Dolphin House

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  • Dolphin House Excursion Hurghada

    Dolphin House Excursion Hurghada

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    The sea trip to Dolphin Bay in Hurghada lets you swim with dolphins in the open sea and see the beautiful coral reefs and fish. More further, riding a banana and a tablet water toys. The trip price will include lunch and drinks onboard the boat. Transfer from your hotel and back to it. Friendly boat crew. The trip price includes transfers and onboard lunch.
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  • Dolphin Bay Speedboat Hurghada

    Dolphin Bay Speedboat Hurghada

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    On the private sea trip to Dolphin Bay from Hurghada by Speedboat, you will enjoy a sea picnic through the Red Sea, and somewhere, a stop on in the open sea for swimming and snorkelling with masks and flippers. Next, you will stop at another place to go with the lovely sea creatures - dolphins. This stop is unique as it will be in Dolphin Bay, where dolphins live in significant numbers.
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  • Super Gouna Trip Hurghada

    Super Gouna Trip Hurghada

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    The excursion to the Egyptian Venice from Hurghada attracts many tourists. It is joyful to see the place! The trip program is a rich one with various entertainment points. Tourists enjoy a sea picnic over the Red Sea coast while sailing on their way to the resort town of El Gouna. There is a possibility to swim with the lovely dolphins in the open sea. It pleases everyone on the boat! Also, our tourists can snorkel with masks and flippers. As soon as you arrive at El Gouna, you will start a motorboat tour across the water canals and lagoons in this resort. You can also watch the underwater world on a semi-submarine. The trip price will include Lunch and drink.
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Showing all 3 results

This tag lists all the activities you can do while staying at sea. Undoubtedly, under this tag, we exhibit all the activities you can do while staying in Egypt; or travel to it from different world destinations.

Dolphin Bay, or dolphin house, is a sea place where dolphins gather in large numbers. In this bay, both the water temperature and current allow the dolphins to live in it. For the same reason, they gather in large numbers in that place.