Excursion to Cairo-Alexandria from Sharm El-Sheikh

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During the two-day excursion “Cairo-Alexandria by bus from Sharm El-Sheikh”, we will visit the three pyramids at Giza. Then, we’ll have lunch. After lunch, optionally, you can choose to make a boat picnic by the river Nile. Next, you visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. It has about 100 exhibition halls in this museum, where there is a unique collection consisting of about 150 thousand items. Then, we will have a stop at the Alabaster factory; where all comers will be able to buy souvenirs. In the morning, we go to Alexandria to visit the palace of the king of Egypt in Montazah, and the fortress of Qeitbay Then, you will have lunch in a fish restaurant. After lunch, we will make an city tour to visit the Roman Amphitheater, the Alexandrian Library, and the most famous mosque of the city _ Abu Abbas


An intensive excursion program to Cairo and Alexandria from the resort of Sharm El Sheikh! We recommend the tour as it allows tourists to see the most impressive sights. These attractions are found in the three different cities _ Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria. In the cities of Cairo and Giza, you can visit the ancient Egyptian monuments. While in Alexandria, you see the sights of the Roman Empire, and the modern period. All this, allows you to learn more about the history of Egypt, and get a lot of impressions.

Main points of the trip program to Cairo-Alexandria

The first day program in Cairo:

  • Visiting the Egyptian Museum in Cairo
  • The Three Pyramids in Giza
  • The Great Sphinx in the pyramid complex
  • Also, Overnight hotel stay

The second day program in Alexandria:

  • Visit to Montazah Park and the Lighthouse of Alexandria
  • Visit to the Alexandria Library
  • Lunch at a fish restaurant
  • Citadel of Qeitbay, and Abu Abbas Mosque
  • Also, visiting the Roman Amphitheater

Program of the overnight excursion to Cairo-Alexandria from Sharm El-Sheikh

  • Landious Travel representative picks you up from your hotel at approximately 00:00 midnight
  • After picking up all comers, the bus leaves in the direction of Cairo, passing the cities of El Tor, Abu Zinema, Ras Sidr, and Suez. All these cities are found north of Sharm El Sheikh, on the coast of the Red Sea. The way, from the center of Sharm El Sheikh to Cairo, takes approximately 6 hours.

First Day Program in Cairo

  • Once you arrive at Cairo, your excursion to Cairo-Alexandria starts. The first stop, there will be at the Egyptian Museum. Your guide will have such a task to show all the exhibits in this huge museum, and gives free time to take pictures.
  • After visiting the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, you start a boat picnic by the river Nile, as a paid option. This is an additional program, and it must be booked, in advance, through us! As soon as the boat picnic on the Nile ends, you will be heading to another city _ Giza
  • The trip continues in Giza. The first stop, there, will be in the restaurant for lunch. The restaurant offers an open buffet
  • After lunch, you make shopping for a little while
  • Then, the group goes to the pyramid complex, where there are such great pyramids and the Sphinx. Your guide shows them, and gives free time to take them a picture
  • Before the end of the program in Giza, tourists get time for shopping in the perfume hall
  • After that, you go to the hotel to check in your hotel, and spend your night.
  • In the morning, you will need to travel to Alexandria. You will be picked up from your hotel at approximately 03:00 am
The second day program in Alexandria
  • As soon as you arrive at Alexandria, we show you the palace of Montazah, where it is found the palace of the king of Egypt, and the Pharos lighthouse
  • Further, you will see the Library of Alexandria, and the Abu Abbas Mosque.
  • Then, you will have visit to the citadel of Qeitbay
  • After visiting the fortress, you will have lunch at a fish restaurant
  • Then, you go back to Cairo, and carry on to Sharm El Sheikh.
  • This “Excursion to Cairo-Alexandria from Sharm El-Sheikh” ends at approximately 23:00 the second day

What is included in the tour price

  • Tickets for visiting temples
  • Food (except drinks)
  • Guide
  • Also, Transfer to Cairo-Alexandria, and back to your hotel

What is not included in the price of the tour

  • Additional excursion programs
  • Also, Drinks
What to take with you for the tour
  • Breakfast box
  • Passport
  • Also, Clothes for the season
Days of excursion organization
  • Daily from 00:00 midnight – 23:00 second day

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  1. Эльвира Тугушева

    Брали самую долгую экскурсию у этого экскурсовода. Она длится почти двое суток! Нас забрали ровно в назначенный час (самое сложное было не проспать), без опозданий. Предупредили что необходимо взять с собой что-нибудь из еды и воды, и необходимые вещи.
    Дорога очень долгая, но это ночь, поэтому все отдыхающие мирно спят, а с утра уже начинаются посещения таких красивых мест! Мы за время экскурсии очень многое узнали об истории, столько фактов было нам озвучено, при том что это была не обычная зубрежка, а преподносилось как сказки!
    Огромное впечатление на нас произвели именно пирамиды и сам сфинкс- ради этого мы и поехали на эту экскурсию! Сделали все фотографии на память, и довольные вернулись в отель! Спасибо за интереснейшую и познавательную экскурсию!

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