Suez Governorate

Suez Governorate

Suez Governorate is one of the Suez Canal region governorates of Egypt. It is located in the northeastern part of the country and is coterminous with the city of Suez.

Location of Suez Governorate

Suez governorate is bordered in the North by Ismailia, in the North-East by North Sinai governorate, in the South by the Red Sea governorate, in the East by Suez Gulf, and in the West by Cairo governorate and Helwan.

Municipal divisions

The Governorate of Suez is divided into the following municipal divisions for administrative purposes, with a total estimated population as of July 2017 of 730,759.

Ain Sokhna Town

Al-Ain Al-Sokhna is an Egyptian town in the Suez Governorate, lying on the western shore of the Red Sea’s Gulf of Suez. Being a year-round sunshine destination with gentle waves of the clear Red Sea makes Al-Ain al-Sokhna an ideal destination to break from the city’s congestion.


According to population estimates, in 2015, all 622,859 residents of the Suez lived in urban areas. With an urbanization rate of 100%, the Suez Governorate is one of the most urbanized countries, Cairo and Port Said.

Industrial zones

According to the Egyptian Governing Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI), in affiliation with the Ministry of Investment (MOI), the following industrial zones are located in this Governorate:

  • The industrial zone for light industries
  • North Ataka heavy industrial zone
  • And West Ataka heavy industrial zone
  • (New urban community industrial zones) Ataka and its expansions
  • Besides, (New urban community industrial zones) South of the Sumed – Petrochemicals

In mid-2018, an agreement was made between Russia and Egypt to develop a Russian Industrial Zone.


There are five ports in the Suez Governorate: El-Sokhna port, Tewfiq port, Adabeya port, petrol basin port, and El-Atka fishing port.

Natural resources

Suez has some natural resources such as limestone, dolomite, coal and oil. It is also famous for several economic activities: oil distillation, processing and packing of cement, textiles industry, medicine glass bottles, fertilizers and chemicals, shipping and unloading goods, marine services and fishing. Worth noting that the development of the northwest Suez Gulf is one of the mega projects in Egypt.


The chief exports of Suez are papayas.

Tourist attractions

  • Road to Ein El-Sokhna.
  • Ein El-Sokhna is a well known recreational and medical destination.
  • Moses’ springs
  • Besides, Judaic Hill at El-Khoor

Several tourist attraction sites also endow Suez, including Al-Ain El-Sokhna, “The hot spring”, for curative and entertainment tourism. Al-Ain El-Sokhna is one of the most attractive sites due to the beauty of nature and its location in the heart of mountains and close distance to the sea.

In addition, there are Eyoun Moses “Moses Springs”, Mohamed Ali’s Palace, Oram Catholic Church, Tal el-Yahoudia “Jewish Hill” at Khour, al-Messageri Maritime Building, Quonsuwa al-Ghouri Citadel and the pharaohs’ Canal.

Public Free Zone

In 1975, the Egyptian government established the Suez Public Free Zone. It includes the following two central locations:

  • Port Tewfik
  • And also, Adabeya

The Governorate has several investment opportunities. Most important of these prospects are the establishment of a huge Port at al-Ein el-Sokhna, fishing shipbuilding, fish cultures, fish packing and preservation, land reclamation, cultivation of nontraditional crops, and tourist villages and recreational resorts.

The Governorate’s national day

24th October commemorates the resistance of the Suez people, Armed forces, and Police forces against the Israeli aggression forces in 1973.


It shows a cogwheel referring to the industry with the red petroleum flame in the middle since the Governorate is famous for petroleum industries.

Total area

9002.21 Km2.