5 Day Cairo Tour Package


Our 5-Day Tour of Cairo is a great way to experience the beauty of this fantastic city. It’s perfect for those who want to explore the rich history of Egypt while enjoying a comfortable and stress-free journey. This all-inclusive package is designed to cater to busy travellers who want to make the most of their time in Cairo without worrying about the details.

We understand that your time in Egypt may be limited, but we promise to make it unforgettable by providing you with exciting experiences you’ll cherish forever.

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Embark on a truly unforgettable journey – a 5-day Cairo Tour Package. And immerse yourself in the captivating history of Cairo. Spend five remarkable days exploring the city’s most renowned landmarks, including the awe-inspiring Pyramids of Giza and the mystical Sphinx.

Discover the ancient Djoser’s Step Pyramid at the royal Saqqara necropolis, the oldest pyramid ever found. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit the magnificent Egyptian Museum, which houses an impressive collection of over 100,000 priceless artefacts, including mummies from tombs and temples throughout Egypt.

And, of course, no trip to Cairo is complete without experiencing the bustling energy of one of the world’s oldest bazaars, where you can indulge in a sensory feast of sights, sounds, and smells. Let us help you create lasting memories on this unforgettable adventure.

Day 1: Cairo

Upon arrival at Cairo airport, our representative will greet you with a Landious Travel sign. You will then be comfortably transferred to your hotel in Cairo via an air-conditioned car. We hope you enjoy your stay in Egypt and wish you a pleasant overnight in Cairo. We are pleased to provide you with a smooth and safe transfer experience.

Day 2: Pyramids & Sakkara tour

A delightful breakfast awaits you before embarking on your tour. You’ll have the chance to visit the colossal pyramids of Cheops, Chephren, and Mykerions, some of the world’s oldest Seven Wonders. Afterwards, you’ll get up close to the Sphinx, a magnificent funeral complex guarded by the legendary lion’s body and the face of King Chephren.

Accompanied by our expert guide, you’ll travel by private A/C vehicle for your full-day excursion. Don’t forget your camera, as you’ll have the chance to capture impressive panoramic views of the majestic Pyramids of Giza.

A suggested itinerary includes a visit to Memphis. This ancient city was once the capital of Upper and Lower Egypt during the first dynasty, approximately 5000 years ago. Another intriguing destination is Sakkara, a historically and archaeologically rich area in Egypt.

A highly recommended destination to explore would be the Step Pyramid in Sakkara, which includes a visit to Sakkara & Memphis. You can witness the earliest monumental stone tractor in Egypt, a stepped pyramid built during King Djoser’s reign (c. 2650 BC).

Furthermore, you can also visit the cemetery for Memphis, which has been used continuously for over 3,000 years. The Step pyramid is a marvel to behold and should not be missed. You can return to the hotel once you have witnessed this incredible site.

Day 3: Egyptian Museum tour

Your day will begin with a delicious breakfast, and shortly after, a guide will arrive at your hotel to take you on a captivating journey through the Egyptian Museum. This impressive museum boasts a vast and valuable Egyptian art spanning over 5000 years.

With over 250,000 artefacts, you can view an exhibit dedicated to Tutankhamun’s collection of treasures, gold, and jewellery, which remained untouched for over 3,500 years before being discovered in the 1920s.

Following your museum visit, you’ll proceed to Mohamed Ali Alabaster Mosque and Citadel of Salah El Din. Before returning to your hotel, You’ll head to Old Cairo to visit the Hanging Church, Abu Sirga Church, and Synagogue.

If interested, you can take an optional evening trip to enjoy a two-hour Nile cruise. You’ll have the chance to indulge in a delicious dinner while watching Egyptian folk shows.

Day 4: Cairo

Enjoy a delightful breakfast at your hotel, and then take some time to explore at your leisure. For those interested in an extra adventure, we offer an optional Alexandria day trip with a knowledgeable tour guide. The tour begins at the renowned Library of Alexandria, boasting 8 million books, open court, and free museums.

Please note that the library is closed on Fridays and public holidays, and an extra ticket is required to enter the reading area.

Next, visit the historic Site of the Lighthouse, once one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, now home to the castle of Qaitbey. Take in the beauty of the royal gardens of King Farouk, the royal palaces of Haramlek and Salamlek, and the picturesque royal beaches of the queens.

The tour continues with a visit to the Abbo Elabbas Mosque, the largest and most beautiful mosque in the city, as well as the memorial of the Unknown Soldier of Alexandria and the statue of Alexander the Great.

Enjoy an optional lunch break before continuing to the church of St. Mark, the oldest church in Africa. Then, drive along the Cornish, a stunning 30-kilometre drive, to see the entire city of Alexandria from the seaside, including the old harbour where 7,000 underwater monuments were discovered.

Stop at the famous Stanley Bridge, a modern landmark of Alexandria, before exploring the old downtown area of the city, built by Alexander the Great. Travel back to your hotel in comfort.

Alexandria has much to see, do, and experience, including unique culinary delights and shopping opportunities. Please let us know if you want to add more to your itinerary, and we’ll happily arrange it.

Day 5: Cairo- Departure

After enjoying your breakfast at the hotel, our representative will guide and support you throughout the final departure formalities at the airport. You can trust us to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.



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