Historical Excursions in Sharm El Sheikh

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  • Mount of Olives in Jerusalem

    Jerusalem Excursion Sharm El Sheikh

    Sale! $160,00
    If you've chosen to spend your holiday in Sharm El-Sheikh, we have an opportunity for you to experience the Holy Land in Israel. The Jerusalem Over Day Tour will allow you to delve into this sacred space's spiritual and historical significance. You'll visit the Mount of Olives and the Wailing Wall and walk along Tribulation Road. You'll also see the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Church of the Nativity, and finally, make a stop at the Dead Sea. The cost of the trip includes transfers, entrance tickets, and lunch. Our excursion itinerary begins with a confirmation email that will include the trip's details, including the pick-up time from your hotel (usually around 8:00 am, depending on your hotel's location). After you've been picked up, we'll cross the border to the other side of Israel on foot, where you'll meet your English-speaking tour guide. Please be aware that the time spent on the border is out of our control due to many travellers and political issues. We'll then drive for an hour and a half along the Avara Valley towards the Dead Sea, the deepest point on Earth. If you wish, you'll have an hour to explore its natural beauty and dip in mineral-rich waters. We'll also visit the site where the Dead Sea scrolls were found and witness the Bedouin groups living in the desert. Arriving at the Mount of Olives, you'll have a panoramic view of the city and an introduction to its history and culture. We'll then visit the Wailing Wall, the last remains of the Jewish temple, and follow the way of suffering which leads to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, where Jesus was crucified and buried. We'll break for lunch at one of the local restaurants before visiting the city of Bethlehem, where the Church of Nativity is located. This is where Jesus Christ was born and is the central pilgrimage destination for Christians worldwide. Before returning to the border, we'll have an opportunity to shop in Bethlehem for souvenirs from this holy place. The excursion includes air-conditioned transportation everywhere in Jerusalem and Sharm El Sheikh, all entrance fees to the tourist places mentioned in the itinerary, border taxes and visa, lunch in a local restaurant, and an English-speaking guide. We hope you'll join us to discover the Holy Land.
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  • Sinai Peninsula Christian Monastery Of Catherine

    Monastery of Saint Catherine Trip Sharm El Sheikh

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    If you strongly desire to visit holy places, the Sinai Peninsula is a beautiful place to do so. A visit to the Monastery of Saint Catherine from Sharm El Sheikh will actualize that desire. On this trip, you'll have the opportunity to see the main shrines of the monastery and witness the mountains of the Prophet Moses and St. Catherine. Additionally, you'll head to the Dahab resort for lunch and shopping. The visit to St. Catherine's Monastery is truly a unique experience. Built between 527 and 565 AD, the monastery is believed to be around the site of Moses' Burning Bush. It's named after St. Catherine, a Christian martyr who was tortured and beheaded for her beliefs. During your visit, you'll see the Chapel Greek Orthodox Church, worship icons, and the famous Mosaic of Transfiguration. After breakfast, you'll depart from your hotel for a two 1/2-hour drive to St. Catherine. The monastery lies at a height of 1570 meters between two mountains and is one of the oldest in the world. You'll visit the Chapel of the Burning Bush, which was built over the tire roots of the Holy Thorne bush, where God spoke to Moses. You can also see beautiful Byzantine mosaics and a fantastic collection of icons. On the way back, we'll pass through Dahab, a small city close to the seashore, where you have the chance to do some shopping. The St. Catherine Monastery and Dahab city Tour from Sharm El Sheikh is a beautiful way to experience the historical Christian site in Sinai. After a 3-hour drive, you'll reach the monastery. You will have the chance to visit the oldest record of monastic life, Room of the Skulls, Burning Bush. Then, drive to Dahab for shopping and lunch at a local restaurant. We'll pick you up around 6:00 AM and drive to St. Catherine. The trip takes around 2.30 or 3 hours, and we'll make one stop to see the beautiful valley with lovely dunes. Upon arrival in Catherine Village, you'll visit the monastery of St. Catherine, which lies at the foot of Mount Moses in the heart of South Sinai. This is one of the most famous monuments of South Sinai, with a lot of attractions like the Church of Transfiguration, The Skull House, Moses Well, and the Burning Bush. After visiting the monastery, you'll get some free time to explore the monastery museum, which contains the oldest icons and manuscripts of the early stages of Christianity. You can take photos during this free time. We'll then drive back to Dahab City and have lunch in a local restaurant. After lunch, you can shop in Dahab or around this beautiful city. We'll arrive back in Sharm El Sheikh at around 17.30 and take you back to your hotel. We hope this trip will leave you with a sense of wonder and appreciation for the rich history and culture of the area.
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  • Egyptian pyramids

