Makadi Bay

Makadi Bay

Makadi Bay is one of the most exquisitely beautiful places tourists can visit in Safaga city. The luxurious resort town of Makadi Bay sits in a stunning natural bay on the Red Sea coast. This coastal area is famous for sandy beaches suitable for swimming and snorkelling, hotels and spas studded. In addition, travellers can choose from over 20 hotel complexes directly on the sandy beach. The Makadi Bay district offers tranquillity and peace of mind to all tourists like no other town in Egypt. Furthermore, there are many other remarkable places of interest nearby in Hurghada. This area is a beautiful beach getaway destination on the Red Sea Riviera.

Location of Makadi Bay

Makadi Bay is a tourist recreation area in Egypt directly on the Red Sea with spacious, garden-like, clean hotel complexes. The small, well-kept holiday resort lies approximately thirty kilometres south of Hurghada and, at the same distance north of Safaga, is one of the fantastic districts of Safaga city: a 4-kilometre long beach and an approx. Characterise the wonderful, sun-drenched bay on the east coast of Egypt—a 20-meter wide fine yell and gravel beach merges flat into an offshore coral reef.

Makadi Bay is 20 km south of the Hurghada International Airport. This location makes it easy to access the town of Hurghada.

Attractions in Makadi Bay

Makadi Bay has attractions, e.g. an aqua park, a mini-park, and the dolphinarium.

Mini Egypt Park

Mini Egypt Park offers a different experience compared to a traditional museum. It is a fantastic trip for our foreign guests, which works as a live catalogue for them to recognise the tourist attractions in Egypt, making it easier to choose where to go.

Dolphin World

Dolphin World is the unique family entertainment and the most beloved Red Sea Riviera. Watch in Wonder, the dolphins dance, sing, juggle, play ball, jump and even paint—an interactive show of these fantastic animals” outstanding skills.

How to Arrive at Makadi Bay District?

Those who want to spend their vacation in the Makaki Bay district have travelled via Hurghada Airport or, in exceptional cases, via Marsa Alam in Egypt. The transfer to the hotel goes there on tourist buses or private cars. There is no waiting time. Moreover, you can visit your hotel in an air-conditioned vehicle quickly.

Makadi Bay Activities

The Makadi Bay Riviera is a beautiful place to stay. The water is warm and rich with coral and undersea life, the sand is pure and white, and the weather is perfect all year round. Makadi is also surrounded by the Egyptian Eastern Desert, with its natural beauty and things to see.

Makadi Bay is a stunning destination situated on the Red Sea Riviera. A desert and a mountain range surround it, boasting beautiful white sand beaches and crystal blue waters. There are many interesting nearby excursions, such as a trip to Giftun Island National Park, the Monasteries of St. Anthony and St. Paul, or the ancient town of Luxor along the Nile River. While in Makadi Bay, you can enjoy the beach, go camel or horseback riding, and listen to live music at one of the many bars available.

Makadi Bay is perfect for exploring Hurghada’s fascinating cultural sights and attractions. With many attractions to discover, this sought-after part of town will not cease to amaze you. An undeniably popular travel destination, Makadi Bay offers a memorable escape with its famous sites and fine dining.

Makadi is a peaceful bay with many opportunities for snorkelling and scuba diving. The semi-tropical climate makes the area a summer and a winter resort, delighting sun-seekers and water sports enthusiasts alike.

Makadi Bay is a modern seaside resort developed around a picturesque bay on the Red Sea Riviera. A quieter option to neighbouring Hurghada, Makadi Bay is famous for its idyllic palm-fringed beaches, spectacular diving and an 18-hole golf course. The resort is the ideal base for sailing and diving excursions, with a buzzing waterfront filled with quality hotel resorts gazing out across the bay.

Sea Activities

Explore Makadi Bay’s breathtaking Red Sea coast with a day’s sailing trip, either in a fishing boat, leisurely catamaran or glass-bottom boat tour. Keen divers can venture to sea to experience the region’s wrecks and reefs or snorkel in the deep waters surrounding Giftun Island. Next, head to the beach and pick a good spot on the silky white sand wrapped around the turquoise bay. The water sports in Makadi Bay are excellent, with everything from parasailing to speed boat rides. Make a beeline for the resort’s championship golf course, with top-class facilities and magnificent scenery if golf is your thing.

Visit the Giftun Island National Park to snorkel on beautiful coral reefs, swim with dolphins, and participate in exciting water sports.

Excellent Beaches

Set around a picturesque bay on the Red Sea Riviera, holidays in Makadi Bay are a beach lover’s dream. Makadi Bay is the only resort in Egypt explicitly designed for tourists, with no locals living in this part of the country. Most of this coast part is deserted, except for luxury hotels and villas. The resort is designed for a secluded and quiet rest among the most beautiful views of the endless Red Sea.

The stunning coastline of Makadi Bay is of pale, golden sand in a unique horseshoe shape. The beach is excellent during the daytime. You will still be able to find your spot of paradise on the beach. If you fancy a more upbeat activity, many water sports are to try. These activities include jet-skiing, windsurfing, paragliding and even pedal boats. Snorkelling is essential in Makadi Bay as the vibrant reefs are a haven for strange fish.


Shopping is popular in Makadi Bay as you can experience a mix of Western and traditional culture in one afternoon. Enjoy haggling at the grand bazaars found in the heart of Makadi.

