Hurghada Private Snorkelling Trips

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  • Orange Bay by Speedboat Hurghada

    Orange Bay Speedboat Hurghada

    Sale! $75,00$200,00
    Get ready for an exciting adventure! We'll pick you up from your hotel in the morning and take you on a thrilling speedboat ride to two stunning islands in the Red Sea. Our first stop is Orange Bay, where you can relax on the beautiful white-sand beaches and soak up the sun. You'll have plenty of time to make new friends while listening to music and enjoying the tropical atmosphere. Next, we'll head to Orange Island, where you can explore the underwater world of the Red Sea with our snorkelling gear. Don't forget to take some fantastic photos to share with your friends and family back home! Our team will make sure that you have a safe and enjoyable trip. Book your private or shared speedboat tour now and experience the beauty of the Egyptian Caribbean!
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  • Dolphin House Trip Hurghada

    Dolphin House Private Trip Hurghada

    Sale! $95,00
    Experience a breathtaking adventure that will leave you with unforgettable memories. This fantastic boat trip in Hurghada is a must-try, with a 90% chance of encountering dolphins in their natural habitat. You might even swim alongside these amazing creatures in crystal clear waters, an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime! As you explore the marine life, you'll be mesmerized by the beauty of tropical fish and vibrant coral reefs. You might even spot some turtles and colourful rays! A delicious buffet lunch is provided on board, with refreshing soft drinks served throughout the day. This excursion is perfect for families of all ages, and it's a cherished experience you'll always treasure. Embark on a private snorkelling tour searching for dolphins and take a speedboat ride through the Red Sea. Visit the fantastic "Dolphin House" coral reef, and don your snorkel gear for a safari to find these majestic creatures. Apart from dolphins, you'll get to see a variety of colourful corals, fish, manta rays, moray eels, and more at the Dolphin House and El Fanadir reefs. Your final stop is at Abu Minqar Island, where you can snorkel at a shipwreck. With a private boat and guide, you're sure to enjoy a personalized experience. Book a private speedboat tour from Hurghada and get the chance to swim and snorkel with resident dolphins. Observe the local marine life, including manta rays and corals. This adventure is filled with love and excitement, and you will indeed create memories that will last a lifetime!
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  • Orange Bay Trip in Hurghada

    Orange Bay Private Boat Trip Hurghada

    Sale! $95,00
    Get ready for a day of adventure and fun! Escape the crowds and join us on a private full-day trip to Orange Bay, where you'll indulge in a delicious lunch. Once on the island, you'll have the chance to explore crystal-clear blue waters and marvel at the vibrant coral reefs while snorkelling. The sea trip to Orange Bay in Hurghada is an experience like no other - enjoy a picnic on the Red Sea and take a dip in the open sea for a refreshing swim. Sail to the best snorkelling spots and savour a luxurious lunch with refreshing drinks! Cruise around Orange and Giftun islands and bask in the beauty of the area and the breathtaking underwater life of the Red Sea. You'll stop at two different snorkelling spots with ample opportunity to see stunning corals and fish. Snorkel through vibrantly coloured marine life at two incredible destinations on this cruise, from the Red Sea Governorate to Orange Bay and the Giftun islands. Our friendly team will serve you mouth-watering lunch, soft drinks, and mineral water on board while you soak up the sun and enjoy the sea breeze. Your adventure begins in the morning when we pick you up at your hotel - get ready for a day full of adventure as we sail to Orange and Giftun islands, keeping an eye out for playful dolphins along the way. When you reach Orange Island, dive into the crystal-clear water and relax on the silky white sandy beach. Get ready for a day you won't forget!
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  • Hurghada Private Sea Trips

    Private Boat Trip Hurghada

    Sale! $190,00
    Experience a luxurious day on a private boat in the Red Sea in Hurghada, with the best snorkelling spots and a delicious lunch. Your guide and crew will ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience as you relax and enjoy the stunning scenery or explore the coral below. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply looking for a fun day out, a private boat trip offers flexibility and comfort with options for music and itinerary customization. With a proven track record of excellent service, safety is assured with directly employed boat staff and control of service standards. Enjoy a freshly cooked lunch buffet and a selection of soft drinks, all included in the price. Trip durations vary from four to eight hours, with flexible departure and arrival times to suit your preferences. So sit back, relax and enjoy a day to remember on your private boat tour.
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  • Sharm El Naga Trip Hurghada

    Sharm El Naga Individual Trip Hurghada

    Sale! $50,00$60,00
    Are you looking for a peaceful and relaxing getaway? Look no further than the beautiful bay of Sharm El Naga, just a short drive from Hurghada. Our full-day snorkelling tour offers the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation. Spend five hours on the gorgeous sandy beach, soaking up the sunshine and exploring the stunning coral reefs and marine life. We understand that vacations are a time to unwind and escape the stresses of everyday life. Our tour includes lunch and drinks to enjoy your day without worrying. Our knowledgeable guide will take care of everything, from transportation to the bay to the unique nature reserve. Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere of Sharm El Naga. This quiet bay is the perfect place to forget your worries and connect with nature. Swim, snorkel, and bask in the sun's rays as you discover a little slice of paradise. At lunchtime, we'll take you to a local restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious meal and relax before returning to your hotel. We want your experience with us to be unforgettable, and we'll do everything we can to make it a day to remember. Join us for a journey of pure relaxation and rejuvenation.
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  • Dolphin Bay Speedboat from Hurghada

