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  • El Gouna Individual City Tour

    El Gouna Individual City Tour Hurghada

    Sale! $21,00$70,00
    Embark on a Sightseeing Tour in El-Gouna and discover the beauty of this charming city. Our program includes various points and stops in the most exciting places in El-Gouna. You will learn a lot about the development of this city and its evolution from a desert to a famous tourist town. Our friendly guide will show you around and provide you with helpful information. Join us and explore the most important landmarks in El-Gouna, including the private airport, the Coptic Christian church, downtown, the lagoon boat trip, Abu Tig Marina, Mangrove Beach, and the fish farm. Travel in comfort and safety in a chauffeur-driven air-conditioned car. We will visit the highest place in El-Gouna, the El Gouna Tower, to enjoy a stunning view of the city. We will also have time to walk around Abu Tig Marina, a famous and peaceful place in El-Gouna, and visit the Christian church. Additionally, we can ride the Felucca boats and explore El-Gouna from the sea. Finally, we will return to the downtown area in Hurghada, where you can shop for souvenirs and explore the local markets. We look forward to providing you with an unforgettable experience in El-Gouna.
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  • Hurghada Private City Tour

    Hurghada Private City Tour

    Sale! $25,00$40,00
    Get ready for a fantastic adventure with the Private Sightseeing Tour in Hurghada! This half-day tour takes you on a journey through the most exciting places in the city. You'll get to see everything from the vibrant fruit market to the bustling fish market! And that's not all - you'll also visit the stunning El-Mina Mosque, the impressive Coptic church, and the bustling port. With the help of your private tour guide, you'll learn all about the history and culture of this incredible place. Plus, we've even included some shopping stops along the way! You won't miss this fantastic opportunity to soak up the local culture and experience what Hurghada offers. With entrance fees included, you can escape the crowds and enjoy a personalized tour just for you and your group. And the best part? You'll be picked up and dropped off right at your hotel! So what are you waiting for? Join us for a 3-hour adventure through the heart of Hurghada. Admire the stunning architecture of the Great Mosque, take in the sights and sounds of the harbour, and haggle at the local bazaars. And don't forget to meet a local fisherman and take in the breathtaking views of the Red Sea! This is one tour you won't want to miss. Book your spot today and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!
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  • Hurghada Museum

    Hurghada Museum City Tour

    Sale! $30,00$50,00
    Are you interested in learning about ancient Egyptian culture but don't want to travel to Cairo or Luxor? Well, have no fear because a museum in Hurghada is perfect for you! Recently opened by the Ministry of Antiquities, this museum contains over 1000 artefacts in tombs and different historical sites throughout Egypt. You'll get to explore the mysteries of this ancient civilization with a professional guide who will show you the ropes. Take a journey through time and discover the oldest society in the world with this unique museum experience. Your guide will tell you about each artefact and its historical background so you can truly understand how amazing the Egyptians were. You'll get to see ancient sports, musical instruments, and even wars that took place centuries ago. There's also a display of ancient and Asian arts and the history of Egyptian kings. Once the tour is over, you'll have some free time to check out the museum on your own before being dropped off at your hotel in Hurghada. So, come on, let's explore the mysteries of ancient Egypt together!
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  • Semi Submarine Trip Hurghada

    Semi Submarine Tour Hurghada

    Sale! $35,00$50,00
    A wonderful sea trip on a two-deck semi-submarine in Hurghada! The tour allows you to see the magnificent reefs and colourful fish of the Red Sea onboard a semi-submarine. The boat floats on the water's surface while its bottom goes underwater for 4 meters. You can admire the Red Sea through the large, broad windows. You can admire the Red Sea - the lower deck has half-meter panoramic windows to observe the underwater world. The program invariably includes swimming and snorkelling with masks and flippers in the open sea.
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  • Grand Aquarium Tour Hurghada

    Grand Aquarium Tour Hurghada

    Sale! $60,00$70,00
    On the entertaining excursion Aquarium in Hurghada, you visit the largest aquarium in the city _ Grand Aquarium. Taking into consideration, this is not just an aquarium but an entertainment centre consisting of several sections: aquariums, outdoor pools, and an outdoor zoo. The place has 3D effects, cafes, restaurants and an educational centre. The trip price will include transfers and an entrance ticket.
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Hurghada Private City Tours exhibits all trips, excursions and tours related to Hurghada monuments and attractions sightseeing. It is your gate to all the city tours in HurghadaEgypt. Indeed, it includes this sightseeing activity and exploring the city’s secrets. Private Hurghada City Tours is a sightseeing-based activity you can do while staying in Hurghada to discover the top sights of this city. Also, these city tours head to different sites, monuments and places of interest. In general, they head to these Islamic and Christian attractions of the city. You cannot miss seeing the Big Mosque in Sakkala or Coptic Church in Dahar!

Definitionally, the city tour is discovering the attractions and places around. Tourists can do such a pleasurable activity to find Hurghada. This city offers you several attractions and places of interest. These attractions are all modern style.

City Tours Destinations

Typically, city tours head to the most famous attractions of this city in Hurghada. These attractions are the marine platforms, the old marine port, the Coptic Church, and Muslim mosques. Sometimes, these city tours get to the fruit and fish markets in the city.

Habitually, the city tours in Hurghada pass through the different areas of the city. Of course, it allows watching the streets, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, discos, shops, and homes. On the way to these attractions, tourists see a different place in the city.

When tourists arrive at Hurghada, they desire to see the city and discover nearby things. Of course, they decide to do city tours. Let us find out what is around! For this reason, we provide you with the best excursion for such an enjoyable activity.

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