Excursions in Safaga

This section provides all information needed for tourists to book trips and excursion in Safaga, Red Sea GovernorateEgypt. It offers you a long list of excursions to choose from. While relaxing in the resort of Safaga, you can choose to do one of the following activities:

  • Sightseeing: Historical excursions from Safaga to other nearby cities with visits to various sights of Egypt. For example, you can visit the attractions in Luxor, Cairo, Aswan and Alexandria.
  • Meanwhile, sea excursions in Safaga cannot be avoided! Having decided to spend time at sea, the tourists go to nearby islands, diving and snorkeling.
  • Another main type of excursion is a desert safari tour in Safaga. In the desert, we organize a variety of excursion programs on camels, buggies, quad bikes and jeeps.
  • The list of excursions is so extensive that it allows you to choose entertainment excursions in Safaga _ excursions to water parks, dolphinarium and aquariums.
  • The hotels in Safaga have sports halls, spa and wellness centers. Only in these hotels prices for this type of service are expensive.
  • Fortunately, other places at a higher level and at affordable prices were built in Safaga. There, we organize our wellness excursions.
  • Usually, on the first day of stay with tourists, there is a desire to get to know the city. Undoubtedly, city tours of Safaga realize such a desire.

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