforgettable adventure. Get ready to explore the Black and White Desert, El Haize's natural hot spring, Crystal Mountain, the Valley of Agabat, the White Desert National Park, the Golden Mummy Showroom, and Nobles Tombs. This exciting tour is your chance to witness the awe-inspiring wonders of the desert and indulge in mouth-watering food and drinks. So, pack your bags and get ready to experience the thrill of a lifetime!
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Showing all 2 results

El Gouna, Private Safari Tours, exhibits all individual trips, excursions and tours related to the desert. It is your gate to all the safari trips in/from El Gouna, Egypt. Indeed, it includes the desert safari activities of riding camels and jeeps, quad biking, dune buggy driving, stargazing and more. It is a desert-based activity you can enjoy while staying in El Gouna. Noteworthy that these desert-based trips head to different destinations found in Hurghada. You cannot miss these adventures and new experiences!

Subsections of El Gouna Private Safari Tours

  • Quad Biking Safari in Hurghada/El-Gouna.
  • Dune Buggy Driving in Hurghada/El-Gouna.
  • Jeep Riding in Hurghada/El-Gouna.
  • Camel Riding in Hurghada/El-Gouna.
  • Stargazing in Hurghada/El-Gouna.
  • Besides, Horse Riding in Hurghada/El-Gouna.

Quad Biking Safari in Hurghada/El-Gouna

Driving quad bikes – beach buggy is fun. It is one of the loveliest activities you can do in the desert. It is pretty easy to navigate and control! Quad biking usually starts morning.

Buggy Driving in Hurghada

This activity will add more adventures and new experiences to your safari trip. Although straightforward, the dune buggy safari will need more driver skills.

Jeep Riding in Hurghada/El-Gouna

This type of Safari is more suitable for tourists who like to discover the nature of the desert. Meanwhile, it enables them to do this activity without involving themselves in driving. In this case, a professional driver will do the job while watching and enjoying the desert.

Camel Riding in Hurghada/El-Gouna

Camels are such peaceful creatures—tourists like so much riding camels in the desert for some reason. On the one hand, they are such cute creatures. On the other hand, it is desirable to make memories of them. Besides, camels give a more comprehensive view of the desert while you are on.

Stargazing in Hurghada

Watching the stars during the calm evening in the desert is an adorable activity. You will like it so much this impressive atmosphere.

Horse Riding in Hurghada/El-Gouna

Horse riding is a fantastic experience! Whether you are a professional horse rider or a beginner, you can do it.

Desert Safari Programs

Desert safari trips in El Gouna vary according to their program. There are simple excursion programs where you can primarily ride quad bikes, while others are full of entertainment. While riding quad bikes, camels, and buggies, see the Bedouin village and learn about the culture.


In short, tourists like going on desert safari excursions to ride quad bikes, buggies, jeeps and camels. Equally, tourists of any age will enjoy such dynamic and fun activities. Of course, every tourist will feel happy driving in the desert, enjoying nature. Furthermore, meeting with the Bedouin and having some memories will add something new to your knowledge. The fair prices of El Gouna, Private Safari Tours, are also encouraging.

El Gouna Private Safari Tours Reviews