Montaza Palace

Montaza Palace

Alexandria lies in the delta of the Nile River; it dates back to 332 BC by the king and great Commander Alexander the Great. Alexandria is the most important seaport and the second-largest city in Egypt. It is an ancient city that dates 2300 years old. Indeed, it is the most beautiful part to be the royal quarter of Bruhein. The king’s palace stood there in this historical area. The king of Egypt continuously filled it with new and unusual buildings. As Strabo said in “Geography”: “Each king, out of his love for pomp, usually added some decoration to all monuments.” A wall surrounding this chic royal district surrounded the fashionable neighbourhood like a fortress; the royal guard also guarded it. The guard chambers laid not far from the Montaza palace itself.

Location of Montaza Palace

Choice of Place

The majestic Alexandria carried the name of its commander Alexander the Great, for many years. Yet, there are almost no traces of him in the city, neither in the streets names nor monuments. The Greeks buried his colonel in Alexandria, but when and how, there are still many disputes around it. The heirs of Alexander the Great also left nothing great behind. They took all the secrets with them to the grave. After that, the famous dynasty of Ptolemies ruled in these places. But there were almost no traces even after them.

The palace stands on a bay in the eastern part of Alexandria; the Mediterranean Sea surrounds it. The architecture of the complex followed the best traditions of Turkey and Florence. It is considered a pseudo-Moorish style; as an addition, a tower is made based on samples taken from the Florentine Palace of Vecchu. Everything is perfectly combined; the castle is extraordinary and mesmerising. Everyone can view the tower from all sides of the coast.

Today, the country of the god Amon Ra, as the ancient Egyptians called it before, has gained popularity, not only thanks to legends and the famous pyramids. The castle is the main attraction of Alexandria and a summer residence. There are unique and mesmerising pieces of architecture here. It is the royal palace of Montaza, which was the property and personal property of King Farouk in ancient times.

The ruler performed a large number of feats for the people. For this, he was revered and treated with great respect. The Montaza palace was built in a beautiful place, surrounded by many palm trees.


Nearby there is a park of 150 hectares, insanely beautiful and impeccably clean if you equate it with the rest of Egypt. The Egyptians built the park not far from the Mediterranean Sea. The park is a mesmerising and extraordinary place where everything is in a harmonious arrangement. Greek statues blend perfectly with rare vegetation and clear ponds. Next to it, there are lovely beaches, many alleys located among the pine trees, and palm trees on which dates grow. You can see coniferous casuarinas and ficus trees. Nearby is a small cove with a beautiful beach and a very unusual Victorian bridge that connects the entire park with a small island.

Montaza palace has two buildings. The massive building is a place for men. Now the entrance is unavailable because it is the residence of the President of Egypt. Small – only women could come to this part, which appears now as a luxury hotel.

If you go into the palace itself, you can see many rooms, at least 250. All rooms and pieces of furniture in the castle have the letter F engraved on them. This letter was obliged to bring great happiness to all heirs who continued the line of Muhammad Ali. King Fouad called all his offspring by names that began with this letter. He had a son Farouk and four daughters – Faiza, Faysia, Faika and Fawzia. In ancient times, the king himself, members of his large family, and many subjects spent their free time here. It is of great importance that the king spent almost his entire childhood in this beautiful place. In 1952, at the height of the revolution, he had to leave this cosy and quiet place.

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