Cairo is not only one of the most culturally, politically and religiously important cities in the modern world. It has a history that extends to the dawn of human civilization. This history includes in its great abundance many eras and events of global significance.

The first beginnings when the ancient city of Memphis, in Pharaonic times, became the first imperial capital in the world, while the later empires – Arab, Ottoman and British. The ancient Egyptian globalism was established by the priests in Heliopolis. Three thousand years later, we see that the city became a center for the development of Christianity. In the Middle Ages, Cairo adopted a vital role as one of the most important cities in the spread of Islam. And, it has retained this role to this day. Great historical figures, from Tutankhamen to Colonel Nasser, Napoleon to Winston Churchill, passed through the city and left their mark. To cover it all, Cairo today is one of the largest cities in the world, a huge city that knows the number of millions of lives.

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