Pyramids Tours

Pyramids Tours

In this article, we will exhibit all the pyramids tours you can do in Egypt. Also, we will describe how to get pyramids from different destinations.

History of Pyramids in Egypt

The Egyptian pyramids are ancient triangle hill-structures mainly serving as tombs. The number of identified Egyptian pyramids is 118. These pyramids belong to the Ancient Egyptian era. Widely, pharaohs and their consorts used them during the Old and Middle Kingdom periods.

The earliest known Egyptian pyramids lie at Saqqara, northwest of Memphis. Archaeologists consider that at least one step-pyramid-like structure lies at Saqqara – Mastaba 3808. This Mastaba dates back to the First Dynasty, the reign of Pharaoh Anedjib. Also, it has inscriptions and other archaeological remains of the period. These inscriptions suggest there may have been other pyramids in the place. The otherwise earliest among these is the Pyramid of Djoser. The Pyramid of Djoser dates back to the Third Dynasty c. 2630–2610 BC. This pyramid and its surrounding complex are the world’s oldest masonry monumental structures.

The most famous Egyptian pyramids are those found at Giza, on the outskirts of Cairo. Archaeologists count several Giza pyramids among the most significant structures ever built. The Pyramid of Khufu comes as the largest Egyptian pyramid. It is the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that exists.

Pyramids Tours from Cairo

Giza Pyramids Tours

Tourists staying in Giza/Cairo hotels will find out that it is not far to get to the Pyramids of Giza. Regularly, tour operators organise fantastic tours to these pyramids. The most popular voyage among them is the one which comes with a visit to the Egyptian Museum. On this day Tour to Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo by bus, we visit the three huge Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx. Then we’ll have lunch. Following lunch, you will see the Egyptian Museum. There are about 100 exhibition halls in the museum, where there is a unique collection consisting of about 150 thousand items. At the end of the excursion program, you will do a shopping tour.

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Tour to Giza Pyramids from Cairo

For those tourists who have a short time stay, tour operators offer a direct visit to the Giza Pyramid Complex. This half-day tour to the Pyramid Complex in Giza will allow you to visit the fantastic three pyramids in Giza, the Valley Temple (Mummification Temple), and the Great Sphinx in the pyramid complex. The trip price includes Transport, entrance tickets, and tour guiding.

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Half-day Tour to Giza Complex from Cairo/Airport

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