Bus trip snorkeling in Ras Mohammed from Sharm El-Sheikh


A wonderful snorkeling bus trip in the protected area of Ras Mohammed! The bus drives to the national park, where there are the most beautiful corals and fish, lakes, and mangrove ashes in Sharm El-Sheikh. The place is famous for its beauty of the underwater and land nature. During the trip, you will be able to swim and snorkel in the sea with masks and flippers. As well as, discovering the land nature in Ras Mohammed and swimming in the Magic Lake.


A wonderful bus trip to the protected area of Ras Mohammed in Sharm El-Sheikh! We recommend the trip because it allows tourists to have a good time visiting Ras Mohammed National Park! The trip gives you the opportunity to see beautiful corals and a variety of fish with the help of masks and flippers. You can, still, enjoy a visit to one of the most famous places in the world _ Ras Mohammed National Park.

The main points of the excursion program to Ras Mohammed

  • Swimming in the sea from the beach
  • Snorkeling with masks and flippers
  • Enjoying the land nature of the park
  • And, swimming in the Magic Lake

The program of excursions to the Ras Mohammed National Paek in Sharm El-Sheikh

  • We will pick you up from the hotel at approximately 08:00
  • After taking all comers, the bus goes to Ras Mohammed National Park. The way to the national park takes approximately 20 minutes
  • As soon as you arrive at the national park, you can discover the nature of this amazing place.
  • First, you can visit the place, where the mangrove trees are growing
  • Second, you can swim in the Magic Lake
  • Third, you will have the chance to snorkel in the sea and watching the marine life
  • This excursion program ends at approximately 13:30

What is included in the trip price

  • Tickets entrance to Ras Mohammed National Park
  • Transfer to the national park, and back to the hotel

What is not included in the price of the tour

  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Video DVD
  • Photo CD
What to take with you for the trip
  • Towel
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Sunscreen
Days of excursion organization
  • Daily from 08:00-14:00


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