Cairo Excursions

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Showing 1–12 of 13 results

This section provides all information needed for tourists to book trips and excursions in Cairo, Egypt. It offers you a long list of excursions to choose from it. While relaxing in the capital of Egypt, you can choose to go on one of the following activities:

Subsections of Cairo Excursions

  • Sightseeing tours in Cairo.
  • City Touring in Cairo.
  • Also, Desert Safaris from Cairo.

Sightseeing and Heritage Trips in Cairo

On top of the activities, you can do in Cairo, come the historical excursions in this city. Furthermore, you can make sightseeing trips from Cairo to other nearby towns with visits to various sights of Egypt. For example, you can visit the attractions Cairo or nearby cities of Giza and Beni Suef. At the same time, there is a possibility to get to the attractions in Faiyum, El Minya, Luxor, Aswan, and Alexandria.

Indeed, there are various things to do and see in this city. Undoubtedly, Cairo tours will help you make the most of your time. Therefore, we offer you a long list of Cairo day trips that will allow you to explore the great pyramids of Cheops, Chefren, Mykerinus, the Egyptian Museum and Old Cairo. Besides, our tours reach Luxor visiting Luxor temple, Karnak Temple, the Valley of the Kings, and Hatshepsut temple for a whirlwind tour of Ancient Upper Egypt. All of these Cairo tours are sure to add something unforgettable to your holiday.

Cairo Sightseeing Destinations

These sightseeing activities vary according to the destination. On the one hand, you can make some of these activities in Cairo. On the other hand, tourists can travel from Cairo to more than one location. Here below, we will be giving you some examples:

Cairo Activities

The activities in Cairo may come as a whole trip or a part of it. These activities include visiting the Egyptian Museum and Old Cairo district, where the Hanging Church and Muhammad Ali Mosque stand.

Giza Activities

The activities in Ciza mainly include visits to the Pyramid Complex, Dahshur and Saqqara.

Alexandria Activities

The activities in Alexandria will demand to travel to the country’s north to Alexandria city. Thus, you can see many monuments, e.g. Qaitbay Fortress and the Roman Amphitheatre.

Faiyum Activities

Faiyum activities will demand travelling to the south where Fayium city lies.

Al Minya Activities

Al Minya activities will demand travelling further to the country’s south, not so far from Cairo. You can see Beni Hassan Tombs and Tuna El Gabel in this city.

Luxor Activities

Luxor activities will demand flying to the country’s south or travelling for some hours. You can find the most notable monuments in Luxor, e.g. Luxor Temple, Karnak Complex and the Valley of the Kings.

Abu Simbel Activities

The activities in Abu Simbel will demand flying directly to Abu Simbel. Of course, in this place, you will be able to see the marvellous temples of Ramses II.

To summarise, our day excursions in Cairo include tours of ancient Egyptian sites, e.g. Giza Pyramids and Saqqara Pyramids. On the one hand, the city offers you the opportunity to see the early Islamic monuments of Islamic Cairo. For example, Amr Ibn El-As and Muhammad Ali’s mosques and Khan El Khalili area. On the other hand, You can also enjoy visiting some Christian monuments in Cairo, Coptic Cairo, like the Hanging Church. Moreover, you can extend your reach to Alexandria, El Minya from Cairo and Fayoum. Even more, you can reach Mount Sinai and Saint Catherine Monastery in Sina Peninsula.

City tours in Cairo

Usually, there is a desire to know the city on the first day of stay. Undoubtedly, city tours of Cairo realise such a desire.

Desert Safari Tours in Cairo

Staying in Cairo will let you explore Egypt’s desert Safari. For sure, you can book one of the Trips from Cairo to Siwa Oasis or the White Desert.