    Dolphin Bay Speedboat Hurghada

    Sale! $60,00$200,00
    Experience an unforgettable private sea trip to Dolphin Bay from Hurghada by Speedboat. You'll enjoy a sea picnic through the Red Sea and a stop in the open sea for swimming and snorkelling with masks and flippers. Then, you'll visit Dolphin Bay, where you can see dolphins in their natural habitat. This stop is unique as dolphins live in significant numbers here. Explore the Red Sea in a speedboat for a half-day private snorkelling excursion in search of dolphins. Head to a coral reef known as the "Dolphin House," where you can don your snorkel gear for a snorkel safari to find these majestic creatures. Besides dolphins, you can spot colourful corals, fish, manta rays, moray eels, and more at the Dolphin House and El Fanadir reefs. Finally, visit Abu Minqar Island and make a final snorkel stop at a shipwreck. Take a private speedboat tour from Hurghada, swim, and snorkel in the water with resident dolphins. Observe local marine life, like manta rays and corals, while enjoying a personalized experience with a private boat and guide. Our company offers an excellent reputation for competitive prices, honesty, integrity, advice, and friendly personal service. We prioritize safety, standards, and experience, ensuring you have the best possible time without compromising your safety. We'll pick you up from anywhere in El Gouna and Hurghada Marina, making it easy to experience the beauty of the Red Sea reefs. This underwater ecosystem is home to over 300 coral and 1,000 fish species, 10% of which are found nowhere else in the world. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to explore the stunning Giftun Islands and Omo Gamaar. We look forward to meeting you as customers and leaving as good friends.
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  • Abu Dabbab Beach Excursion from Hurghada

    Abu Dabbab Beach Excursion Hurghada

    Sale! $55,00$150,00
    Embark on a journey from Hurghada to Abu Dabab Beach and spend an entire day basking in the beauty of this stunning shoreline. Relish in the memories of your delightful day at Abu Dabab and cherish the moments spent in this incredible paradise. You'll love lounging on the golden sand, dipping in the crystal-clear waters, and capturing breathtaking moments with your camera. The beach is a sanctuary for rare and endangered species such as the Dugong, the Sea Cow and the Green Sea Turtles. Your journey begins at 6:00 am when we pick you up from your hotel in Hurghada, Makadi, Sahel Hashish, or Safaga. We will whisk you away on a three-hour drive to Abo Dabab Bay. Upon arrival, you'll be welcomed by the breathtaking beauty of Abu Dabab. This snorkelling and dive site is in the heart of Hurghada and is known for its coral sides and vibrant-coloured fishes. The sandy beach with seagrass and crystal-clear, warm water is home to many marine life. Get your snorkelling equipment and dive into an underwater world of wonders. Start your snorkelling program, which lasts about an hour and a half for the first drop-off. Take in the wonders of the underwater world and create memories that will last a lifetime. After your snorkelling adventure, you can relax and unwind on the sandy beach of Abu Dabab. Bask in the sun and let the stunning beauty of the place envelop you. It's time to indulge in a delicious lunch on the beach. There will be plenty of options, and you can enjoy this meal while lounging on a chaise lounge under an umbrella. As you spend your day at Abu Dabab, you can also join a boat trip with the speedboat called "Search for Dugong." This trip will be organized from the beach with the Zodiac to the most common places where the Dugong lives and is usually seen. It will cost an extra 35 Euros per person and last two hours, from 14:00 to 16:00. If you want to add a dive, that's also possible, and it will cost 40$ per dive from the beach. If you choose a speedboat, you can add 35$. As the sun sets, it's time to head back to your hotel in Hurghada. Your trip includes pick-up service from your hotel in Hurghada, transportation by an air-conditioned vehicle to and from your hotel in Hurghada, a snorkelling guide to accompany you on your underwater adventure, a delicious lunch meal with plenty of options to choose from, mineral water to keep you hydrated throughout the day, and service charges and taxes included to ensure a hassle-free experience.
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Experience the breathtaking wonders of the underwater world and create unforgettable memories during your stay at Hurghada Resort with our Private Snorkelling Trips. We offer a variety of options to suit families, couples, and individuals with different snorkelling backgrounds. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore the depths of the sea! Customize your experience and make the most of your time in the sea with the best snorkelling boat trips available.

Hurghada is renowned as one of Egypt’s top tourist destinations, especially for those seeking a tranquil escape near the Red Sea. This idyllic resort offers an unforgettable holiday experience for you, your family, and your friends – with opportunities to explore the best snorkelling spots in Hurghada and marvel at the stunning coral reefs, exotic fish, and playful dolphins.

