Monastery of Saint Catherine Tour Dahab

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If you strongly desire to visit holy places, the Sinai Peninsula is a beautiful place to do so. A visit to the Monastery of Saint Catherine from Dahab will actualize that desire. On this trip, you’ll have the opportunity to see the main shrines of the monastery and witness the mountains of the Prophet Moses and St. Catherine. Additionally, you’ll head to the Dahab resort for lunch and shopping.

The visit to St. Catherine’s Monastery is truly a unique experience. Built between 527 and 565 AD, the monastery is believed to be around the site of Moses’ Burning Bush. It’s named after St. Catherine, a Christian martyr tortured and beheaded for her beliefs. During your visit, you’ll see the Chapel Greek Orthodox Church, worship icons, and the famous Mosaic of Transfiguration.

After breakfast, you’ll depart from your hotel for a two 1/2-hour drive to St. Catherine. The monastery lies at a height of 1570 meters between two mountains and is one of the oldest in the world. You’ll visit the Chapel of the Burning Bush, which was built over the tire roots of the Holy Thorne bush, where God spoke to Moses. You can also see beautiful Byzantine mosaics and a fantastic collection of icons. On the way back, we’ll pass through Dahab, a small city close to the seashore, where you have the chance to do some shopping.

The St. Catherine Monastery and Dahab City Tour is a beautiful way to experience the historical Christian site in Sinai. After a 3-hour drive, you’ll reach the monastery and have the chance to visit the oldest record of monastic life, Room of the Skulls, Burning Bush, and then drive to Dahab for some shopping and lunch at a local restaurant.

We’ll pick you up around 6:00 AM and drive to St. Catherine. The trip takes around 2.30 or 3 hours, and we’ll make one stop to see the beautiful valley with lovely dunes. Upon arrival in Catherine Village, you’ll visit the monastery of St. Catherine, which lies at the foot of Mount Moses in the heart of South Sinai. This is one of the most famous monuments of South Sinai, with a lot of attractions like the Church of Transfiguration, The Skull House, Moses Well, and the Burning Bush.

After visiting the monastery, you’ll get some free time to explore the monastery museum, which contains the oldest icons and manuscripts of the early stage of Christianity. You can take photos during this free time. We’ll then drive back to Dahab City and have lunch in a local restaurant. After lunch, you can shop in Dahab or around this beautiful city.

We’ll arrive back in Dahab at around 17.30 and take you back to your hotel. We hope this trip will leave you with a sense of wonder and appreciation for the rich history and culture of the area.


Monastery of Saint Catherine Tour Dahab is a sightseeing excursion to the Monastery of Saint Catherine from Dahab, Egypt! We recommend the trip because it allows you to visit one of the most impressive sights on the Sinai Peninsula! The Monastery of Saint Catherine is the oldest Christian monastery in the world. Besides, the visit to the monastery gives you more spiritual refreshments. Additionally, you will get a piece of helpful information about the history of Christianity in Egypt.

Highlights on Monastery of Saint Catherine Trip from Dahab

  • Visiting the Monastery of St. Catherine in the Sinai Peninsula.
  • Lunch at a restaurant.
  • Also, Shopping in Dahab.

Program of the Excursion to the Monastery of St. Catherine

  • Landious Travel representative will pick you up from the hotel in Dahab at approximately 06:00 AM.
  • After picking up all comers, the bus will leave for the St. Catherine’s Monastery, driving along with the coastal city of Nuweiba, which lies north of Dahab on the eastern coast of the Red Sea. From the centre of Dahab to this monastery takes approximately 3 hours.

Schedule in the Monastery of St. Catherine

  • As soon as you arrive at the foot of Saint Catherine’s Mountain, you will step up to the Monastery of Saint Catherine.
  • Your guide will have a task to show all the main shrines by then. Also, our guide will give you free time to take pictures of the place.
  • Thus, you will see the relics of Saint Catherine, the bush of the Burning Bush, the cemetery, the crypt under the chapel of St. Trifonab, the oldest mosaic icons, and the famous Sinai library.

Agenda in the resort of Dahab

  • After visiting the Monastery of Saint Catherine at the foot of Prophet Moses’ mountain, you will head to another city – Dahab.
  • Once you arrive at Dahab Resort, you will head to the restaurant. There, you will enjoy an open buffet lunch.
  • After that, you will go shopping.

Departure to Dahab

  • Finally, the bus will depart back to Dahab.
  • This trip to the Monastery of Saint Catherine from Dahab ends at approximately 16:00.

What does the Price of the Monastery of Saint Catherine Trip include?

  • Lunch.
  • Guide.
  • Also, Transfer to the monastery and back to your hotel.

What does not the Program of the Monastery of Saint Catherine Trip Dahab include?

  • Additional excursion programs.

Items to take with you for the trip

  • Breakfast box.
  • Passport.
  • Also, Clothes for the season.

Monastery of Saint Catherine Tour Dahab Booking Days

  • Saturday from 05:00 – 16:00.
  • Monday from 05:00 – 16:00.
  • Also, Thursday from 05:00 – 16:00.

Monastery of Saint Catherine

The Greek Orthodox monastery of the God-trodden Mount Sinai lies at the very place where God appeared to Moses in the Burning Bush, beneath the Mount of the Decalogue. In God’s providence, it is also at this site that the holy relics of Saint Catherine are enshrined.


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