Utopia Island found in the resort of Safagi

Sea Islands

Egypt is bordered by the Red Sea on the east, and the Mediterranean Sea on the north. The Red Sea coast stretches 800 km from Suez to the Sudanese border. While the Mediterranean Sea coast extends for about 1,050 km from the eastern side of the Sinai Peninsula at the Egypt-Gaza border to the western village of Sallum at Egypt’s border with Libya.

These natural sea areas have a number of Egyptian islands in. All these islands are natural ones expect for the artificial one in Gulf of Aqaba.

Sea Islands in Egypt

Here, we list the Egyptian sea islands according to their location:

Islands of the Red Sea

  • Giftun Islands
  • Abu Monkar
  • Hamata Islands
  • El Ikhwa Islands
  • Green Island
  • Mukkawar Island
  • Pharaoh’s Island
  • Sanafir Island
  • Shadwan Island
  • Tiran Island
  • Also, Zabargad Island

Islands of the Mediterranean Sea

  • Nelson’s Island