Hurghada boasts a climate that is perfect for various recreational and relaxation activities all year round, particularly in the mornings when the sunshine is mild and delightful. This makes it an ideal location to indulge in snorkelling adventures from the stunning beaches of the Hurghada islands.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the best Snorkeling Trips in Hurghada?

The best Snorkeling in Hurghada are:

What Snorkeling in Hurghada is Good for Avoiding Crowds?

These hidden gems in Hurghada may have limited interaction with crowds:

  • Orange and Giftun Islands Snorkeling Trip from Hurghada with Lunch
  • Orange Bay Island VIP Full-Day Snorkeling Sea Trip and Water Sports

Snorkeling in Hurghada

Exploring the underwater sites of Hurghada in the Red Sea through snorkelling is an experience filled with wonders. The place offers a wide variety of reef sites that are located both near and far from the shore, ranging from small islands to submerged pinnacles. Hurghada, which was once a small fishing village, has now turned into a bustling tourist destination with large beachside hotels and an extensive list of potential excursions.

Marine Life in Hurghada

Egypt’s snorkelling spots are famous globally for their impressive visibility, reaching up to 70 meters in certain areas. The coastal and island regions of the country differ vastly from their underwater scenery, which boasts a plethora of vibrant creatures and unique topography. When you go on a snorkelling trip in Hurghada, you’ll be amazed by the stunning marine life of the Red Sea Riviera, visible through crystal-clear waters.

The reefs in Hurghada are perfect for novice snorkelers due to their shallow and gradual slopes. Snorkelers can spot a wide variety of reef inhabitants, including parrotfish, surgeonfish, butterflyfish, anemonefish, pufferfish, sweetlips, colourful wrasses, morays, stingrays, and turtles. Additionally, catching a glimpse of dolphins during boat trips between the shore and snorkelling sites in Hurghada is not uncommon.

Best Snorkel Sites in Hurghada

If you’re seeking a fantastic snorkelling spot in Hurghada, you simply must visit the Giftun Islands. Accessible by boat just 45 minutes from the Egyptian coast, the waters surrounding the islands are crystal clear and offer a diverse range of reefs for snorkelling. These islands boast three stunning beaches: Paradise Beach, Orange Bay, and Mahmya Beach.

The sea is tranquil and easily navigable, allowing for an enjoyable experience observing the vibrant corals and plentiful fish. Additionally, sunbathing on the beach is a popular activity. You may even be fortunate enough to catch sight of some dolphins.

During your Hurghada excursion, you can enjoy more snorkelling opportunities by visiting Abu Ramada Island and the Magawish Islands. These locations are known for their wide variety of marine life, including morays, nudibranchs, rays, barracudas, and turtles. You can explore several reefs with exceptional coral and unique species like Napoleon Wrasse. The underwater adventures are endless.

Snorkelling Sites nearby Hurghada

If you wish to have an amazing snorkelling experience in the mainland area of Hurghada, it is recommended to head towards the bays located along the coastline south of Hurghada City. Makadi Bay is the most well-known bay for snorkelling among them and can be conveniently accessed from Hurghada.

Makadi Bay is famous for its coral reefs, boasting an array of pink, purple, and blue stubby branching corals (Pocillopora sp.) that indicate the health of the reefs. You’ll be greeted by a spectrum of colours from the massive corals, the soft swaying corals, and the vibrant reef fish. The crystal-clear waters of Makadi Bay are also home to fascinating marine life, such as turtles, rays, puffers, barracudas, octopuses, and morays, making it an ideal spot for snorkelling enthusiasts.

Soma Bay is another area with comprehensive offerings for snorkelers; the colourful corals in Soma also host the full range of fish life, including gatherings of Raccoon Butterflyfish with their black eye patches, Blue-spotted Stingrays, sweetlips, and multi-patterned wrasses. Just offshore, Soma Bay also holds a couple of coral pinnacles that divers and snorkelers can enjoy.

Sahl Hasheesh Bay has a lagoon filled with reef creatures and coral, including lionfish and octopus. Tours to this area often include dolphin-watching – and may even give you a chance to safely and cautiously jump in the water with these fantastic animals.

Best Time to Snorkel in Hurghada

You can enjoy snorkelling in Hurghada all year round, though the temperature of the water varies with the seasons. During winter, it can drop to 21 degrees Celsius, while in summer, it can rise to 30 degrees Celsius. As a snorkeler, you will be in the warmest part of the ocean, which is the top layer exposed to the sun. If you are concerned about feeling cold, it’s a good idea to bring a wetsuit with you on your vacation. You can easily purchase or rent one in Egypt, which is more convenient than bringing one from home.

Avoid visiting during the peak hot months of July and August are often suggested. If you are uncomfortable with sweating or susceptible to heat exhaustion, the ideal seasons to plan your trip would be Spring (May and June) or Autumn (September through November).

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