Quad Biking Trip Marsa Alam


Enjoy Quad Biking in the fascinating desert of Marsa Alam! The trip allows you to get familiar with desert nature in Egypt and meeting with the Bedouins! On this desert safari trip for Quad biking for three hours in Marsa Alam, you can enjoy quad biking for a long distance and camel riding, too!

You will experience biking between the mountains of Marsa Alam with an extraordinary chance to see the Bedouin life. Feel the inspiration of driving between the mountains of Marsa Alam! Also, recharge your energy whilst enjoying the stunning views of the desert! The trip price includes transfers and drinking a cup of tea.


Explore the desert with a quad bike on an exciting tour from Marsa Alam. You will have the chance to test drive and get into gear and go over the dunes. Let the desert flash past you and feel the adrenaline rush through your body! You will also enjoy a camel ride through the dunes before heading back. A very active quad biking trip in Marsa Alam, Egypt!

ONLINE BOOKING QUAD BIKING SAFARI MARSA ALAM AND BEST PRICE! We recommend the excursion because it allows tourists to have a good time riding quad bikes. Besides, it will enable discovering the desert in Marsa Alam and getting to know the culture of Bedouins. It is a lovely experience for a three-hour moto-safari in Marsa Alam! This ride will be for a long distance in the desert – 25 km.

Highlights on Three Hours Moto Safari Marsa Alam

  • Quad Biking for a distance of 50 km in the desert.
  • Camel Riding in the desert.
  • Furthermore, drinking tea in the Bedouin tent.

Program of Quad Biking Adventure

  • First of all, the Landious Travel representative will pick you up from the hotel at approximately 08:00 am.
  • Secondly, after picking up all comers, our minibus/Jeep will head to the desert with a quad biking base – Sheikh Malek situated 25 kilometres north of Marsa Alam airport. The way to this base will take about 30 minutes.

Warming-Up & Instruction

  • Once having arrived there, fundamentally, you will need to get yourself ready. You will do it by putting a scarf on your head, helmet and wearing sunglasses. Then, you will get a quad runner for a driving test before starting the adventure of riding 22 kilometres between the mountains of the Eastern Desert.

Quad Biking towards the Bedouins

  •  Next, you will enjoy Biking towards the Bedouin Village. Afterwards, you will drive 25 km across the desert to the Bedouin village.
  • On your way towards the Bedouin tent, you will stop two or three times for visiting the Bedouins and taking a rest. Then, there is instruction and training for a bit of time.

Camel Riding

  • As soon as you arrive in the Bedouin village, you will go on camel riding. In this place, you will be able to take pictures with the Bedouins. You will later have the opportunity to experience a Bedouin tea, take a camel ride before driving your motorbike back to the quad runner station.
  • Following the camel riding, your guide will accompany you to the Bedouin tent. In this tent, you will drink a cup of tea. Besides, you will be able to ask the guide questions you need to get an answer.

Quad Biking towards the Station

  • Once again, you will need to get yourself ready to drive back. The way-back is the same distance – 25 km from the base. This quad biking safari trip usually will take three hours.

DVD Briefing

  • Once you finished your adventure and pleasurable activity, a picture and DVD briefing will start. Before the start of the quad biking, your trainer will offer you to take some pictures. Of course, it will be an excellent chance to memorise these lovely moments. Afterwards, the photographer will offer these pictures to you for an extra charge.
  • The price of those pictures varies according to their size. It will be something optional to have. The DVD briefing will last 10 minutes.

Home Back

  • Finally, we will escort you back to your hotels in Marsa Alam.
  • This Quad Biking Safari in Marsa Alam ends at approximately noon midday.

What does the Price of Quad Biking Trip Marsa Alam Include?

  • Transfer to the desert and back to the hotel.

What does not the Program of Quad Biking Tour Marsa Alam include?

  • Video DVD.
  • Also, the Photo CD.

What to take for the three-hour moto-safari trip?

  • Scarf.
  • Also, Sunglasses.

Three Hours Moto Safari Marsa Alam Booking Days

  • Daily from 08:00 – 12:00.


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