El Gouna Sea Trips

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  • Submarine Trip from El Gouna

    Submarine Trip from El Gouna

    Sale! $30,00$55,00
    Embark on a thrilling adventure with your loved ones and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of marine life in the Red Sea! Discover the beauty of the Red Sea Fishes and Coral Reef as you dive 25m underwater with the Sindbad submarine in Hurghada. You'll be amazed by the vibrant colours and variety of sea creatures surrounding you. This is one of the best things to do in EL Gouna, and we offer the best prices for Hurghada excursions. With our private transfer service, we'll pick you up from your hotel in El Gouna and take you on a two-hour sea trip to the Sindbad submarine. The sub can hold up to 44 passengers and has two crew captains who will lead you on an incredible underwater journey. You'll cruise through the Red Sea on a 2-deck boat and witness the magnificent reefs and colourful fish at a depth of 25 meters. The submarine descends to a depth of up to 22 meters, where you'll witness different kinds of coral reefs and colourful fish. Join us for an unforgettable experience and create memories that will last a lifetime! The trip price includes transfers and an entrance ticket, so you won't have to worry about a thing.
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  • Super El Gouna Trip

    Super El Gouna Trip

    Sale! $30,00$60,00
    The excursion to Egyptian Venice is enchanting and draws in countless tourists. It's a pure delight to witness this wondrous place! The itinerary is jam-packed with endless entertainment options that cater to everyone's tastes. The trip's highlight is a sea picnic along the stunning Red Sea coastline while sailing towards the picturesque resort town of El Gouna. Swimming with the adorable dolphins in the open sea brings joy to every person on the boat. Additionally, our beloved tourists can indulge in snorkelling with masks and flippers. Upon reaching El Gouna, you'll embark on an unforgettable motorboat tour through the resort's charming water canals and lagoons. You can even gaze at the underwater world on a semi-submarine. The trip cost includes a delicious lunch and a refreshing beverage. We have a special treat for those who adore water sports! You'll receive a complimentary banana boat and a fantastic sofa ride. Moreover, there's a Sea Scope glass boat trip where you can feast your eyes on the breathtaking coral and fish. We'll make two snorkelling stops that will last an hour each. The boat has all the necessary gear for adults and kids. A one-hour shuttle boat trip with a guide through the El Gouna Channels is also included. We'll even provide ample free time for a lovely photo session. Lunch will feature a delectable seafood menu alongside assorted salads and fresh fruit. Soft drinks are on us!
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  • Diving Excursion El Gouna

    Diving Excursion El Gouna

    Sale! $50,00
    Come and explore the incredible variety of diving experiences in El Gouna! From the stunning Sha'ab El Erg to the exhilarating Careless, you'll be blown away by the range of options available. With deep walls, shallow reefs, and exciting wrecks to choose from, we cater to divers of all levels. And if you're looking for something special, we offer unforgettable trips to Abu Nuhas, Rosalie Moller & Thistlegorm. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, our friendly and knowledgeable team of instructors and guides will ensure your diving experience is second to none. So why wait? Book your trip now and prepare for an adventure you'll never forget! Swim with masks and flippers as you explore two stunning coral reefs, and enjoy a mouth-watering lunch and refreshing drinks - all included in your trip price. Get ready to dive into the adventure of a lifetime in El-Gouna/Hurghada!
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  • Semi Submarine Trip El Gouna

    Semi Submarine Trip El Gouna

    Sale! $15,00$30,00
    Embark on an unforgettable journey on a two-deck semi-submarine in El-Gouna/Hurghada and witness the stunning reefs and vibrant fish of the Red Sea. The semi-submarine gracefully floats on the water's surface, submerging its bottom to a depth of 4 meters. You can marvel at the beauty of the Red Sea through the expansive panoramic windows. At the same time, the lower deck boasts half-meter panoramic windows that allow you to observe the underwater world. The itinerary also includes swimming and snorkelling with masks and flippers in the open sea.
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  • Paradise Island Trip El Gouna