    Cairo Excursion Sharm El Sheikh

    Sale! $60,00
    If you're looking to explore Cairo and Giza in just one day from Sharm El Sheikh, we've got you covered. You'll have the chance to see the three amazing pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx, followed by a delicious lunch. After lunch, you'll visit the Egyptian Museum, which boasts an incredible collection of over 150,000 unique pieces spread across 100 exhibition halls. You can even opt for a boat picnic across the Nile River to top off your excursion. We understand that travel expenses can add up quickly, so we offer a more budget-friendly way to visit Cairo in a day without needing a pricey flight or train from Sharm El Sheikh. Our coach day trip may start early, but it ensures you won't miss out on the famous Egyptian sites in and around Cairo. You'll be part of a group and explore the Egyptian Museum, the Great Sphinx, and the Pyramids of Giza on a tour by foot, horseback, or camel. Our climate-controlled coach will take you from Sharm El Sheikh to Cairo, and we've even pre-booked entry to sites like the Egyptian Museum to save you time. You'll have the chance to traditionally experience the Pyramids of Giza on the back of a camel, and you can even take a Nile River boat ride (for an additional fee). During your visit to the Egyptian Museum, you'll have the opportunity to marvel at countless historical exhibits for two hours, with an admission ticket included. If you're looking for a more leisurely experience, you can take a boat trip on the Nile for a fee or stroll along the banks of the Nile for free for 30 minutes. The Pyramids of Giza are a must-see and a fabulous experience. There are three pyramids here: the Chephren, Cheops, and Mykerinos. You can explore the area on foot, on horseback, or by camel, with a duration of 2-3 hours and an admission ticket included. Finally, after visiting the pyramids of Giza, you'll head to the Great Sphinx, the largest and most preserved Sphinx by far. The Sphinx featured a human head on a lion's body and was carved from the remainder of a limestone mound that served as a quarry for the Great Pyramid of Cheops. The visit lasts approximately 20-30 minutes. We hope this information helps you plan your trip to Cairo and Giza, and we're here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.
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  • Luxor Trip by Plane from Sharm El Sheikh

    Luxor Trip by Plane Sharm El Sheikh

    Sale! $195,00$200,00
    Discover the breathtaking beauty of Luxor with this carefully crafted full-day tour from Sharm El Sheikh. Our experienced guide will accompany you throughout the day, helping you explore ancient architecture and archaeology with compassion and sensitivity. We'll pick you up from your hotel in a private, air-conditioned vehicle and take you to the airport for your flight to Luxor. Your first stop will be the Karnak Temple complex on the east side of Luxor, where you'll be amazed by the street of the Sphinxes, the hypostyle hallway with 134 gigantic pillars, and the obelisks of Queen Hatshepsut and Tutomosis I. Then, visit the Theban Necropolis, which includes the Valley of the Kings, where pharaohs and powerful nobles were buried. Here, you'll see three tombs from different dynasties and the Hatshepsut Temple. Finally, visit the Memnon Colossi, two of the most giant ancient statues in Egypt, dating back to the era of King Amenhotep III. We understand this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we want you to feel comfortable and cared for every step of the way. That's why we've included transfers in a private, air-conditioned vehicle, domestic flights (Sharm El Sheikh to Luxor and return), lunch in a local Luxor restaurant, all entrance fees according to the listed program, and all services and local taxes. You'll fly back to Sharm El Sheikh, and our private driver will take you back to your hotel. We hope you'll cherish this unforgettable journey as much as we do.
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  • Cairo Trip by Plane Sharm El Sheikh

