Mahmya beach on Giftun island

Giftun Islands


Giftun Islands are located in the Red Sea along the shoreline of Hurghada city of Al-Barhr Al-Ahmar governorate, Egypt.


The Giftun Islands are among the Egyptian sea island located along the Red Sea shore. These islands are divided into two separate islands _ Grand Giftun, and Small Giftun. The Grand Giftun Island has the second largest area after the Shedwan Island. Giftun Islands are a part of larger archipelago, including three islands. These islands are Abu Monqar Island, El Giftun El Kbeer(Grand Giftun )and El Giftun El Sagheer (Small Giftun). Giftun Islands are characterized by rare geological compositions and rock intensity.

 These islands are known for their rare coral reefs, colorful fish, and extraordinary birds. Hamda, Banana Reef, Sha’ab Sabrina, Erg Somaya and Sha’ab Torfa are among the famous reef spots located near these two islands. The marine life around the islands is one of the richest in Red Sea. It has more than 196 kinds of the solid coral reefs which represent about 80% of the biodiversity of the coral reefs in the Red Sea. Also, in these coral reefs live more than 794 species fish.

This number of fish represents about 65% of the biodiversity of fish. Two kinds of birds that face the extinction danger threatening are found in the Giftun Island. These birds are the Kittiwake and a specific kind of eagles. One of the rare turtles lives on the beaches of the Giftun Island.

The Importance of Giftun Islands

The Giftun Islands occupy a very distinguished touristic and economic position. The Grand Giftun Island is one of the most important diving spot near Hurghada shoreline. The island is surrounded by 14 of the best diving spots, from 44 spots in whole Hurghada. Grand Giftun Island attracts a big number of tourists every year.

For its importance as a tourist destination, the island is equipped with some facilities on three beach areas. These beaches are called “Paradise Island”, “Mahmya Island”, and “Orange Island”. The facilitated beaches names are somehow misleading that one may think that they are names of islands.

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