    Paradise Island Trip El Gouna

    Sale! $23,00$45,00
    Embark on an exhilarating journey to Paradise Island and bask in the warm sun on its pristine white sand beaches. Take a dip in the refreshing waters or set sail to explore the vibrant underwater world through snorkelling. As you make your way to the island, take a break to indulge in a delightful picnic and swim in the open sea. Enjoy the thrill of riding banana boats and sofas before arriving at Giftun Island, where you can capture stunning photos, lounge on the golden sands, and take a refreshing swim. Savour a delicious lunch onboard the boat, with plenty of options at the open buffet. Children can have a blast with the entertainment provided on the beach. Join us for an unforgettable adventure!
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  • Mahmya Island Trip El Gouna

    Mahmya Island Trip El Gouna

    Sale! $45,00$90,00
    Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Red Sea island of Mahmya and its protected waters within the Giftun Island National Park. Snorkel among stunning coral reefs and gardens and witness the wonder of dolphins and vibrant schools of fish. Relax on the pristine white sand beaches and swim in the crystal clear waters. During your trip from El Gouna, take a memorable sea picnic through the Red Sea, stopping at Sapina coral reefs for swimming and snorkelling. Upon arrival at Giftun Island, you can indulge in the golden sands, swim or capture beautiful pictures. You'll also be treated to a decadent lunch at the island's open-air restaurant, ensuring a truly unforgettable experience for all our cherished visitors.
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  • Fishing Trip El Gouna

    Fishing Trip El Gouna

    Sale! $40,00
    Have you ever considered deep-sea fishing in the Red Sea? It's said to be the ultimate game fishing experience in Egypt. With expert guidance and support, you can fish all year round and have an unforgettable day on the water. Imagine catching your fish and cooking it on-site for a delicious and exciting meal—the boat anchors in the open sea during the excursion, where you can access plenty of fish. And before the excursion is over, you'll even have the chance to swim in the open sea with masks and flippers. With fishing equipment and lunch included in the trip price, this is an opportunity not to be missed.
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  • Dolphin House Trip El Gouna

    Dolphin House Trip El Gouna

    Sale! $18,00$35,00
    Get ready for a day of fun and adventure! Our sea trip to Dolphin Bay from El Gouna lets you swim with the friendliest dolphins in their natural environment. Not only that, but you'll also get to see the most beautiful coral reefs and unfamiliar fish. And if that's not enough, we've got banana and tablet water toys for you to ride! But that's not all - we'll make sure you're well-fed and hydrated with delicious lunch and drinks onboard the boat. Plus, our friendly boat crew will ensure that you have the best possible experience. The northern coast of the Red Sea is a very special place for everyone who loves marine life. And you're in for a treat because we take hundreds of tourists to this spot every single day! Dolphin House El Gouna is where you can see dolphins - the humans of the sea - in their natural habitat. And if you're lucky, you might even get a chance to swim with them! So, what are you waiting for? Book now and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!
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  • Orange Bay Trip

    Orange Bay Trip El Gouna

    Sale! $20,00$40,00
    Join us on a delightful adventure to Orange Bay Giftun Island from El Gouna! Immerse yourself in the clear blue waters of the Red Sea, surrounded by lagoons and vibrant coral reefs. We will pick you up from your hotel at around 8:00 a.m. (exact details will be confirmed locally) and take you to the marine jetty, where you will board our boat. Sail for 45 minutes towards the east of El Gouna, where the perfect location will greet you to snorkel or swim. The coral reefs and fish will leave you in awe! After soaking up some sun, we will sail to our second spot for snorkelling or swimming. Next, we will head towards Orange Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches near El Gouna. You will spend approximately 2 hours on this stunning white sand beach, which offers reliable services to make you feel at home. They even have a particular play area for children! Lunch will be ready on the boat before our last stop (each stop is about 45 mins). Our package includes pick-up and transfer in air-conditioned vehicles, mineral water and soft drinks during the trips on the boat, guide assistance, lunch at the Island, all taxes and service charges, and snorkelling equipment. By the end of the day, we will sail back to the jetty of El Gouna (around 4:00 p.m.), where you will find the van waiting to give you a lift back to your hotel. Let us take you on a magical journey and make unforgettable memories together!
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Showing all 9 results

