Goddess Hathor

Goddess Hathor

Hathor is one of a major goddess in ancient Egyptian religion. She was goddess of sky, music, dance, joy, love, sexuality and maternal care. She was the heavenly mother of Horus and Ra.

Hathor’s divine position in ancient Egyptian religion

Hathor was apparently depicted during the Fourth Dynasty (c. 2613–2494 BC) of the Old Kingdom. There, she became one of Egypt’s most important deities.

During the New Kingdom (c. 1550–1070 BC), other goddesses such as Mut and Isis absorbed Hathor’s characteristics; and, thus, affected her position in royal ideology. Despite this fact, she remained one of the most widely worshiped deities.

After the end of the New Kingdom, Hathor was increasingly overshadowed by goddess Isis. Once again, she continued to be venerated and worshiped during the Greco-roman Period. The most apparent example for the continuity of her cult is this impressive temple which was built in Dendera.

Hathor’s dedicated temples