Purchase unique Alabaster statues and handcrafted art, including beautiful hieroglyphics and illustrations on ancient papyrus paper. Walk through the bustling bazaar and browse the fragrant stalls of specially made perfumes, oils and spices.


Enjoy nightly entertainment from the comfort of your All-Inclusive hotel in this purpose-built resort. Dine on a delicious meal and sip on a cocktail in the beautifully warm evening climate. The Makadi Bay nightlife is pretty low-key, with most after-dark activities focused on the resort hotels. If you need something a little livelier, just a short drive away is the bustling town of Hurghada. Thereabouts, you will find plenty of buzzing bars and clubs.


 In Makadi Bay, you will see unfamiliar fish and coral reefs while diving in the blue waters or snorkelling off the desert island. You can do amazing things like fishing in a glass-bottomed boat, eating the most delicious food, staying in the luxurious hotels of Makadi Bay and playing golf! Read on to learn more about the best things to do in Makadi Bay!


You can enjoy a desert adventure riding on a quad bike in the desert at Makadi Bay. Contact Landious Travel, and you will get a pick-up from your hotel. Then, you will start from the quad station, and after going for a test drive, you will begin your bike ride in the desert of Hurghada. Also, you will see a mirage on the way, climb the dunes and enter a Bedouin village.

You will get a warm welcome here, have a delicious lunch, explore the village yourself, and learn more about traditional desert life. In the evening, you can see the beautiful sunset in the desert and have a yummy Arabian buffet dinner. After dinner, you will be treated to a belly dancing performance by local dancers, folk music, and a snake show.


Go on a discovery of the underwater world of Makadi Bay and see its amazing deep-sea creatures, flora, and fauna without getting wet. Yes, that is possible with the glass-bottomed boat tours. You can marvel at the clownfish, batfish, and triggerfish and get up close and personal with eels and reefs, starfish and the seaweed at the bottom of the sea bed. These glass-bottom boat tours will make you feel like you are in a vast aquarium.

Scuba Diving

Makadi Bay underwater is an exciting place for everyone to explore. People from all over the world come here to learn scuba diving and go scuba diving here. The main reason for scuba diving in these waters is the diverse and beautifully coloured fish in the sea and the seaweed in the sea bed, which is vibrant and does not swim elsewhere. Some fish species that can be seen in these waters are red sea clownfish, red sea Picasso fish, starry buffer, masked buffer, scissortail sergeant, and many more.


Luxor Trip

One thing you need to do when you visit the Makadi Bay area in Egypt is to go for a full-day tour of Luxor by an AC deluxe vehicle. You will get a pick-up from your hotel and then a drive to the Karnak Temple, considered the world’s most prominent place of worship. It was built two thousand years ago by the pharaohs, the kings of Egypt. Inside the complex, you will see the “Hypostyle Hall”, a forest of giant pillars.

On the way to the West Bank of the Nile, see the two colossal statues of Amenhotep III. then see the incredible Valley of Kings, where archaeologists discovered the deeply carved royal tombs in the desert rock. There will be a break for lunch at a local eatery in Luxor. After that, you will see Hatshepsut Temple at El Deir El Bahary, and you can spend some time shopping in Luxor; then, you will be driven back to your hotel.

Cairo Trip

When you travel to Makadi Bay in Egypt, you must see Egypt’s ancient city and capital known for its Pharaohs, Sphinx and Pyramids. You can opt for a two-day Cairo tour package from Makadi Bay to Cairo by air. The tour will allow you to see all that Cairo offers the world. On day one, you will see the world-famous Giza pyramids, the Sphinx, and other famous attractions. On day two, you will explore the famed Egyptian Museum and Old Coptic Cairo, along with the Citadel of Saladin, with its museums and panoramic views from the castle walls.

Makadi Bay and the surrounding areas in Egypt have so much to offer tourists that time seems like a significant constraint. The site blissfully abounds with natural flora and fauna, where you can see the beautiful sea bed with colourful fish. Also, you can go quad biking in the desert, visit the ancient ruins of Egypt, go on desert safaris, and the list goes on and on.

Hotels in Makadi Bay

Makadi Bay is a purpose-built beach resort located along the coastline, designed to cater to the needs of holidaymakers. The resort offers a diverse range of shops and restaurants and is also home to several large, fully equipped hotels to provide a relaxing holiday experience. Families would enjoy staying here as the hotels offer various on-site entertainment options, such as kid’s clubs, aqua parks, sports facilities, and play areas. The resort’s gently sloping beaches are also perfect for families looking for fun vacations.

The bay is ideal for beach holidays, snorkelling, and diving in Egypt. Numerous hotel complexes in the resort have received good to excellent recommendations and many travel reviews from holidaymakers. The accommodations are exclusively four, and 5-star hotels in perfect condition.

Snorkelling and diving in Makadi Bay

Some hotels, for example, the Cleopatra Luxury Resort, have diving centres where you can book diving trips to the coral reefs. Guided half-day and full-day tours take you to the most beautiful diving areas south or north of Makadi Bay. You can snorkel in the bay directly from the beach, as the small coral reefs are near the hotels, e.g. in front of the Hotel Fort Arabesque.

Excursions from Makadi Bay

You can book various excursions from regional and supraregional providers from the holiday destination. These include boat tours and water sports such as diving, snorkelling, and kite surfing. Also, they combine flights to Cairo to the pyramids and excursions into the desert with the quad, Luxor. Besides, you are enjoying a tour with the glass bottom boat, which can make your vacation worthwhile.

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