Utopia Island found in the resort of Safagi

Safaga City

Safaga City stretches for about 70 kilometers along the shoreline of the Red Sea, Al-Bahr Al-Ahmar governorate. Safaga is located 180 kilometers far from the nearest governorate (Qena) in the Nile valley, and 500 kilometers to the south of Cairo. It is bordered by Hurghada city in the north, by Al-Quseir city in south, by the Red Sea coast in east and by the Qena governorate in west.

History of Safaga

Safaga is one of the cities located in Al-Bahr Al-Ahmar (Red Sea) governorate on the Red Sea coast. The city has more than one name _ Bur Safaga, or Port Safaga, as well.

Safaga has deep history records compared to the neighboring cities on the Red Sea coast. The port town was founded between 282 BC and 268 BC, originally called Philotera by the Greek Egyptian Pharaoh Ptolemy II Philadelphus, who named the town in honor of his deceased sister.

Administrative Divisions

Today, Safaga appears to have the following four main areas:

  • Sahel Hasheesh is the most northern part of the city
  • Makadi Bay
  • Soma Bay
  • Also, Port Safaga is the city center and the old part of the city

Beside these three main divisions, Safaga has a number of suburbs; but, it has no villages as it is known in the cities located in the Nile Valley.