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Memphis tours are unique and informative! This article will choose Memphis as a famous place to talk about and show what journeys we can make. First, we will give an introduction to this place. Then, we will show how you can get to it from different destinations. Also, we will provide a link to the Memphis trips booking and reservation.

History of Memphis

The ancient Egyptians built a city called Memphis – nowadays, this suburb is known as Mit Rahina, Giza Governorate. At that time, Memphis remained the capital of Egypt.

Not far from Memphis, the ancient Egyptians built another city on the east bank of the Nile River – Heliopolis. Later, the ancient Egyptians called it “Iunu”. It was the capital of the 13th Nome of Lower Egypt and a major religious centre. Historically, this Heliopolite Nome existed in the area dedicated to the present Cairo governorate. Afterwards, Heliopolis greatly expanded under the Old and Middle Kingdoms. It laid in the nowadays district called Ayn Shams, a northeastern suburb of Cairo.

Memphis Tours from Cairo

Certainly, Giza is the nearest destination to get to Memphis and visit its monuments. In general, tourists who stay in Giza and Cairo hotels will find it isn’t far to get to the place. Of course, the nearness of the destination provides them with an excellent chance to make the trip to Memphis. Tour operators also organise a full-day tour to Giza, Sakkara, and Memphis together. On this tour, you can see the three pyramids in Giza, the Valley Temple (Mummification Temple), the Great Sphinx in the Pyramid Complex. Also, you can explore the Step Pyramid of Djoser in Sakkara necropolis; and the statue of Ramses II in Memphis. The trip price includes guiding, entrance tickets and lunch.

The following is a link to that tour which provides valuable information:

Tour to Memphis from Giza/Cairo

Memphis Tours from Hurghada

Of course, Hurghada lies so far from Memphis. Although it is far, you can take a bus trip to get to Memphis. Also, you will enjoy the same tour as those staying in Cairo. The tour program includes:

  • See the three pyramids in Giza.
  • The Valley Temple (Mummification Temple).
  • Also, the Great Sphinx at the pyramid complex.
  • The Step Pyramid of Djoser in Sakkara necropolis.
  • And the statue of Ramses II in Memphis. Lunch.

Here is a helpful link to the Memphis tour booking from Hurghada:

Memphis Tour from Hurghada

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