Sea trips in Hurghada

This section offers you a wide collection of sea trips in Hurghada, Egypt. It provides the needed information to book a sea trip in Hurghada, as well.

These sea excursions are of two major types: shore trips, and boat trips. The shore trips, or beach trips, take place on the coast of sea. Normally, there is no need to use a sea vehicle to get the deep sea water. Contrarily, the boat trips takes place on a sea vehicle to get the open water or some islands.

Undoubtedly, The main purpose of doing such trips is enjoying the marine life from the shore or in open water. But, these trips do vary widely when considering the type of activity they offer. Thus, the sea trips in Hurghada can be divided as follows:

Snorkeling trips in Hurghada

Snorkeling is a popular recreational activity in Egypt, particularly at the tropical resort of Hurghada. The primary appeal to this activity is the opportunity to observe underwater life in a natural setting without the complicated equipment and training required for scuba diving. It appeals to all ages because of the little effort needed.

Usually, tourists extend their experience of snorkeling by choosing to do the activity in open sea. Some of snorkeling trips head to nearby beaches where the sea is full of corals and sea habitats. For example, the sea trip may head to Sharm El-Naga Bay where the sea is amazing with more corals and fish to snorkel on.

Boat trip in Hurghada is another option. Many tourist prefer to snorkel in open sea. To do this kind to trips, there is a need to locate yourself one one of the boats heading to Giftun Islands, Utopia Island, El-Gouna Resort, or the Dolphin Bay.

Diving trips in Hurghada

Diving is one of Hurghada’s popular sea activities. The city offers tourists a number of interesting options to do such an activity. These options vary widely in the destination they head to, and the location where they take place on. For example, diving can take place on the beach or in open sea. Diving in open sea can be done in various sea sites with colorful marine world. It lets fully explore and experience the exquisiteness of the Red Sea.

Sea-Related Activities in Hurghada

Hurghada offers an optional to tourists who want to enjoy watching corals and fish without. These sea-related trips take place on board submarines and semi-submarines.

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