Stargazing Trip Sharm El Sheikh

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The stargazing trip is one of the most exciting activities you can do in Shram el Sheikh! The trip program will mainly include a stargazing stop where you can gaze at the stars via the giant telescopes provided in the desert. Also, it will consist of more entertainment like camel riding and attending an oriental show. Besides, it allows meeting with the Bedouins, learning about their culture and having a Bedouin dinner.


The Stargazing trip in Sharm El Sheikh is one of the most exciting activities in the Sinai peninsula, Egypt! We recommend the Stargazing Trip Sharm El Sheikh because it gives tourists a unique opportunity to see the stars in a calm desert atmosphere. Also, the Stargazing program allows seeing the desert and meeting with the Bedouin culture. Indeed, it includes a visit to the Bedouin village, where you will have more entertainment like riding camels and watching the oriental show. It is a fun experience with an everlasting impression!

Highlights on Stargazing trip in Sharm El Sheikh

  • Riding camels in the desert.
  • Next, Bedouin dinner with soft drinks.
  • Then, stargazing via telescopes.
  • Finally, enjoying the oriental show.

Program of the Stargazing Trip

  • Landious Travel representative will pick you up from the hotel in Sharm El-Sheikh at approximately 15:00.
  • After picking all comers up, our minibus/bus goes towards the desert, a Bedouin community. The way to the base takes about 45 minutes.

Camel Riding and Beduin Tent

  • The Stargazing trip starts with an exciting stop: Camel Riding. First, preparing yourself by wearing sunglasses, rolling a scarf on your head, and putting it on will be preferable. Second, you get some instruction and training on how to ride camels for a little while. Next, you will have a ride on camels for half an hour in the middle of the desert.
  • After this lovely ride, you can watch the fabulous sunset on top of a nearby hill and have a panoramic view of the desert.
  • Our next stop will be a Bedouin tent. As soon as you arrive in the Bedouin village, you can take pictures with Bedouins and enjoy drinking Bedouin tea. Then, African and Nubian shows start.
  • Our team will serve you a delicious dinner in the Bedouin tent under the light of candles. It is such a romantic feeling!
  • Of course, you will like to watch the Tanura dance and the fireworks after this evening meal. Also, you will find out how the Bedouins bake their bread in the desert. It will be so interesting to watch yourselves.
Stargazing via Telescopes
  • Further, you will enjoy the program’s main point: stargazing through giant telescopes. These telescopes are with 14-inch mirrors. They are the most professional in Egypt with computer guidance. Your guide will accompany you to the area of these telescopes. Then, you will love the astronomer’s explanation so much and have the opportunity to stargaze with these expert telescopes. It will be so lovely to finish the evening with this great activity.
Home Back
  • Finally, you get ready to drive back to your hotel.
  • This “Stargazing trip in Sharm El Sheikh ends at approximately 20:00.

What does the Price of a Stargazing Trip Sharm El Sheikh Include?

  • Lunch.
  • Also, transfer to the desert and back to the hotel.

What does not the Program of Stargazing Sharm El Sheikh include?

  • Video DVD.
  • Also, the photo CD.

What to take with you for the trip?

  • Scarf.
  • Also, the sunglasses.

Stargazing Trip Sharm El Sheikh Booking Days

  • Daily from 15:00 – 20:00.

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Date of Trip

12.01.2023, 13.01.2023, 17.01.2023, 18.01.2023, 19.01.2023, 11.01.2023, 10.01.2023, 14.01.2023, 15.01.2023, 16.01.2023, 20.01.2023, 21.01.2023, 22.01.2023, 23.01.2023, 24.01.2023, 25.01.2023, 26.01.2023, 27.01.2023, 28.01.2023, 29.01.2023, 30.01.2023, 31.01.2023

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  1. Ayshna Mukherjee

    This is one of the most impressive trips in all. What an experience! I am actually in awe of what I had seen. Imagine the very fact that you are sitting in a desert and through the aid of a powerful telescope. Guess what! It made me feel so tiny in front of the universe. The best part of this trip is other than star gazing, getting to have dinner with the Bedouins in their tent which is prepared and served by Landious Travels. It was an enthralling experience sitting in the desert, in a tent with the Bedouins, and having a wonderful dinner and it is a candlelight dinner. How very romantic! Please honeymooners hurry and get this trip booked in your honeymoon schedule! Trust me; this will be an unforgettable experience. It will ignite the romantic part of you. Along with this when you reach the desert at the time just before the sunset, you will be taken to watch a fabulous sunset from a nearby hill also having a panoramic view of the desert’s cape. Oh! Forgot to mention that you will be able to do camel rides as well. Then when you reach the Bedouin tent, you get to drink tea with them while enjoying the African, Nubian, and Tanura Dances along with vibrant fireworks as well. Now to get back to stargazing. You get to view them through huge high-ended telescopes. These telescopes come with a 14-inch mirror. They are all computer-operated. You will have a designated guide and you will be lucky enough to view the stars under very close and expert guidance. So this trip is such a trip that one should not be missing out on it.

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