Individual Excursions in Hurghada

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Showing 1–12 of 23 results

Landious Travel can organise trips specifically for individuals and small groups that take you well away from the beaten path. The company strives to provide exceptional service and a unique experience to all our clients. For this reason, we offer you the best individual excursions in Egypt. We design these trips individually for one client or a group. Please, find our trips in Hurghada:

Individual Trips in Hurghada

Private excursions in Hurghada are a chance to learn about the local culture without the fuss that usually happens with large groups. With such an excursion, you will spend every minute efficiently. Where the group makes several unjustified stops, a private guide takes you through the most exciting locations, where you will absorb much information. As a result, such a walk becomes more informative and exciting.

The guide will be allotted all efforts only to you. Only you decide which route to go and which attractions to visit. By the way, the cost of such an excursion in Hurghada is not as high as you might think. You need to gather a group of friends, agree on the route, plan stops with the guide. In this case, you can share the private tour price according to the number of participants in your group. You will be surprised, but an individual excursion can be much more profitable than a group tour if you plan everything correctly.

Tips for choosing a private tour

When choosing an individual excursion in Hurghada, look at the conditions for its conduct since some programs can be designed for adults and require specific physical fitness. Such offers are not suitable for tourists travelling with children or the elderly. Also, carefully read the “Important Notes” field. It says what you should pay attention to before or during the excursion.

Types of Individual tours

We have designed for you the most delicious routes, classic or innovative, in all the cities of Egypt. While staying in Hurghada, you can make one of our trips inside the city or nearby resorts. Besides, you can visit any place in the country travelling individually from Hurghada. In this section, find our excursions in Hurghada as follows:

  • Private Excursions in Hurghada.
  • Also, Custom trips in Hurghada.

Subsections of Hurghada Individual Excursions

  • Sightseeing & Historical tours from Hurghada.
  • Enjoy Sea trips & excursions in Hurghada.
  • Have Adventures & Desert safari tours in Hurghada.
  • Also, make city tours in Hurghada.

Hurghada Private Sightseeing Tours and Trips

Historical & Heritage excursions are major sightseeing activities you can do from Hurghada. The Hurghada Sightseeing Tours allow you to see the various sights spread all over Egypt. Widely, it provides you with many options to choose from it. For example, it will enable you to explore the attractions and monuments in Luxor and Aswan or Cairo and Alexandria.

Most likely, tourists tend to make day trips to see nearby attractions. Sometimes, they choose to make two tours to see as much as possible. We can divide Hurghada Sightseeing Tours into the following types according to the means of transport:

Hurghada Sightseeing Tours by Bus

This type is broadly acceptable among tourists holidaying in Hurghada. Tourists can choose whether to travel on a bus, minibus or limousine to get to the various monuments spread all over the country.

Hurghada Sightseeing by Plane

This type obtains higher acceptance by tourists. Its significant benefit is that it shortens travel from Hurghada to different tourist destinations. On the opposite side, it is the most expensive alternative.

Destination of Hurghada Individual Sightseeing Tours

It is important to note that you can find the sightseeing attractions in the cities located in Nile Valley. These monuments and attractions spread mainly along the Nile River banks. Therefore, you can select your destination according to transport means and monument location. You can head to the south to see the Temple of Hathor in Dendera, Valley of the Kings and Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple and Hatshepsut Temple in Luxor, Isis Temple and Unfinished Obelisk in Aswan. Also, you can head further to the south to see the Abu Simbel Temple in Nubia. Meantime, you can fly to the north to see the Pyramids of Giza, Egyptian Museum and Sphinx.

Under the destination of the monuments in Egypt, we can map the Hurghada Sightseeing trips as follows:

  • Aswan Private Sightseeing Trips from Hurghada.
  • Luxor Sightseeing Trips from Hurghada.
  • Qena Sightseeing Trips from Hurghada.
  • Sohag Sightseeing Trips from Hurghada.
  • El Minya Sightseeing Trips from Hurghada.
  • Ain Sukhna Sightseeing Trips from Hurghada.
  • Al Faiyum Sightseeing Trips from Hurghada.
  • Giza Sightseeing Trips from Hurghada.
  • Cairo Sightseeing Trips from Hurghada.
  • Also, Alexandria Sightseeing Trips from Hurghada.

Hurghada Individual Sea Trips and Island Discovery

In general, sea excursions in Hurghada are a goal of all tourists! You cannot miss it! Having decided to spend time at sea, you can sail to nearby islands. Of course, you will enjoy nature and coral reefs, do scuba diving, fishing or snorkelling. Indeed, it deserves to make a full-day snorkelling trip to Giftun and Utopia Islands and Orange Bay Beach.

Types of Sea Trips in Hurghada

  • Beach Trips and Beach Excursions.
  • Also, Boat Trips and Sea Picnics.

The sea excursions are of two major types: shore trips and boat trips. The following is a simple indication of these two types:

  • Beach Excursions: the beach trips, or beach trips, take place on the coast of the sea. Typically, there is no need to use a sea vehicle to get deep seawater. The obvious example of this kind of trip is the excursions to Sharm El Naga and Abu Dabab beaches.
  • Boat Trips: While the boat trips take place on a sea vehicle to get the open water, or some islands. Noteworthy that this kind of sea trip is widely acceptable among tourists in Hurghada. The trips to Giftun and Utopia islands are an example of it.

Subsections of Sea Trips in Hurghada

Undoubtedly, the primary purpose of making such sea trips is to enjoy the marine life from the shore; or in open water. However, these trips do widely vary when considering the type of activity they offer. For this reason, we divide the sea trips in Hurghada as follows:

  • Snorkelling Trips in Hurghada.
  • Fishing Trips in Hurghada.
  • Diving Trips in Hurghada.
  • Additionally, Sea Related Trips in Hurghada.

For sure, you can enjoy this type of excursion not only in Hurghada but in the nearby resorts. You can extend your experience to the neighbouring resorts of Safaga, al Quseir and Marsa Alam.

Hurghada Safari Adventures and Desert Nature Tours

Another primary type of excursion is the desert safari adventures in Hurghada. We organise several camels, buggies, quad bikes, and jeeps in the desert. You will enjoy so much quad biking, camel riding, and driving on the dunes with these unique dune buggies!

The safari adventures are of five main types. We list them as follows:

  • Quad biking: this is the most preferred type of desert safari.
  • Dune buggy driving: this type comes in second place after quad biking.
  • Jeep safari riding: This type of safari suits families and those who do not like to sit behind the driving wheel.
  • Camel riding: this type of safari suits those who like to try something new and funny. People of all ages like it so much.
  • Besides, Horse riding: this type suits those who like sport and enthusiasm.

Custom Tours in Hurghada

if you are looking for something special to inspire your spirit, soul, and body! If you have special needs and want personalised services tailored to your passions and touring style! Also, if you prefer to design your trip instead of joining one of our standard trips, this is an option as well. We can assist you in planning and advising what to do, where to go, and when. Whatever you want to experience on your trip: Your desire is our motivation and mission.

Customising your tours is a good way of making the experience exactly as you want it to be. You can turn the trip the way you like.

Feel free to contact Landious Travel Team!