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  • Dolphin Show Trip Safaga

    Dolphin Show Trip Safaga

    Sale! $20,00
    Are you ready to witness a truly awe-inspiring experience? Join the Dolphin Show excursion from Safaga and be amazed by the stunning collection of marine creatures on display. Marvel at the incredible talents of black-sea dolphins, northern fur seals, South American sea lions, and Pacific walruses. This is a show you won't want to miss!
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  • Grand Aquarium Trip Safaga

    Grand Aquarium Trip Safaga

    Sale! $55,00
    Are you interested in seeing the incredible underwater world of Egypt up close? You won't want to miss out on the breathtaking "Red Sea behind Glass" experience! The Grand Aquarium in Hurghada is a new and exciting attraction that features the largest aquarium in the city. But it's not just an aquarium - it's a full entertainment centre complete with outdoor pools, an outdoor zoo, and different aquarium sections. You'll be amazed by the 3D effects and have the opportunity to dine at cafes and restaurants, as well as visit an educational centre. Your trip price includes transfers and an entrance ticket. Don't miss out on the chance to embark on this amazing excursion and discover a whole new world!
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  • Sea Horse Riding Trip Safaga

    Sea Horse Riding Trip Safaga

    Sale! $40,00
    For those who love the thrill of adventure, this horseback riding excursion in Hurghada is an experience not to be missed. Combining the excitement of a wildlife encounter with the opportunity to explore the stunning natural wonders of Safaga, this adventure offers access to terrain that would take a long time to explore on foot. From the vast desert area to the sea, you can ride your horse through it all. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, you can enjoy this adventure with ease. Helmets are provided, and a trainer is on hand to coach you and provide assistance if needed. You can enjoy a rare opportunity to ride an Egyptian horse in the sea and desert, making it a fun and fast way to explore Hughada's nature spots. Don't worry about getting lost, as a horse trainer will join you on the adventure, ensuring you have a safe and enjoyable experience. And for horse lovers, this excursion is an absolute must-do! During the sea horseback riding adventure in Safaga, you can enjoy riding horses in the open sea for two hours, taking a calm ride for a walk, or even trotting. You'll get to experience many lovely feelings and impressions while bathing with these friendly creatures. The trip price includes transfers and tutorials, so you can rest assured that everything is taken care of for you. So why wait? Book your horseback riding adventure in Safaga today and experience the beauty of nature in a unique and unforgettable way!
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  • Dolphin Swimming Trip Safaga

    Dolphin Swimming Trip Safaga

    Sale! $70,00
    Are you ready for the ultimate dolphin experience? The Swimming with Dolphins trip in Safaga is just what you need! Get up close and personal with these lovable creatures as you swim, touch, kiss, and play with them in a friendly environment. And the best part? The trip price includes transfers! But that's not all. Discover the amazing intelligence of dolphins during a 5-minute dolphin experience at Hurghada Dolphin World. Interact with these magnificent creatures as you swim with them and learn more about their fascinating behaviours. Grant yourself and your loved ones an unforgettable adventure! Swim with dolphins in Hurghada and feel the harmonious connection with nature. Get ready for an experience of a lifetime with these intelligent and friendly creatures! Book your swim with dolphins tour in Hurghada today.
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Showing all 4 results

Safaga Entertainment Trips exhibits all trips, excursions and tours related to fun and entertainment. It is your gate to all the places which offer entertainment activities. Also, it provides you with all Safaga entertainment excursion prices and a key to book them. Principally, this trip includes watching mammal shows, riding water games, and visiting aquariums. It is a fun activity while staying in Safaga, Egypt. We call them Family Activities for fun, has no age limit. Also, people of all ages can do these activities, as well.

Entertainment is a form of activity that holds attention and interest or gives pleasure and delight. It can be an idea or task. Accordingly, fun activities do vary depending on your role. Some of these activities depend on discovering what is around, e.g. watching a show in a dolphinarium or aquarium. At the same time, the other types will need your participation and will let you have an active role. For example, you can enjoy scaling water games in Aqua Park, swimming with dolphins in the dolphinarium, horse riding by the sea, and parasailing.

List of Safaga Entertainment Trips

We can list the fun and entertainment activities in Safaga according to the following:

  • Visiting dolphinarium from Safaga.
  • Visiting Aquarium in Hurghada.
  • Swimming with dolphins in the dolphinarium from Safaga.
  • Riding water games in Water Park in Safaga.
  • Horse riding by the sea in Safaga.
  • Besides, Parasailing over the Red Sea in Safaga.

For pleasure, our company organises various entertainment excursions in Safaga. Do not miss this considerable pleasure, and share the family!

Safaga Entertainment Trips Reviews