Historical excursions in Sharm El-Sheikh

This section exhibits the historical excursions which we organize from Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. It provides full information about this type of tours: description, prices, and booking.

Historical Excursions from Sharm El-Sheikh aim basically at exploring the different historic sites and monuments. In particular, this type of excursions aims at visiting these monuments built during Ancient and Roman periods. Shortly, it is history-based activity which tourist can do while staying in Sharm El-Sheikh.

Destination of Sightseeing Tours from Sharm El-Sheikh

Landious Travel organizes sightseeing excursions in Sharm El-Sheikh to all the touristic destinations in Egypt, Israel, and Jordan. For pleasure, tourists have a great opportunity to do various sightseeing activities and history-related trips. They can comfortably travel to the widely-spread monasteries, tombs, temples and pyramids in the country.

These history-related tours head to different historical destinations all over Egypt. They reach to all the Egyptian governorates, in the south of Egypt; and, to three main governorates, in the north of the country.

Fortunately, Sharm El-Sheikh is close to the country’s famous monastery _ monastery of Saint Catherine. In the same time, there is an opportunity to visit the monuments in Israel and Jordan, as well.

The location of Sharm El-Sheikh that makes it possible to trip to Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria in the north of Egypt, as well.

List of sightseeing trips in Sharm El-Sheikh

For your convenience, we provide you a list of sightseeing tours where you can find the trip you dreamed about. You can discover the amazing ancient world monuments through the following list of historical excursions from Sharm El-Sheikh:

Note, please, that this section counts for the grouped tours from Sharm El-Sheikh. To get information about the rest of programs, you need to check our individual excursions from Sharm El-Sheikh!

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Showing all 8 results