Egyptian Towns

Egyptian Towns

When we look at the map of Egypt, we can find that most of the Egyptian towns, governorates, and cities stretch along the Nile River. Egypt has more than 200 cities with a population of over 15,000 p.

Administrative Divisions in Egypt

Administratively, Egypt has 27 governorates. Correspondingly a governor, whom the President of Egypt appoints, administrates each province.

  1. Dakahlia.
  2. Kafr El-Shaykh.
  3. Al-Qalyubiyyah.

Alexandria Governorate

Alexandria Governorate is one of the governorates of Egypt, located in the northern part of the country, directly on the Mediterranean Sea, making it one of the most important harbours in Egypt. It is worth mentioning that Alexandria was historically the capital of Egypt until the foundation of Fustat, which was later absorbed into Cairo. Today the Alexandria governorate is second in importance after the Cairo Governorate. Alexandria Governorate is located in the northern part of the country, directly on the Mediterranean Sea, making it one of the most important harbours in Egypt.

Dakahlia Governorate

Dakahlia Governorate, also Muḥāfaẓah el Daqahliyah, is an Egyptian governorate northeast of Cairo. Its area is approximately 3,500 km². Its capital is Mansoura and the state capital city, Cairo, is southwest of Dakahlia province. The present population of Dakahlia is around 6 million, with a medium density of approximately 1,700 people per square kilometre. In addition, Dakahlia is particularly famous for its distinguished Kidney Center, run by the Urology and Nephrology Center of Mansoura University’s Faculty of Medicine. This centre was started in 1983 by the world-famous urologist Dr Mohamed A. Ghonem, who, until now, actively researches and treats renal and urological disorders in this centre.

Monufia Governorate

Monufia Governorate is one of the governorates of Egypt, which lies in the northern part of the country in the Nile Delta, to the south of Gharbia Governorate and the north of Cairo. The Governorate’s name comes after Menouf, an ancient city that was the Governorate’s capital until 1826. The current governor (as of 2018) is Said Mohammed Mohammed Abbas.

Al Minya Governorate

Minya Governorate is one of the governorates of Upper Egypt. Its capital city, El Minya, is located on the left bank of the Nile River.

Aswan Governorate

Aswan Governorate is one of the Egyptian towns and governorates. This Governorate exists in the far south of the country in Upper Egypt, and its capital is Aswan. This Governorate borders Luxor to the north, Al-Bahr Al-Ahmar (Red Sea) Governorate to the east, New Valley Governorate to the west, and Sudan’s Northern state to the south.

Asyut Governorate

Asyut Governorate is one of the 28 governorates of Egypt. The capital of this Governorate has the same name, Assiut. The metropolis of Asyut is the largest town in Upper Egypt, stretching across a section of the Nile River.

Al Bahr Al Ahmar Governorate

Al Bahr Al Ahmar Governorate is the biggest Governorate in Egypt. It spreads out along the coast of the Red Sea and comprises much of the Eastern Desert. Its name means “Red Sea.” For this reason, you may find it under the name “Red Sea Governorate, or Red Sea City.” It extends from approximately 29° N latitude southward to the frontier of Sudan. On the west, a plain desert bounds it. The nature of land in this Governorate appears to be a bare desert. It encompasses about one-fifth of the total area of Egypt.

The northern boundary of Al-Bahr al-Ahmar is near the southern extreme of Jalalah al-Bahriyyah Uplands. These uplands rise to 1,275 meters in the south of the Suez governorate. The next group towards the south is the Al-Jalalah al-Qibliyyah Uplands, that rise to 1,475 meters. Just to the west-northwest of this peak lies the Christian monastery St. Anthony. Also, across the range’s crest to the southeast is the monastery of St. Paul. Please, note that these two famous Christian monasteries exist in the city of Zaafarana.

Beheira Governorate

Beheira Governorate enjoys an important strategic place west of the Rosetta branch of the Nile. It incorporates four essential highways: the Cairo-Alexandria desert, the Cairo agricultural, the International, and the Circular road. Also, Beheira Governorate is home to many of the most important Coptic monasteries in Wadi El Natrun (Scetes).

Cairo Governorate

The Nile River lies to the west of Cairo. Cairo governorate stretches 25 km along the west bank of the Nile River in Egypt. Al-Qalyubiah governorate borders this Governorate in the north. At the same time, the Giza governorate borders it in the south and the Suez governorate in the east.

Damietta Governorate

Damietta is famous for its guava farms and palm trees. These farms cover the coast from Ras El Bar in the east to Gamasa in the west. More than 2.5 million palm trees are spread on a large surface area. The governorate exports more than one million palm trees over a long period to several countries worldwide, including Greece and China. Damietta also produces wheat, maise, cotton, rice, potatoes, lemon, grapes and tomatoes. It is also famous for its sweet industry, sardine packing, and Domiati cheese.

