Utopia Island

Utopia Island

Utopia Island is a famous tourist destination in Egypt’s Red Sea Governorate. It is one of the islands located along the coast of the Red Sea.

Location of Utopia Island

Utopia is a small island located in Soma Bay, along the coast of Safaga in Egypt.

Utopia Name

Of course, there is a reason behind calling this tiny island “Utopia”. As many culture readers know, Utopia is an imagined community or society that possesses highly desirable or perfect qualities for its citizens. Sir Thomas More coined this term for the book he wrote in 1515. Sir More compound Utopia from the Greek words ou (not) and topos (place) and thus meant “nowhere”. The Utopia book described a fictional island society in the South Atlantic Ocean off the coast of South America. Book II Utopia described a pagan and communist city-state that has governed the institutions and policies entirely by reason.

Undoubtedly, Sir Thomas More was seeking an imaginary and indefinitely remote place. In other words, More was seeking perfection in an ideal location.

The Egyptian Utopia Island is similar to the fiction by Sir Thomas More in two aspects. The first aspect is that it is an isolated island. While the second aspect, the alternate rising of the tide, completely overwhelms the island by night. While when it is the day, the tide goes down. Thus, Utopia appears every day clean and new. This process of renewal matches with the perfection demanded by Sir Thomas More. Of course, it is enough reason why they call that island “Utopia.”

Tourist Destination

Currently, Utopia appears as a famous tourist destination. Tourists staying in Safaga and the neighbouring resort of Hurghada make boat trips to this island. Snorkelling, diving and body healing are among the various activities tourists make around Utopia. It is also a place for recovery from skin diseases.

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  1. Utopia! the name itself creates a mystery! Being a literature student, I have read about Utopia-the land which does not exist. Or where everything is just perfect. But coming here on vacation, I am extremely delighted to see that the Island of Utopia does exist. Wow! I was so super excited. This island here besides the Red Sea is very similar to Sir Moore’s description of Utopia. The first reason is this island is completely isolated and the second with the rise of the tide, it is completely submerged by night. During the day, it again surfaces and appears to be perfectly clean and clear. Hence the name Utopia. Very famous tourist attraction for snorkeling, swimming, and lazing on the sands of the beach. It is a must-see on your list!

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