Excursion on Submarine in Hurghada


During the sea trip “Sindbad submarine in Hurghada”, you will make a sea voyage through the Red Sea. Also, a wonderful overview from the 2-deck boat to watch the magnificent reefs and colorful fish at a depth of 25 meters


An interesting sea excursion on submarine “Sindbad” in Hurghada! We recommend the trip as it is the only option to see beautiful corals and a variety of fish on board a submarine while staying in Hurghada. As well, it allows enjoying a short boat picnic through the Red Sea in a very beautiful are _ near the Giftun island.

Main points of the program on Sindbad submarine

  • Sea picnic by the Read Sea
  • Also, watching the underwater world on board Sindbad submarine

Program of the trip to Sindbad Submarine in Hurghada

  • We pick you up from your hotel at approximately 10:00 am
  • After picking up all comers, the bus goes to the port. The way to the port takes approximately 20 minutes
  • At the beginning of the excursion program, you will enjoy a sea picnic through the Red Sea. The same boat takes you to the submarine. There, you will occupy a place on the submarine
  • After that, he submarine descends to a depth of 25 meters to let you see fish and corals. Watching the underwater world on board that submarine takes you a whole hour
  • This “Excursion on Submarine in Hurghada” ends at approximately 14:00

What is included in the trip price

  • Transfer to the port, and back to the hotel
What is not included in the price of the tour
  • Video DVD
  • Also, Photo CD
What to take with you for the tour
  • Sunglasses
Days of excursion organization
  • Daily from 10:00 am – 14:00 pm


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