Giftun Islands

Mahmya Island

Inspired from its natural surroundings, Mahmya is an eco-tourism haven bordered by pristine blue waters awaiting exploration and a white sandy beach inviting relaxation.

Accompanied with fine food, great music and a fun crowd, Mahmya is an exotic escape that will change your idea of the perfect day in the Red Sea and give you memories that will last forever!

Location of Mahmya Island

Mahmya exists on Grand Giftun Island, Hurghada, Red Sea 84, Egypt.

Programs of Mahmya Island


Boat transfers (1 hour sail each way) and the Day Use, excluding food & drinks. You can then order your food and drinks from our A La Carte Restaurant and pay accordingly by cash/credit card.

PRICE: 30.00 EUR per adult, 16.00 EUR per child 3-12 years, children two years & under are for free.


Boat transfers (1-hour sail per one way), Day Use and lunch buffet or a set menu lunch in our restaurant, including open water & soft drinks during lunch. Accordingly, all other drinks are excluded and paid for by cash/credit card.

PRICE: 50.00 EUR per adult, 25.00 EUR per child 3-12 years, children two years & under are for free


Boat transfers (1 hour sail each way), Day Use, Snorkeling Trip by boat (including mask, fins & snorkel) to Sabina Reef and lunch buffet or a set menu lunch in our restaurant, including open water & soft drinks during lunch. Accordingly, all other drinks are excluded and paid for by cash/credit card.

PRICE: 75.00 EUR per adult, 37.50 EUR per child 3-12 years, children two years & under are for free

ACTIVITIES at Mahmya Island

With activities like snorkelling, a Water Park for Kids, Beach Volleyball & Sand Soccer, there are many ways to spend hours of family fun on Mahmya!


Midday, join our memorable Snorkeling trip by boat to one of the most magnificent reefs in the Red Sea!

The choice for prime snorkelling locations in the Red Sea is unrivalled, and our Recreation Team and the Boat Captains check the weather conditions and choose the best site for that day to maximize your safety and enjoyment. Snorkelling is fun for all ages, so bring the whole family and explore the richest sea in the world!

The Red Sea boasts comfortable water temperatures year-round, superb water clarity and visibility, more than 1,000 species of fish, countless hard and soft coral varieties, and an incredibly diverse underwater topography. Undoubtedly these advantages make it one of the most wildly unique underwater environments!

If you would rather stay on the island, you can enjoy the ease of unlimited access to swimming and snorkelling in the water directly off Mahmya’s Beach! There you will find groups of coral heads lying on the sandy bottom in shallow water, allowing for limitless discovery.


Mahmya provides a spacious volleyball court on the finely set sand beach by the clear water at Mahmya.

Services and Facilities Presented at Mahmya Island

Mahmya affords modern facilities that cater to travellers. The beach is famous for many things, but sitting and enjoying the spectacular view sets Mahmya apart from other beaches in HURGHADA.


Dine on fresh cuisine prepared to exceed expectations while chilling out in the shade under palm-tree pergolas in one of our open-air sea view restaurants.

Delight in the variety of our Open Buffet Lunch with a Salad, Bar offering Tahina, Coleslaw, Calamari, Cheese and Oriental Salad’s; main courses of Fish, Chicken, Steamed Vegetable, Rice and Pasta cooked Italian style and a seasonal selection of Fresh Fruit for Dessert. Children are not forgotten with our unique ‘Kids Meal’ served with scrumptious ice cream for dessert!

Alternatively, explore our rich A la Carte Menu designed to satisfy the most discriminating of palates!

Complete the experience with a visit to our bar and choose your favourite drink to sip while enjoying spectacular views of the Red Sea Mountain Range.


Mahmya operates a fully equipped fleet of modern boats to transport guests safely to and from Giftun Island. Every boat is equipped with VHF Radio, adult and children’s life jackets, necessary rescue equipment and medic first aid supplies. Our Captain’s and their Crews are trained in medic first aid and make your safety and comfort their number one priority.


Mahmya provides a safe, affordable sea transport service with our capacious modern speedboat.

