Dolphin House Snorkeling Trip Makadi Bay

£40.00 "inc. Vat"

Are you searching for an adventure that will allow you to witness the beauty of marine life up close? Look no further than our 6-hour tour from Makadi, where you can swim and snorkel with dolphins in their natural environment. Our destination is the renowned Dolphin House, home to many playful aquatic animals.

The northern coast of the Red Sea is an extraordinary place for nature lovers, and we take pride in bringing hundreds of tourists to this spot every day. In Dolphin House, you can observe dolphins – the humans of the sea – in their natural habitat. If you are fortunate enough, you might even get a chance to swim with them!

Our tour includes a pick-up from your Makadi hotel and a transfer to the pier, where we will set sail for the famous Dolphin House area. You can spend approximately 1.5 hours sunbathing before we reach the Dolphin House. Once there, you may witness dozens of dolphins playing in the water and swimming alongside our boat if Mother Nature allows. You can even jump in and play with them if the weather permits!

Experience the beauty of these dolphins in their natural habitat, where they live without the constraints of an artificial pool or controlled environment. You’ll observe their normal behaviour, and if they choose to come and play with you, it’s according to their will. Snorkelling at this location is ideal whether the dolphins are playful or not. You can also admire the beautiful corals and many exotic fish far from the tourist crowds at three stops.

A small buffet lunch is served on board, and if you’re interested in diving, our crew can arrange for a professional instructor for a trial lesson (please advise in advance). After the tour, we will return to the pier for your transfer back to your hotel in Makadi in the late afternoon.

Our tour includes transfers by high-class air-conditioned vehicles, snorkelling equipment, guide assistance, lunch on board the boat, mineral water, and soft drinks. We understand that marine life is precious and should be treated with the utmost respect. Therefore, we strive to provide all our guests with a compassionate and sympathetic experience.


Dolphin House Snorkeling Trip Makadi Bay is a favourite sea trip to spot dolphins in their habitat at Dolphin House in Hurghada, Egypt! We recommend the trip because it allows tourists to have a good time at the sea swimming with dolphins. Also, it will enable seeing the beautiful coral reefs and various fishes. You will have a unique opportunity to snorkel and swim with the lovely mammal creatures – dolphins during this boat trip. Additionally, you will enjoy a sea picnic across the Red Sea.

Highlights on Dolphin House Excursion from Makadi Bay

  • Swimming with the dolphins in the open sea.
  • Snorkelling in the open sea.
  • Lunch on board the boat.
  • Also, Banana and Sofa rides.

Itinerary of the Dolphin Bay Trip

  • First, the Landious Travel representative will pick you up from your Makadi Bay hotel at approximately 08:00 am.
  • Secondly, the bus goes directly to the port after picking up all comers. The way to this port will take approximately 40 minutes.
  • In that port, you’ll find your boat. It’s a big and chic one! This boat has two floors. As soon as to get into the ship, it is necessary to take off footwear. Then, you can rise on the second floor for tanning in the upper sun deck.

Sea Picnic & Sunbathing

  • The boat will sail across the Red Sea as soon as the group gathers. It will head to dolphin bay, towards El Gouna. You will enjoy a unique sea picnic watching the Red Sea region’s natural landscapes and gazing at the blue waters and clear skies. Of course, you can enjoy a sunbath under the warm sun rays.

Snorkelling & Swimming with Dolphins Stop

  • This lovely trip to Dolphin Bay starts with a unique experience! Your first stop will be in the open sea. There, you can snorkel and swim with dolphins, too.
  • Then, you will have a stop at another place to go snorkelling with masks and flippers.
  • Following this stop, the group will gather on the first floor for lunch. During lunch, the buffet will be open.
  • Finally, you do some amusements by riding bananas and sofa water toys.

Home Back

  • Finally, after such a fantastic snorkelling trip and swimming with dolphins, your boat will leave back to the port. Once again, we will escort you to your hotel.
  • This Excursion to Dolphin House from Makadi Bay ends at approximately 16:30.

What Does the Price of Dolphin House Excursion Makadi Bay Include?

  • Snorkelling equipment.
  • Food & drinks.
  • Also, Transfer to the port and back to the hotel.

What does not the Program of Dolphin House Excursion Makadi Bay include?

  • Entrance Fee ( 5 USD Dollars per person)
  • Video DVD.
  • Also, the Photo CD.

Items to take with you for the trip

  • Towel.
  • Also, Sunscreen.

Booking Days of Dolphin House Excursion Makadi Bay

  • Daily from 08:00 – 17:00.

Information about Dolphin House

Dolphin House in Hurghada

Dolphin House is a sea area located along the Red Sea coast between Hurghada and El Gouna. In this sea area, there is a large number of dolphins live. It is the most beautiful place in Hurghada to enjoy marine life. In particular, tourists can swim with dolphins in their natural environment – Dolphin Bay. This experience is one of the best marine experiences that you can do in Hurghada!

Services Presented during the Dolphin House Excursion Makadi Bay

  • Transport: Landious Travel uses an air-conditioned limousine/minibus to service you. A professional driver will escort you to the port and your hotel.
  • Guiding: a professional English tour leader will pick you up from your hotels and accompany you to the port.
  • Boat facilities: our boats are new three-floor ones. We equip these boats with a dining salon, water colder, kitchen, and two toilets. Also, we provide life jackets, snorkelling equipment, and two trolling reels on the first floor. Meanwhile, the sun-deck floor has comfortable sunbeds and a tent.
  • Team and staff: you will have a friendly and professional crew on the boat. Our instructors and trainers will guide you during the trip.
  • Food: we serve a delicious onboard lunch with different dishes.


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