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  • Petra Trip Dahab

    Petra Trip Dahab

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    During the Tour Excursion to Petra from Dahab by cruise, visit Petra's historical and archaeological city in Jordan, ancient Nabatean museum, Roman theatre, Rainbow tombs, and the Canyon. It is an excellent choice to know very closely about the Nabatean culture and observe how they carved their homes, temples, and tombs right out of the rocks.
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This section provides all information needed for tourists to book trips, excursions, and tours in Dahab, Egypt. It offers you a long list of excursions and tours to choose from it. Enjoy Dahab trips that offer you countless activities both in the sea and land. While relaxing in the resort of Dahab, you can choose to go on a number of the following things to do:

Main Subheadings of Dahab Excursions

  • Dahab offers you many historical excursions to the different attraction cities in Egypt. As an option, you can choose a trip to see the attractions in Luxor, Cairo, Aswan, and Alexandria. Also, you can choose to trip to nearby countries such as Jordan and Israel.
  • Meanwhile, you can not miss the sea excursions in Dahab! Having decided to spend time at sea, you can book a trip to the nearby islands or beaches. So, in these places, you can go diving,  snorkelling and fishing.
  • Another primary type of excursion is a desert safari tour in Dahab. We organise various excursion programs on camels, buggies, quad bikes, and jeeps in the desert.
  • The list of excursions is so extensive that you can easily find entertainment excursions you like. Excursions to water parks, dolphinariums and aquariums are an example.
  • The hotels in Dahab have sports halls, spas, and wellness centres. In these centres, we organise our wellness excursions. However, the prices for this type of service are high in these hotels. Fortunately, other spa centres offer the same services. However, the cost of these services is low, and the standard is high.
  • On the first day of accommodation, tourists get the desire to discover the city attractions. Undoubtedly, the city tours in Dahab can actualise such a tendency.

In summary, all these things to do and excursions in Dahab will add unforgettable impressions to your visit to the Sinai Peninsula.