El Gouna Sea Trips exhibits all trips, excursions, and tours related to the sea. It is your gate to all the sea trips in El GounaEgypt. Indeed, it includes the activities of swimming, snorkelling, diving, fishing, and more. It is a sea-based activity you can enjoy while staying in El Gouna. You cannot miss these fantastic experiences! Additionally, these sea trips head mainly to different destinations. They run, especially, to these destinations found inside Hurghada.

At the same time, this section offers you a comprehensive collection of sea trips in Hurghada and other neighbouring cities. It provides a simple way to book a sea trip, prices, and a full description.

Types of Sea Trips in Hurghada

  • Beach Trips and Beach Excursions.
  • Also, Boat Trips and Sea Picnics.

The sea excursions are of two major types: beach and boat trips. The following is a simple indication of these two types:

  • Beach Excursions: coast trips, or beach trips, take place on the coast of the sea. Usually, there is no need to use a sea vehicle to get deep seawater. An example of this trip is the Sharm El Naga and Abu Dabab beaches excursions.
  • Boat Trips: The boat trips take place on a sea vehicle to get to the open water or some islands. Noteworthy that this kind of sea trip is widely acceptable among tourists in Hurghada. The trips to Giftun and Utopia islands are an example of it.

Subsections of Sea Trips in El Gouna

Undoubtedly, the primary purpose of such sea trips is to enjoy the marine life from the shore; or in open water. However, these trips widely vary when considering the type of activity they offer. For this reason, we divide the sea trips in Hurghada as follows:

  • Snorkelling Trips in El Gouna.
  • Fishing Trips in El Gouna.
  • Diving Trips in El Gouna.
  • Additionally, Sea Related Trips in El Gouna.

Snorkelling Trips in El Gouna

Snorkelling is a popular recreational activity in Egypt, particularly at the tropical resort of Hurghada. The primary appeal of this activity is the opportunity to observe underwater life in a natural setting. At the same time, it appeals to all ages because of the little effort needed. In particular, everyone can do it without the complicated equipment and training required for scuba diving.

Typically, tourists extend their snorkelling experience by doing the activity in the open sea. Some snorkelling trips head to nearby beaches where the sea is full of coral reefs and sea habitats. For example, the sea trip may head to Sharm El-Naga Bay. In this place, the sea is fantastic, with more coral reefs and fish to snorkel on it.

Many tourists prefer to snorkel in the open sea. A boat trip from El Gouna is another option. To make this trip, you must locate yourself on one of the boats heading to Giftun Islands, Utopia Island, or Dolphin Bay.

Diving Trips in El Gouna

Diving is one of El Gouna’s popular sea activities. This city offers tourists several exciting options to do such an activity. These options vary widely according to the destination they head to and the location they take place on. For example, diving can take place on the beach or open sea. Indeed, tourists can use scuba diving at various available ocean sites. Thus, it allows one to fully explore and admire the Red Sea’s exquisiteness. It is a colourful marine world.

Fishing Trips in El Gouna

Fishing is a great sea activity. Of course, you can fish in the Red Sea during your stay in El Gouna.

Sea-Related Activities in El Gouna

El Gouna offers tourists who want to enjoy watching coral reefs and fish. Even they can do it without their feet getting wet. For example, these sea-related trips take place onboard submarines and semi-submarines.


In short, the sea trips in El Gouna are a core goal of all tourists coming to this city. Do not miss adding to your stay plenty of joy and fun!

Please check the Individual section Excursions in El Gouna for more sea trips and activities!

El Gouna Sea Trips Reviews