Gharbia Governorate

Gharbia Governorate is a town in the middle Nile River delta, Lower Egypt. It is bounded east and west by the Damietta and the Rosetta branches of the Nile, to the north by Kafr al-Shaykh governorate, and by Menufia governorate to the south. The Governorate’s capital has been at Tanta’s cultural centre and transportation node since 1836. An administrative unit named Al-Gharbiyyah has existed since the early Muslim period. It formerly included the entire central delta north to the Mediterranean. Still, in 1949 Fuʾādiyyah mudīriyyah (province), named for former king Fuʾād I, was created out of the northern part of Al-Gharbiyyah. Renamed in 1955, after the overthrow of the monarchy (1952), it is now the Governorate of Kafr al-Shaykh. Southern Al-Gharbiyyah has an extremely high population density.

Giza Governorate

Giza Governorate is one of the governorates of Egypt, one of the Greater Cairo Region urban towns, situated on the west bank of the Nile River opposite Cairo. Its capital is the city of Giza. It includes a stretch of the left bank of the Nile Valley around Giza. Also, it acquired a significant bit of Egypt’s Western Desert, including Bahariya Oasis. Moreover, the Giza Governorate is also home to the Great Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza.

Faiyum Governorate

Faiyum is one of the 27th governorates in Egypt. It lies 100 kilometres to the southwest of Cairo, in the middle of Egypt.

Al Faiyum governorate is one of Egypt’s oldest cities and one of Egypt’s seven oases. It has different spellings in English, e.g. Fayum, Faiyum or Al Faiyūm. For this fact, it enjoys year-round moderate weather. Also, it is home to several attractions from the Pharaonic, Greco-Roman, Coptic and Islamic eras. The nature of this city is marvellous, with dunes, palm trees, lakes and valleys, wild animals and bird species. Undoubtedly, it’s a land of unspoiled nature and deep history! It is a place worth discovering!

Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate

Kafr el-Sheikh is one of the Delta region’s five governorates encompassing GharbiaMenofia, Daqahlia, Kafr el-Sheikh, and Damietta. Its capital is the city of Kafr El Sheikh. This town was the first nationwide to cultivate long-staple cotton for export.

Matrouh Governorate

Matrouh Governorate is one of the governorates of Egypt, and its capital is Mersa Matruh. It is one of the Alexandria region’s governorates encompassing Alexandria, Beheira, and Matrouh. Furthermore, the Governorate has a deep-rooted history and a promising future. It enjoys a unique location on the Mediterranean Sea and is the hub between Egypt and the Arab Maghreb.

New Valley Governorate

New Valley Governate got its name after the New Valley Project, which aims to irrigate parts of the Western Desert. Consisting of roughly half of Egypt’s area, this spacious town is the country’s largest, most sparsely populated, and one of the most significant subnational divisions globally. At 440,098 square kilometres in size, New Valley Governorate is just slightly larger than the country of Iraq. The capital is at the Kharga Oasis.

North Sinai Governorate

North Sinai Governorate is one of the Sinai Peninsula governorates of Egypt. The province is administered by a governor appointed by the President of Egypt and serves at the president’s discretion. Indeed, North Sinai takes up a strategic location, regional or national, as it is the eastern bulwark of Egypt. Its capital is the city of El Arish.

Port Said Governorate

Port Said Governorate is one of the Canal Zone governorates of Egypt. The town of Port Said lies in the northeastern part of the country, on the Mediterranean Sea at the northern gate of the Suez Canal. Undoubtedly, this unique location makes Port Said the second most important harbour in Egypt. The capital has the same name, Port Said, and is home to the Suez Canal Authority historical administrative building and the Lighthouse of Port Said.

Sharqia Governorate

Sharqia Governorate is the 3rd most populous of the governorates of Egypt, located in the northern part of the country. Its capital is the city of Zagazig.

South Sinai Governorate

South Sinai Governorate exist in the southern half of the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. This Governorate lies on the Red Sea except for its northern part. Notably, it has a long coast on the Red Sea – the Gulf of Aqaba in the east and the Gulf of Suez in the west. At the same time, it neighbours the North Sinai governorate to the north. Also, It takes the shape of a triangle when looking at it on the map.

Suez Governorate

Suez Governorate is one of the Suez Canal region governorates of Egypt. It is located in the northeastern part of the country and is coterminous with the city of Suez.

Qalyubia Governorate

Qalyubia Governorate is one of the governorates of Egypt, located in Lower Egypt, north of Cairo, in the Nile Delta region. Its capital is Banha.

Qena Governorate

Qena Governorate extends for 168 km along the Nile River. It lies 577 km to the south of Cairo. When we look at the map of Egypt, we will find that the Sohag governorate borders Qena in the north. In contrast, the Luxor governorate borders it in the south. Also, it neighbours Al-Bahr Al-Ahmar (Red Sea) governorate in the east and the New Valley governorate in the west.

Sohag Governorate

Sohag Governorate extends 125 km along the Nile River and is 467 km from Cairo. When we look at the map of Egypt, we can find that the Assiut governorate borders it in the north. At the same time, the Qena governorate neighbours it in the south. Also, Sohag has borders with the Red Sea governorate in the east and the New Valley governorate in the west.

Luxor Governorate

Luxor Governorate extends 110 km along the Nile River and is 635 km from Cairo. Geographically, Luxor outlines Qena in the north and Aswan in the south. Likewise, it neighbours Al-Bahr Al-Ahmar (Red Sea) governorate in the east and the New Valley governorate in the west.

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