Safaga Private City Tours

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  • Hurghada Museum City Tour Safaga

    Hurghada Museum City Tour Safaga

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    If you're interested in experiencing the ancient culture of Egypt without the need to travel to Cairo or Luxor, this excursion would be perfect for you! Recently, a museum was opened in Hurghada that showcases genuine artefacts from various tombs and territories where people of different eras lived in this mysterious country. The Ministry of Antiquities was responsible for transforming these exhibits into a museum for everyone to appreciate.
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  • El Gouna Individual City Tour Hurghada

    El Gouna Private City Tour Safaga

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    Discover the wonders of El Gouna on a personalized tour with a knowledgeable guide. Experience the charming Abo Tig Marina, Golf Club, El Gouna Downtown, New Marina, El Gouna Tower, and Film Festival building. This sightseeing adventure covers the city's most exciting spots, providing ample opportunities to learn about El Gouna's history and development. The itinerary includes visiting the stunning city, orienting the area, taking a stroll downtown, and taking a thrilling lagoon excursion. Throughout the tour, your guide will share valuable insights and fascinating facts about the city's attractions.
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Showing all 2 results

Safaga Private City Tours exhibits all trips, excursions and tours related to Hurghada/Safaga monuments and attractions sightseeing. It is your gate to Egypt’s Hurghada/Safaga city tours. Indeed, it includes this sightseeing activity and exploring the city’s secrets. Private Safaga City Tours is a sightseeing-based activity you can do while staying in Safaga to discover the top sights of this city; or its neighbourhood—also, these city tours head to different sites, monuments and places of interest. In general, they head to the city’s Islamic and Christian attractions. You cannot miss seeing the Big Mosque in Sakkala or Coptic Church in Dahar in Hurghada!

Definitionally, the city tour is discovering the attractions and places around. Tourists can do such a pleasurable activity to find Hurghada. This city offers you several attractions and places of interest. These attractions are all modern style.

City Tours Destinations

When exploring the city of Hurghada, city tours often take visitors to the most renowned attractions. These include the marine platforms, the historic marine port, the Coptic Church, and various Muslim mosques. Additionally, some city tours may also visit the bustling fruit and fish markets located within the city.

During a typical city tour in Hurghada, visitors are taken through various city areas, allowing them to observe the local streets, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, discos, shops, and residences. As they travel to these destinations, tourists will be able to encounter a variety of sights and sounds that showcase the unique aspects of the city.

When tourists arrive at Hurghada, they desire to see the city and discover nearby things. Of course, they decide to do city tours. Let us find out what is around! For this reason, we provide you with the best excursion for such an enjoyable activity.

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