The speed boat transports the guests safely from Mahmya Beach marina to Mahmya Island (both ways) in 20 minutes. It is well equipped with life jackets, rescue material & first aid supplies. The capacity of the speed boat is a maximum of 6 persons, and the cost is 1000 EGP per person (minimum three pax). For more details on cruising around with the speed boat, please call our reservation line 01019611266.


DAY Trips:

Our boats depart at 8:30 a.m. & returns at 4:30


Our boats depart at 10:00 a.m. & returns at Sunset

kindly ensure that you are at our marina no later than 30 minutes before the departure time.


If you sail direct to Mahmya with your private boat, please book the reservation line 01001119792.


Our fleet of boats depart/return every day from our Mahmya Beach Marina, Sheraton El Corniche Road, Hurghada:


We do not provide land transportation from/to your hotel to/from our Mahmya Beach Marina.


Full Refund: If cancellation is 48 hrs prior to the booking date.

50% refund: if cancellation is 24 hrs prior to the booking date.

No refund: If cancellation is on the same day of booked trip date or no show.


-Pets are not allowed

-It is not allowed to bring along any food & beverage

-Speakers are not allowed

-Should you be bringing a nanny/babysitter, kindly book for her the day-use plus lunch program as per our policy



Oriental 50 EGP

Mixed 50 EGP

Cole Slaw 65 EGP

Greek 70 EGP

Tuna 85 EGP


Tahina 45 EGP

Sesame/Babaghanoug 45 EGP

White Cheese with Tomato 45 EGP

French Fries 60 EGP

Mini Pizza Margherita 70 EGP

Calamari Mahmya Style 115 EGP

Shrimp Mahmya Style 170 EGP

Fish Finger 205 EGP


Margherita 110 EGP

Vegetarian 125 EGP

Cheese lovers 135 EGP

Tuna 150 EGP

Seafood 190 EGP


Napolitana 135 EGP

Bolognese 155 EGP

Seafood 200 EGP


White 35 EGP

Brown 40 EGP

Shrimp 200 EGP

Seafood 200 EGP


Grilled Half Chicken 155 EGP

Chicken Pane 165 EGP


Pasta with Tomato Sauce 90 EGP

Chicken Nuggets & French Fries 115 EGP

Chicken Strips & French Fries 135 EGP


Calamari 275 EGP

Grouper Fillet 320 EGP

Jumbo Shrimp 435 EGP

Seafood Platter 590 EGP

fish, calamari & shrimp


Calamari 275 EGP

Fish 320 EGP

Shrimp 435 EGP

Seafood 480 EGP

Pasta Tagine with Shrimp 285 EGP

Pasta Tagine with Shrimp 480 EGP


Natural Water 30 EGP

Coca-cola & Coca-cola Zero 35 EGP

Sprite 35 EGP

7 Up Diet 35 EGP

Fanta 35 EGP

Apple – Orange

Schweppes 35 EGP


Schweppes Gold 35 EGP

Peach – Pineapple

Birell 35 EGP

Non-Alcoholic Beer

Iced Tea 35 EGP

Peach – Lemon

Soda & Tonic 35 EGP

Canned Juice 45 EGP

Orange – Mango – Tomato – Apple – Pineapple

Sunshine 45 EGP

Red Bull 60 EGP

Seasonal Fresh Juice 60 EGP

Iced Coffee 60 EGP

Virgin Mojito 60 EGP

Mahmya Cocktail 65 EGP

Mahmya Fresh Cocktail 85 EGP


Tea 30 EGP

Black – Green

Nescafe 35 EGP

Espresso 45 EGP

Cappuccino 50 EGP

Caffe Latte 50 EGP


White 80 EGP

White 365 EGP

Rose 80 EGP

Rose 365 EGP

Red 90 EGP

Red 400 EGP

Sparkling Wine 515 EGP


Stella 70 EGP

Heineken 70 EGP

Sakara Gold 70 EGP

Desperados 85 EGP


Kimo Cono Ice Cream 35 EGP

Nestle Ice Cream 40 EGP

Oreo Ice Cream Cone 50 EGP

Oreo Ice Cream Stick 65 EGP

Seasonal Fresh Fruit 50 EGP

French Pastry 70 EGP