Hurghada International Airport

Hurghada International Airport

Hurghada International Airport (IATA: HRG, ICAO: HEGN) is the international airport of Hurghada in Egypt. It stands inland, 5 km (3.1 mi) southwest of El Dahar, the downtown of Hurghada. This airport is the second busiest airport in Egypt after Cairo International Airport and an essential destination for leisure flights, mainly from Europe.

Departure Area in Hurghada International Airport

Egypt’s aviation minister, Houssam Kamal, said that the airport currently hosts up to 13 million visitors annually. Now, the airport has two passenger terminals: Terminal No. 1 and Terminal No. 2. Construction of the second terminal complex cost $335 million, mainly financed by the Arab Fund for Economic Development. President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi recently inaugurated this project on December 17, 2014. This new terminal has a total area of 92,000 square meters on three levels. In addition, the departure hall has 72 check-in counters and 20 departure gates.

Location of Hurghada International Airport

The airport lies inland, 5 km (3 miles) southwest of the downtown of Hurghada (El Dahar district). It serves Hurghada, the Red Sea Governorate of Egypt, and Safaga. Also, it makes it possible to get many amazing Red Sea beaches and aquatic sports resorts: Al Quseir, Sharm El Naga, El Gouna, Soma Bay and Makadi Bay.

Route Network

The Route network of Hurghada consists of scheduled passenger services to the Egyptian capital city of Cairo and direct connections to several European destinations. More than 40 airlines perform seasonable charter flights to the cities in Western and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Russia and the CIS countries. Recently, the airport has undergone massive renovations to accommodate dramatically rising leisure traffic.

Hurghada International Airport Passenger Services

The Egyptian government has constantly developed the Hurghada airport passenger terminal and has expanded it in recent years, developing and improving passenger services.

Take-off and landing formalities

Passengers arriving at the Hurghada airport can leave through the arriving area in the left extension of the air terminal. Passengers can obtain the Egypt entry permit directly in the arrival area. Respectively, international passengers pass through passport control and then customs supervision.

Passport control and customs supervision are compulsory for international passengers. Before departure, it is necessary to check in at the departure hall. Checking-in starts 3 hours before the scheduled departure time and ends 1 hour before the departure. After checking in, special supervision is necessary.

Public catering

Those who need food have several cafés, bars, and one restaurant at the Hurghada airport. Also, the catering stations exist in the air terminal and the customs area. In addition, national and European dishes are served in the cafés and restaurants of the airport. There are also numerous coffee and fast-food machines all over the air terminal.

Currency exchange

The Egyptian pound is the national currency of Egypt. 1 Egyptian pound consists of 100 piastres. Currency exchange is possible at the currency exchange offices and bank departments in the air terminal. There are also several 24-hour ATMs (cash terminals) at the airport.


A postal office provides mailing and Internet access services at the Hurghada airport. There are also several payphones for international calls in the air terminal.

Shopping facilities

The Hurghada airport air terminal possesses the most comprehensive shopping facilities, including souvenirs, jewellery and perfume shops and newsstands. These are the places to spare time before take-off and buy all the necessary things. In addition, the departure customs area is famous for its duty-free shops offering local goods, foodstuffs, presents, perfumes, tobacco and alcohol.


The Hurghada airport arrival area offers the passengers a cloakroom for their luggage storage for some time. There is also an unclaimed luggage room in the arrival area where passengers can claim the lost luggage after arrival to Hurghada.

Disabled person services

The Hurghada airport is equipped with service platforms for wheelchairs, giving invalid persons vast opportunities for movement. Exceptional service at departure or arrival requires beforehand notification of the servicing carrier.

Children’s services

There are no unique premises for mother and child at the Hurghada airport. However, the air terminal is equipped with play lots for small children.

Business services

There are no particular premises for business meetings and talks at the Hurghada airport. At the same time, within a five-minute drive from the airport, many coastal hotels possess various chambers and conference rooms equipped with all necessary facilities.

VIP lounge

Hurghada airport offers a VIP lounge. It is the service to be reserved beforehand. The interior atmosphere of the VIP lounge is light and cosy. Moreover, Complimentary snacks and international magazines are offered there.


There is no hotel at the Hurghada airport. However, the arrivals are welcomed at the hotels in Hurghada or the resorts located not far from the airport.

Car rent

Hertz international company has a car rental service in the Hurghada airport arrival area. Online reserving and prepaying of a car is possible. There are also local car rental companies offering their services at the airport.


There is a passenger car parking next to the air terminal of the Hurghada airport. Moreover, there are short-time parking (up to 24 hours) and long-time parking (from 24 hours up to some days). Short-time parking places are located just in front of the air terminal, and long-time parking places exist inside the parking area.

Getting to/from the Hurghada International Airport

By Car

The Hurghada International Airport exists in the South-West of Hurghada city at the highway leading from the town along the resort area of Hurghada and further on to the Southern part of the country. It takes about a 15-minute drive from the centre of Hurghada city to the airport. Furthermore, the airport buildings are perfectly noticeable from the highway, and it is impossible to miss them.

By Taxi

Travellers can find the Taxi parks next to the Hurghada airport passenger terminal. Taxi offers 24-hour services. The car can take you to the residential neighbourhood of Hurghada city, the coastal hotels of Hurghada, and the neighbouring resorts such as Al-Mahmya, Al Quseir, El Gouna, Sharm El Naga, Safaga, Soma Bay and Makadi Bay. It takes about a 15-minute drive to the centre of Hurghada city and from 15 up to 30-minute drive to the coastal hotels. As a rule, the transfer price will include luggage. Noteworthy, it will be better to settle with the taxi driver the transfer price beforehand.

By Bus

Regular transportation in Hurghada runs by private carriers offering the passengers only minibuses. Accordingly, travellers can find the bus stops next to the Hurghada airport passenger terminal. The Hurghada public transport is peculiar of the absence of fixed stops on the route; pick-up and drop-off are on-demand.

Regular buses run between the airport and the centre of the Hurghada city, the resort area and some other towns of Red Sea province, such as Safaga, Al Quseir, El Gouna, Sharm El Naga, Al-Mahmya, Soma Bay and Makadi Bay.

The buses start from the airport filled up. It is better to settle with the bus driver the transfer price before the departure to avoid getting cheated. It takes about a 20-minute drive to the centre of Hurghada city.