Semi Submarine Tour Hurghada


A wonderful sea trip on a two-deck semi-submarine in Hurghada! The tour allows you to see the magnificent reefs and colourful fish of the Red Sea onboard a semi-submarine. The boat itself floats on the water’s surface while its bottom goes underwater to a depth of 4 meters. You can admire the Red Sea through the large, broad windows. You can admire the Red Sea – the lower deck is equipped with half-meter panoramic windows to observe the underwater world. The program invariably includes swimming and snorkelling with masks and flippers in the open sea.


ONLINE BOOKING SEMI-SUBMARINE TOUR HURGHADA AND BEST PRICE! It is a preferred sea trip on a modern semi-submarine in HurghadaEgypt! We sky-high recommend the trip because it typically allows tourists of any age to have a good time at sea, eagerly watching coral reefs and plenty of fish. And also, it enables you to enjoy a sea picnic through the Red Sea heartily. It will be cheerful to view the Giftun islands – one of the Red Sea islands! Undoubtedly, this guided tour will provide fun and entertainment activities to you and all the family.

Highlights on Semi Submarine Tour Hurghada

  1. Enjoy a sea picnic across the Red Sea.
  2. Watch the underwater world on board semi-submarine.
  3. Snorkel in the open sea with masks and flippers.
  4. See the embankments in Hurghada (Marina Boulevard).
  5. What’s more, get to the port, and know-how sailors make yachts and boats.
  6. Then, the inspection of the grandest mosque in Hurghada.
  7. After that, visit the fruit and fish markets.
  8. The trip includes a visit to the Orthodox Church.
  9. Finally, shopping in the oil factory and the souvenir hall.

Program of The Semi Submarine Tour

  • In the beginning, the Landious Travel representative will pick you up from your hotel at approximately 10:00 am.

Panoramic View of Hurghada

  • In the beginning, you will make a panoramic overview of Hurghada. It will enable you to enjoy a fantastic panorama of the Red Sea. Consequently, therein, your guide will give information about the diverse areas in Hurghada.
Saqqala Area
  • Following this panoramic view of Hurghada, you will drive along the familiar Sheraton Street and see the Old City – Sakkala.
  • Next, within the bounds of Sakkala, you will visit the grassy embankments of Marina Boulevard. In this attractive place where you will carefully inspect lots of boats, luxury yachts and coffee shops.
Sailing onboard the Semi Submarine
  • At the beginning of the sail, you will have a sea picnic by the Red Sea.
  • Next, you will step down to the bottom floor of the semi-submarine. There, you can have a seat and watch fish and coral reefs for about 45 minutes.
  • Further, the semi-submarine will stop on the open sea. Thus, you will be able to swim in the open ocean for about 45 minutes.
  • On your way back to the port, you will have the chance to see coral reefs and fish, too.
Old Town Tour
  • Afterwards, you will walk to the nearby fish market. It is a local market where fishers sell fish. In this market, you will have the opportunity to encounter the local fishermen. Besides, you will have a look at the numerous fish they sell to the audience. Historically, it is a part of the oldest seaport in Hurghada.
  • After that, you will proceed ahead to the El-Mina Mosque. It is the largest mosque in Hurghada. El-Mina Mosque stands prominently with its two towering minarets.
  • Lastly, you will see the old port. It is a shipyard where workers build boats and yachts.
Lunch at a Fish Restaurant

Once you finish this lovely tour in the Old Town, you will head to the fish restaurant. Of course, you will enjoy a delicious lunch and tasty the cooked fish of the Red Sea.

Dahar Area
  • As soon as your visit to the old city ends, you will head to the modern area of Dahar.
  • In Dahar, you will visit the Coptic Orthodox Church named the Church of Saint Mary by then. It is the most prominent church in Hurghada, where Christians go for prayers. The Church of Saint Mary is 100 years old.
  • Before the end of this fantastic round tour in Hurghada, you will visit the oil factory and souvenir hall.
Home Back
  • Finally, we will escort you back to your hotels.
  • This City tour by Hurghada with an onboard semi-submarine sail ends at approximately 18:00.

What does the Price of Semi Submarine Tour Hurghada Include?

  • Transfer to the aquarium and back to the hotel.
  • Also, Entrance tickets.
What does not Program of Semi Submarine Excursion Hurghada include?
  • Video DVD.
  • Also, the Photo CD.
What to take with you for the trip?
  • Sunglasses.
  • Toi
Semi-Submarine Sightseeing Tour Hurghada Booking Days
  • Daily from 14:00 – 20:00.

Information about Hurghada

Foundation of Hurghada

Hurghada is one of the cities placed in Al-Bahr Al-Ahmar governorate on the Red Sea coast. The Egyptians constructed the present city of Hurghada in the early 20th century. Until recently, it was a small fishing village with a modest population. Since the 19th century, Egyptian and foreign investors have continually enlarged the city. Therefore, it became the leading coastal resort on the Red Sea. Undeniably, the discovery of oil in this area in 1913 enhanced its rapid development. But, exporting its actual production merely began in 1921 under British oil magnates.

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