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Exploring unique and awe-inspiring places is an incredible experience that enriches our minds and souls. The ascent to the mountain of the Prophet Moses is a journey filled with spiritual refreshment and significant Biblical and historical events. During this trip, you will climb up the mountain of the Prophet Moses and witness the sunrise at its peak. Following this, a delicious breakfast will be served. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to visit the famous monastery of St. Catherine.

Our friendly and knowledgeable Egyptology English-speaking Tour guide representative will pick you up from your hotel in Cairo at 10 am by a modern air-conditioned vehicle to drive to St. Catherine. The journey takes approximately 7 hours, with a lunch break along the way. Upon arrival, you will check into the hotel and have some rest before dinner is served. To experience the stunning sunrise from the top of Moses’ Mountain, the climb begins at 2:00 am in darkness. Your guide will share the biblical history of this sacred mountain, where it is believed Moses received the Ten Commandments. Climb to the summit to witness an unforgettable sunrise and then descend for a guided tour of St Catherine’s Monastery’s church and treasures. This monastery is one of the oldest Christian monasteries in the world and was built around the site of the Burning Bush. Afterwards, we will return to Cairo. This overnight trip to Saint Catherine Monastery & Prophet Moses Mountain is an adventure that you will never forget!


Moses Mountain Trip Cairo is a spiritual overnight excursion to Mount Sinai from Cairo by car! On this excursion, you will climb the mountain of the Prophet Moses Mountain and see the monastery of Saint Catherine. Of course, you can do this two-day tour from Cairo, Egypt! We recommend the trip because it allows you to see one of the most impressive sights on the Sinai Peninsula! The Moses Mountain trip recalls the path of the Prophet Moses from the Nile Delta to the Sinai Peninsula! It is doubtless that visiting the monastery of St. Catherine gives you more spiritual power. Also, it provides enough information about the history of Christianity in Egypt.

Highlights on Moses Mountain Trip from Cairo

  • Overnight accommodation in Saint Catherine.
  • Dinner at the hotel restaurant.
  • Climb the mountain of Prophet Moses.
  • Breakfast.
  • Also, visit the Monastery of Saint Catherine in the Sinai Peninsula.

Program of the Excursion to the Mountain of Moses

  • Landious Travel representative will pick you up from your Cairo hotel at approximately 14:00.
  • After picking up everyone, the bus leaves in the direction of the monastery of St. Catherine. From the centre of Cairo to this monastery, the way takes approximately 6 hours.

Accommodation in Saint Catherine

  • Once you arrive at your hotel in Saint Catherine, you can check in and enjoy your stay there.
  • Of course, you can enjoy your dinner in this hotel.

Program on the mountain of Moses

  • Our representative will pick you up from your hotel at 02:00 AM to Moses Mountain in the South Sinai governorate.
  • When you arrive at the monastery of Saint Catherine, you will begin climbing the mountain of Moses. Of course, your guide will accompany you to the hill’s peak. Also we provide a Bedouin guide too.
  • You will make two pauses or more while climbing to the top of the mountain.
  • As soon as you reach the top of the mountain of Moses, you will start to admire the sunrise. It will be charming! If you got to the top of the hill earlier than dawn, you might wait for it. During the morning, the sun rises wonderfully in front of your eyes. After such a panoramic view of the Sinai Mountains, you will descend to the monastery of Saint Catherine.

Program in the Monastery of St. Catherine

  • The program starts with a visit to the monastery of St. Catherine. Your guide will have a task to show all the main shrines of the sanctuary. Also, our guides will give you free time to take some pictures.
  • Thus, in the monastery, you will see the relics of Saint Catherine, the bush of the Burning Bush, the cemetery, the crypt under the chapel of St. Trifonab, the oldest mosaics, icons, and the famous Sinai Library.
  • The last point in this religious and cultural trip will be having breakfast in your hotel.

Departure to Cairo

  • Finally, following the Monastery of Saint Catherine visit, you will head back to Cairo.
  • This Excursion for Climbing the Mountain of Moses from Cairo¬†ends at approximately 16:00 second day.

What does the Price of the Moses Mountain Trip to Cairo include?

  • Accommodation in Saint Catherine.
  • Dinner and Breakfast.
  • Guide.
  • Also, Transfer to the monastery and back to your hotel.

What does not the Program of Moses Mountain Trip Cairo include?

  • Additional excursion programs.

Items to take with you for the trip

  • Passport.
  • Also, take clothes for the season.

Moses Mountain Trip Cairo Booking Days

  • Daily from 14:00 – 16:00 the next day.

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Date of Trip

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  1. Thomas Edison

    The trip to this place is on the spiritual bent of mind. Note that if you do not want to go, you can opt-out of it. But why should you? When there is the golden opportunity to have a bit of an adventure by climbing the mountain top, then come on let’s go! You will be picked from your hotel a day before from Cairo at around 2 Pm. Your vehicle transports you to the direction of St. Catherine which takes six hours to reach. On arrival, you check-in at your hotel and spend the night there after a delicious dinner. The next day the guide will pick you up from the hotel at 2 AM to go the Moses Mountain. Here not only will you have a guide but a Bedouin Guide as well. While climbing we will be making two stops and take a rest. But once you get to the top you will enjoy a beautiful sunrise. From there one can get a 360-degree view of the Sinai Mountains. Feast your eyes on such a grandeur! Seems like that the sky is an open palette and the creator is busy playing with a riot of colors. Then you come down and visit the St. Catharine Monastery. The monastery visit will let you have a glimpse of the relics of St. Catherine, the bush of the Burning Bush, the crypt which lies under the Chapel of St. Trifonab, the oldest mosaics, and the very famous Sinai Library. So much to see in just one place. Phew!!! Takes a lot of time and lots of walking. So always ensure that your clothes and footwear both are comfortable. No one will want a sore foot when you are on vacation. Right? So enjoy and let your spirits free!

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