Marsa Alam City

Marsa Alam City

Marsa Alam City stretches for about 540 kilometres along the shoreline of the Red Sea, Al-Bahr Al-Ahmar governorate, Egypt. Also, it lies 325 km far from the nearest governorate (Aswan) in the Nile valley and 365 km to Luxor. Meanwhile, Al-Quseir borders it in the north, Sudanese borders in the south, the Red Sea coast in the east and the Aswan governorate in the west.

Location of Marsa Alam City

Marsa Alam Activities

So, here’s a comprehensive list of the activities and things to do in Marsa Alam, Egypt. For your convenience, I’ve grouped these entries into the following basic categories:

  • History Related/Sightseeing in Marsa Alam.
  • Snorkeling in Marsa Alam.
  • Also, Diving in Marsa Alam.

Marsa Alam City lies 325 km from the nearest governorate (Aswan) in the Nile valley. Meantime, it lies 365 km from the unique Luxor, where there are many attractions. Undoubtedly, this unique location increases the possibility to do several history-related activities and sightseeing tours. Thus, it mainly enables tourists to see the monuments and attractions in the southern cities of Egypt. For example, tourists can visit Luxor, Sohag, Qena, Aswan etc.

The following list of the activities tourists provides a link to these attractions:

Snorkelling Activities in Marsa Alam

Snorkelling is a popular recreational activity in Egypt, particularly at the tropical resort of Marsa Alam. It appeals to all ages because of the little effort needed. The primary appeal to this activity is the opportunity to observe underwater life in a natural setting without the complicated equipment and training required for scuba diving.

The following list of the sea activities and trips in Marsa Alam will provide you with enough information:

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  1. A very interesting city which is home to very good snorkeling areas in the Red Sea. One of the best places in Egypt where you can snorkel to your heart’s content. Also a very good place to see and play with dolphins. Another must visit.

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