    Cairo Trip by Plane Sharm El Sheikh

    Sale! $200,00
    You're in for a treat! During your flight from Sharm El-Sheikh to Cairo-Giza, you'll be able to witness the grandeur of the three great pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx. After that, we'll take a break for lunch. Following lunch, you'll have the opportunity to visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, which boasts about 100 exhibition halls with a one-of-a-kind collection of approximately 150,000 items. Later, we'll stop at the oil factory, where you can all purchase souvenirs. We can go on a boat picnic on the Nile River to conclude the excursion program. With a private tour guide, our Cairo Day tour from Sharm el Sheikh by plane will enable you to visit the Giza Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum and shop at Cairo's famous bazaar, Khan El Khalili, all in one day. At 4:00 AM, our representative will pick you up from your hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh and transfer you to Sharm el-Sheikh Airport, which is just a 30-minute drive. You'll take your flight to Cairo, departing at 6:00 AM and arriving at Cairo at 07:00, where our representative will meet and assist you. Our Egyptologist guide will accompany you to explore the Pyramid of Cheops, Chephren, and Mykerinus, the Sphinx with the head of a pharaoh and lion's body, which dates back to the reign of King Chephren, and the Valley Temple of the Pyramid of Chephren. We'll then have lunch at a local restaurant in Giza Pyramids View Restaurant and visit the Egyptian Museum. The museum features artefacts from the Pharaonic period. It displays a rare collection of 5,000 years of art, considered the world's largest and most precious collection of Egyptian art. Over 250,000 genuine artefacts are presented, including an exhibit dedicated to Tutankhamun's collection of treasure, gold, and jewellery, which was enclosed in his tomb for over 3,500 years before it was discovered in the 1920s when it was excavated. If you wish to visit the mummies' royal hall, you need to ask the tour guide to take you to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, and you can ask the guide to add a visit, which will cost an extra $25. We'll continue driving to Islamic Cairo, where you'll be able to explore Khan El Khalili, Cairo's old bazaar. In the evening, we'll drive you to Cairo Airport to fly back to Sharm el Sheikh, arriving at 21:00 and transferring you to your hotel in Sharm el Sheikh. Included in this tour are pick-up services from your hotel in Sharm el Sheikh and return, flight tickets from Sharm el Sheikh by EgyptAir, all transfers by a private air-conditioned vehicle, a private English Egyptologist guide, entrance fees to all the mentioned sites, bottled water on board the vehicle during the tour, lunch meal at a local restaurant in Cairo, shopping tours in Cairo, and all service charges and taxes.
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  • Saint Katherine Protectorate

    Moses Mountain Trip Sharm El Sheikh

    Sale! $0,00$30,00
    Our world is full of unique places and sights that bring us joy and refreshment. One excursion that offers spiritual and historical significance is the "Ascent to the Mountain of the Prophet Moses." During this trip, you will climb up the mountain and witness the spectacular sunrise at its peak before enjoying a hearty breakfast. Afterwards, you can visit the beautiful St. Catherine Monastery. The climb up the mountain takes approximately 2-3 hours, but the breathtaking views of the sunrise are well worth it. Once you've descended the mountain, you can explore the St. Catherine Monastery, one of the most famous in the world. Built between 527 and 565 AD, it is named after St. Catherine, who was martyred for her Christian beliefs. During your visit, you will see the Greek Orthodox Church, worship icons, and the famous Mosaic of Transfiguration. The monastery also houses the Chapel of the Burning Bush, which is said to be the site where Moses saw the burning bush. The priceless works of art, monastery icons, and illuminated manuscripts make this an unforgettable experience. Our tour includes a qualified Egyptologist guide, a local guide during your climb up the mountain, and round-trip transportation from your hotel or port in Sharm el Sheikh. We also cover St. Catherine National Park fees and transport by vehicle. We understand the importance of experiencing these significant historical and spiritual sites and strive to make your journey as comfortable and memorable as possible. Join us for this unforgettable experience, and let us show you the wonders of the "Ascent to the Mountain of the Prophet Moses."
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  • Petra Excursion Sharm El Sheikh

    Petra Excursion Sharm El Sheikh

    Sale! $235,00
    If you're dreaming of a breathtaking adventure, you cannot miss the magnificent stone marvels of Petra. The journey may require a bus, boat, horse, or camelback travel over the six-hour trip from Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt, but trust us when we say that the experience is worth every effort. Petra is more than just a popular tourist destination in Jordan. It's a historical gem that boasts immensity, beauty, and significance incomparable to any other archaeological site worldwide. You'll have the chance to explore the city of Petra, carved into the mountains almost 2,000 years ago, and witness its grandeur firsthand. Our itinerary includes pick-up at your hotel, a bus to the borders, a ferry to Petra, and a two-hour drive to Petra to start your adventure with an English-speaking guide. Petra was once home to 30,000 people who thrived in this desert and quenched their thirst through a channel and cistern system that harvested and stored winter rains for future use. The Nabateans were incredibly skilled engineers who even built gardens amidst the harsh environment. Your first walk in Petra will be through the stunning Canyon of Siq, a natural geological feature formed from a deep split in the sandstone rocks. This Canyon is one of the main reasons Petra was an alluring site for the Nabateans, behind a narrow and easily defensible canyon known as the Siq. Your next visit should be to the Pharaoh's great treasury, Al Khazneh. It has classical Greek-influenced architecture and was built initially probably between 100 BC and 200 AD. The Nabateans were excellent engineers; they made water conservation and irrigation systems and carved their homes, temples, graves, and tombs out of the rocks. Let's not forget about the Roman Theater, where a period follows in which the dominant civilization combines Greek, Egyptian, and Syrian elements, pointing to the age of the Ptolemies. With the fantastic skill of the Nabateans, they built water conservation and irrigation systems and carved their homes, temples, graves, and tombs right out of the rocks. After a memorable day of exploring, you'll enjoy a delicious lunch in a fantastic restaurant in the city centre. But before we head back to the port, we'll take you to visit Al Habis Fort, where you'll have a fine view over the entire central Petra basin, where the Al-Habis Crusader Fortress is located. It is a secondary fortress designed and sited to control the strategic communication route within the Petra basin that was not in sight of the Al-Wu'eira Fortress. Petra is not just a destination; it's an experience of a lifetime. Petra is worth the journey if you're looking for a trip that will leave you with lasting memories and a sense of wonder.
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  • Montaza Palace

    Cairo Alexandria Excursion Sharm El Sheikh

    Sale! $160,00
    Are you interested in exploring the magnificent cities of Cairo and Alexandria during your visit to Egypt? Our two-day excursion from Sharm El-Sheikh allows you to witness the breathtaking pyramids at Giza and visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. You can also enjoy a relaxing boat picnic on the Nile River and shop for souvenirs at the perfume factory. On the second day, our friendly and knowledgeable English-speaking guide will accompany you to Alexandria, where you will see the historic palace of the king of Egypt in Montaza, the fortress of Qaitbay, and the beautiful Alexandria Library. You will also visit the Coptic Patriarchate and the Abu Abbas mosque, which are significant in Egyptian history. We understand that travelling can be tiring, so we will pick you up from your hotel in Sharm El-Sheikh with a sizeable air-conditioned coach and ensure you have comfortable accommodations. We will also provide you ample free time to explore the cities at your leisure. At the end of the excursion, we will take you back to your hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh. Discover the rich history and culture of Egypt with us!
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This section exhibits the historical excursions we organise from Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. Also, it provides complete information about this type of tour, description, prices and booking.

Historical Excursions from Sharm El-Sheikh aim to explore the different historic sites and monuments. In particular, this type of excursion focuses on these monuments built during the Ancient and Roman periods. Definitionally, it is a history-based activity that tourists can do while staying in Sharm El-Sheikh.

Destination of Sightseeing Tours from Sharm El-Sheikh

Landious Travel directs sightseeing excursions from Sharm El-Sheikh to all the touristic destinations inside Egypt. On the other side, our company send these tours to Israel and Jordan. Unquestionably, tourists will have the opportunity to do various sightseeing activities and history-related trips. They can comfortably travel to the widely-spread monasteries, tombs, temples, and pyramids in the country.

These history-related tours head to different historical destinations all over Egypt. They reach all the Egyptian governorates in the south of Egypt and three central governorates in the north.

Geographically, Sharm El-Sheikh is close to the country’s famous monastery – the monastery of Saint Catherine. At the same time, there is an opportunity to visit the monuments in Israel and Jordan.

The location of Sharm El-Sheikh makes it possible to trip to Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria in the north of Egypt.

List of sightseeing trips in Sharm El-Sheikh

We provide you with a list of sightseeing tours to make it easy. In return, this list will help you find the trip you dreamed about. You can discover the fantastic ancient world monuments through the historical excursions from Sharm El-Sheikh we show.

Please, note that this section counts for the grouped tours from Sharm El-Sheikh. Therefore, you will need to check our private excursions from Sharm El-Sheikh, too!

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